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ArtistRobert Hunter
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Torrentrh2004-06-27.sbd.076025.shn.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashdbe80b42cbafc92425277caaf36089a6ab706a01
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DescriptionRobert Hunter
Sleep Train Amphitheater - Sacramento, CA.

Source: SBD > CD-R > EAC > Sound Forge 7.0 > CD wave > SHN

Track 01 Box Of Rain
Track 02 Standing On The Moon
Track 03 Reuben & Cerise [1st Verse] >
Track 04 Must Have Been The Roses >
Track 05 Reuben & Cerise [2nd Verse]
Track 06 Mr. Charlie >
Track 07 Easy Wind
Track 08 Uncle Pen
Track 09 Key To Your Room
Track 10 Eulalie >
Track 11 Ripple

Many thanks go out to Robert Hunter for making this show available!
Checksums73ee43796c38911fc27a3155fef1b657 *rh04-06-27t01.shn
485a5b53d92cd358e655aea12e23798c *rh04-06-27t02.shn
23aea6a7010019c2df6a7eb149e31187 *rh04-06-27t03.shn
c8c2e11a2fd1eb1db49e063227e51d40 *rh04-06-27t04.shn
fd217f3201c3ffcdc8eafddafb35d06b *rh04-06-27t05.shn
3a38b4b5109d2e658c5f26e76e9b7b02 *rh04-06-27t06.shn
3d6f8716100b778577d5936c1142eb7f *rh04-06-27t07.shn
f512378982ec693620360a51ddbac36c *rh04-06-27t08.shn
0ae693d46f8dfb691770be10052480c9 *rh04-06-27t09.shn
cff51f64c796af2ba63210fd697ac2af *rh04-06-27t10.shn
747b5f2b7bce2a10324c213bfc65904d *rh04-06-27t11.shn
TypeRobert Hunter
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rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27.md5583 BN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27.txt498 BN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t01.shn35.74 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t02.shn24.45 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t03.shn17.67 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t04.shn16.53 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t05.shn21.66 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t06.shn14.59 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t07.shn16.78 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t08.shn6.66 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t09.shn39.59 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t10.shn21.15 MBN/A
rh04-06-27.shnf/rh04-06-27t11.shn17.33 MBN/A
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furnab2lax 2012-11-28 15:31:11
Note that there was an attempt to up this show here in the past, but as far as I can tell, there were no successful completions of that earlier offering.
tommie01 2012-11-28 17:53:59
Thanks for all the Hunter this week.

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