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ShowDirty Dawgs ft. Michael Kang (SCI), Steve Molitz and Eric Gould (Particle) w/ Ray White (F. Zappa) 2012-11-17 Quixote's True Blue Denver, CO *Matrix*
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Info hash033c6e469c205b78b41d088c1dcb067632537a0d
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DescriptionDirty Dawgs
Quixote's True Blue
Denver, CO

source: 4 channel Matrix [SBD > Dmod UA-5 > R-09 + (on stage)R-09 internal mics]
lineage: R-09x2 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac

taped, transferred, mastered and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordigs

~Set I~

01. Jam
02. Hard Times*
03. Jam*
04. Fancy Footwork->I'm Awake

~Set II~

01. Pump Up The Jam->
02. Jam*
03. Jam*->
04. Jam*
05. Ramble On
06. TTYL
07. Jam->Truth Don Die
08. Learn

Dirty Dawgs featuring:

Michael Kang
Steve Molitz
Eric Gould
Brandon Draper

Special Guest:

* = w/ Ray White on guitar/vocals
Checksumsff5e98bd1a8fa64286ca66e7e924aa40 *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s1t01.mtx.kindrec.flac
f255e42778e5be1360bbe6ce857223bb *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s1t02.mtx.kindrec.flac
2e78186c11bd37115bed6b6bb0dd914e *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s1t03.mtx.kindrec.flac
7a7ec91f4b342535865ad15b131b7af6 *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s1t04.mtx.kindrec.flac
935f01415b70fa0993122442b590253c *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s2t01.mtx.kindrec.flac
9b9f9f584af5f633acc5dd3af965718d *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s2t02.mtx.kindrec.flac
55b1662b8d19cdba65bda314711e1d23 *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s2t03.mtx.kindrec.flac
e435378400aa19ff2d315bbfe7a9004e *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s2t04.mtx.kindrec.flac
55c9d13c8e52466c8911e702930b1265 *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s2t05.mtx.kindrec.flac
d6c758cc27f13606adf7623922dd0c13 *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s2t06.mtx.kindrec.flac
090f5a6b5eeb62cdfb319cc9ce64a18f *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s2t07.mtx.kindrec.flac
d7355d6a0cb70599f6e621325ea3df86 *dirtydawgs2012-11-17s2t08.mtx.kindrec.flac
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