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ShowDarol Anger and Friends - Grant Gordy, Joe Walsh and Karl Doty 2012-11-25 Richmond Free Library, Richmond VT
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Info hash852d1445de2e0c97373a710ec23558e7c0982e62
DescriptionDarol Anger and Friends
Richmond Free Library
Richmond, Vermont
November 25, 2012 Sunday

AT 853 > Naiant Littlebox > Sony PCM-M10 [24/96]
Mastered in WaveLab 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0 dithered to 16/44.1

Darol Anger Fiddle
Grant Gordy Guitar
Joe Walsh Mandolin, Vocals
Karl Doty Bass

** 16 Bit **

- Early Show 4:00 pm -

1st Set:

1.Introduction by Don Sheldon
2.Deep Elem Blues
4.Dysentery Stomp
5.Ricochet #
6.God Bless The Child *
7.Mole In The Ground
8.A Stranger Comes To Town

2nd Set:

2.After You're Gone
3.Ride The Wild Turkey
4.Untitled new tune by Grant
5.Dry And Dusty
6.Dawg's Rag
Encore with After The Rodeo:
8.Cherokee Shuffle

- Late Show 7:00 pm -

2.Deep Elem Blues
4.Dysentery Stomp
5.Just A Little Lovin'
6.God Bless The Child *
7.Mole In The Ground
8.After You're Gone
9.Untitled new tune by Grant
10.A Stranger Comes To Town
11.Dry And Dusty
12.Dawg's Rag
Encore with After The Rodeo:
14.Cherokee Shuffle

# with Will Patton Mandolin and Darol on Mandolin
* Darol and Grant Duet

After The Rodeo Opened

To burn to 2 discs:
For d1 omit s1t01, s1t07 and s2t01 and use over burn.
For d2 omit s3t13.
Checksumsanger2012-11-25s1t01.flac:c3451507d4b32d1d4ade651249a73caa<br />
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anger2012-11-25s1t03.flac:98515abdc07c15e6ff9496cf7f495e57<br />
anger2012-11-25s1t04.flac:6f9bdee136a6d00b22ab46846fa4b1a9<br />
anger2012-11-25s1t05.flac:f3bfbc78b3afae617af3a38c056848cb<br />
anger2012-11-25s1t06.flac:a372a413ab27656a6f87cb01f60c8680<br />
anger2012-11-25s1t07.flac:3700c53eaa4f686e0ca2014cee601b7c<br />
anger2012-11-25s1t08.flac:adef1dab79a23195fd858db4e7c12feb<br />
anger2012-11-25s2t01.flac:529c24811238b0fdbd840257e19f5c69<br />
anger2012-11-25s2t02.flac:4293ed7c999b4731f5bb04a72c786c63<br />
anger2012-11-25s2t03.flac:670599f23105768db875e52bf230a1c8<br />
anger2012-11-25s2t04.flac:545127ab2b3dc93641eb6b7b2d96a46e<br />
anger2012-11-25s2t05.flac:90884128c363ab44b5a7a6fe98bd8958<br />
anger2012-11-25s2t06.flac:6f476ff68d8141fa50e83be16fa8d0e1<br />
anger2012-11-25s2t07.flac:b92a4e7b2efe8e578768019a3a2fc73a<br />
anger2012-11-25s2t08.flac:840ed0effaa75b6488a50a8dd0dd5335<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t01.flac:0345c90f04a319e63d2bbb896b5bc318<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t02.flac:5aee4fd0a31cad36d3142a9c22096808<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t03.flac:3fd8bcb47177afa89691197ce91c490e<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t04.flac:c4e8196bfb100c98e7dea17d2c770f75<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t05.flac:47bb0fff0a97c20a89fc9d63ea3c6f97<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t06.flac:cf289d61c33b21aaed8a237dfcb4e879<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t07.flac:f3b8dc3e0eed0781c032b0938d355846<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t08.flac:3d08901b02fad843e49850bb194e548f<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t09.flac:0088ad0ed92f398153951f150da8b1b3<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t10.flac:ea74a406836856770fff28309cfe7ce1<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t11.flac:29cfde423d96531ad3b1dbfa8a7cb1a0<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t12.flac:10dc369647d2f0cb1d323ea7d6c967f0<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t13.flac:3d57b2010b475fff4cd5d672335f2cef<br />
anger2012-11-25s3t14.flac:87ebe385b19e868edc0eeba61c421f71<br />
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whynotus 2012-11-27 21:18:05
A can't miss show and recording most of the mix is off the instruments. A special show before 100 in a renovated loft of a church - excellent acoustics!.
indydarkstar 2012-11-27 21:44:59
thank you very very much for this
cmaister 2012-11-27 22:09:18
this looks great. thanks for taping and sharing!
buckaroobonzai 2012-11-27 23:07:26
Excellent! Thanks a lot, B
dasmuellerII 2012-11-27 23:49:35
Thanks Bill. You sure are capturing some great shows back in weehawker land !
Elrey 2012-11-28 00:03:52
Angry Darol Wails Away and Kooky Bill Grabs the Vibes!
Read all about it! Better yet, grab it and listen!
(Thanks Bill, my headline writing skills were going stale)
oldjembo 2012-11-28 01:55:48
Thanks loads. Stunning
whynotus 2012-12-21 23:00:46
Look at the video

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