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ShowJason Isbell & the 400 Unit 11/24/2012 The Orange Peel Asheville, NC
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Torrentisbell2012-11-24.ak40.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asisbell2012-11-24.ak40.flac16
Info hashdaa2c9bcaad8ba007fda6c52ac58ad8355aa7db4
DescriptionHuge thanks to Jason for allowing me to record!

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit
The Orange Peel
Asheville, NC

source: Neumann ak40 > lc3 > km100 (din) > Lunatec V3 > Edirol R-44 @ 24/48
location: inside sbd cage ROC
transfer: SDHC card > PC > wavelab 6.1 > cd wave > traders little helper (flac level 8)

all editing (fades, Crystal Resampler (high), dither w/ iZotope Ozone 5) done in wavelab 6.1

*16bit/44.1khz fileset*

recorded and transferred by Gordon Wilson

A Team Dirty South Recording

01. Intro
02. Go It Alone
03. Tour of Duty
04. Decoration Day
05. Goddamn Lonely Love
06. Try
07. Codeine
08. Hey Pocky Way
09. In a Razor Town
10. Alabama Pines
11. Heart On A String
12. The Magician
13. Danko/Manuel
14. The Blue
15. Never Gonna Change >
16. Stone Free >
17. Never Gonna Change
18. Outfit

19. Dress Blues
20. Streetlights
21. Like a Hurricane

suggested disc split after track 12

Checksums; flac fingerprint file generated by Trader\'s Little Helper<br />
; generated on November 27, 2012, at 12:10:21<br />
<br />
isbell2012-11-24t01.flac:66aa621846ad5116943c607626857f9f<br />
isbell2012-11-24t02.flac:23392b0b7a208233c35b2300ebef1118<br />
isbell2012-11-24t03.flac:7c1e5eaac1f2abdf513890b89efc711b<br />
isbell2012-11-24t04.flac:06f7894338efd9fc4dc7a06af12af205<br />
isbell2012-11-24t05.flac:6c4944cb81bf48928a3642a7d354e60b<br />
isbell2012-11-24t06.flac:a751f59b2f1b961878a711babf259c9d<br />
isbell2012-11-24t07.flac:13e0a0e3a72a71bb16ae4ab67026d747<br />
isbell2012-11-24t08.flac:2ffce353f66ceebf99b941eb765ac062<br />
isbell2012-11-24t09.flac:c1900d755bba3bf2cc597bc0206fdbb5<br />
isbell2012-11-24t10.flac:edcd7423ba9edf5e3823d40d94f30d05<br />
isbell2012-11-24t11.flac:8c1a32692e5659a3effc8597ce58760d<br />
isbell2012-11-24t12.flac:b1c1f965ddb8d2f961dcb710359a842a<br />
isbell2012-11-24t13.flac:27a52e6b681f62c09e16fc56bad43de0<br />
isbell2012-11-24t14.flac:1ad658feab596a59cb174f6e037a624b<br />
isbell2012-11-24t15.flac:001acc5a544391248e9d45575a328d25<br />
isbell2012-11-24t16.flac:b2472dde178eb0763aaea012a35837bc<br />
isbell2012-11-24t17.flac:cfe12898282e053b483ad8708d1dba53<br />
isbell2012-11-24t18.flac:eba1adf4ff7668c2e390a1b4631a9eee<br />
isbell2012-11-24t19.flac:31df6ea38f932d649b132e8f0f743478<br />
isbell2012-11-24t20.flac:80f23e62ecb47e7d75d4b87b9a56c0f2<br />
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isbell2012-11-24t21.flac41.32 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t13.flac38.69 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t04.flac38.10 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t18.flac35.91 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t05.flac33.88 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t08.flac33.77 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t07.flac32.28 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t19.flac27.36 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t20.flac25.60 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t14.flac25.59 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t15.flac25.28 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t02.flac25.04 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t12.flac25.03 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t11.flac23.53 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t10.flac21.44 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t16.flac19.12 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t03.flac17.98 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t09.flac16.10 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t17.flac14.86 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24t01.flac4.54 MBN/A
isbell2012-11-24.ak40.flac16.ffp1.3 kBN/A
isbell2012-11-24.ak40.flac16.txt911 BN/A
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dbhelm 2012-11-27 22:23:16
Thanks for recording and sharing. Grate to see JI in a taper-friendly headspace.
datdork 2012-11-28 00:17:37
typo in textfile (damn copy and paste!) transfer was done in wavelab 6.1 not 5.1
Ryan011235 2012-11-28 00:24:38
Thank you!
hucklive 2012-11-28 04:23:10
Many Thanks!
Blues_Ken 2012-11-28 09:29:23
Thank you Gordon
thatbeat 2012-11-28 10:33:06
thanks GW, you run any video?
sorry to miss this, haven't seen him since the acoustic Grey Eagle show!
datdork 2012-11-28 12:10:56
no. this was the first time he allowed any taping in a year and a half so I didn't want to push it! hope all is well joe! we should get up sometime. our little girl turns two friday! hard to believe.
jason_nc 2012-11-28 20:38:54
great to see him allowing tapers again. Thanks for capturing the show.
thatbeat 2012-11-29 09:30:13
congrats on making it to 2!!! our third just turned 2 back in Sept... she acts like she was raised by wolves! :)

hope you and family are doing good! yes, we should hook up!!
tdwriter 2012-11-29 10:02:42
He's playing here next month. If I can get permission to tape, I might go. Not sure how he will sound without Browan Lollar. Hate to miss a good local show at a place I've taped him several times.

nelsorp 2012-11-29 16:13:42
looking forward to the Shoals Theater show. hope he allows taping for it.

thanks for this!
newpotat 2012-11-29 19:40:55
raoulduke 2012-12-08 11:37:36
thanks for this gordon, i just listened to it this morning and it sounds great!

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