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ArtistRobert Hunter
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Torrentrh2004-06-29.sbd.075874.shn.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asrh2004-06-29.sbd.075874.shn
Info hashb2d48df13b7896db624ca5fa5c6487963d71eb65
DescriptionRobert Hunter
USANA Amphitheater - Salt Lake City, UT.

Source: SBD > CD-R > EAC > Sound Forge 7.0 > CD wave > SHN

Track 01 Loser
Track 02 Cruel White Water
Track 03 Mission In The Rain
Track 04 Stagger Lee
Track 05 Key To Your Room
Track 06 Silvio >
Track 07 New Speedway Boogie
Track 08 Silvio
Track 09 Eulalie
Track 10 Ripple
Track 11 Boys In The Barroom

Many thanks go out to Robert Hunter for making this show available!
Checksums73ccbd2fe8f24375d1dd71826dc4fe19 *rh04-06-29t01.shn
00d83eb2fb725a173d83c85a408d42d0 *rh04-06-29t02.shn
2bc071a494a6b35421d658c735c421cc *rh04-06-29t03.shn
9837af42f7d33d253053c40e604de00b *rh04-06-29t04.shn
9c7d7567342d88e7d6dc7512d399b973 *rh04-06-29t05.shn
f30ea1f40961eb9f9ffd6f0f9d010c53 *rh04-06-29t06.shn
94e197a3177b5116b2fd00c04998d3b2 *rh04-06-29t07.shn
1139cc3f1f700dbe6086c68cfb287af8 *rh04-06-29t08.shn
a68c78c981d40c2d6d8fe9498805eeb0 *rh04-06-29t09.shn
548177c0c3525610e7f721473793ae4d *rh04-06-29t10.shn
7ec05967d40e8ff798669acf50c378df *rh04-06-29t11.shn
TypeRobert Hunter
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