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ArtistModest Mouse
ShowModest Mouse 2004-08-13 Louisville, KY - Schoeps mk41 - New Transfer
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Torrentmm2004-08-13.mk41.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash89f47a91acaee581277dca8fb8f8ac8ff6a6921b
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DescriptionModest Mouse
August 13, 2004
Headliners Music Hall
Louisville, KY

source: Schoeps mk41 (DIN/FOB) > kc5 > cmc6xt > Sonosax SX-M2 > mod. SBM-1 > Sony D8 (16/44)
transfer: Sony D8, DAT master > S/PDIF > Tascam HD-P2 > CF > Sound Studio > xACT > flac

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 3rd Planet
d1t03 Interstate 8
d1t04 Black Cadillacs
d1t05 Float On
d1t06 Wild Pack Of Family Dogs
d1t07 Blame It On The Tetons
d1t08 One Chance
d1t09 Never Ending Math Equation
d1t10 Satin In A Coffin
d1t11 Bukowski
d2t01 Doin' The Cockroach
d2t02 Ocean Breathes Salty
d2t03 Paper Thin Walls
d2t04 The World At Large
d2t05 The View
d2t06 The Good Times Are Killing Me
d2t07 Trailer Trash

run time: 1 hr 35 min.
Checksumsmm2004-08-13d1t01.flac:3743ec91b4cd4ade65eee5b742eb07f4<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t02.flac:1cc5d5c3df972d94a1047f0515dea74f<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t03.flac:605f209a50f62bd4ea6d4cdbb7937ae9<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t04.flac:0e7770ed643e40f1067822256640fc92<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t05.flac:745e7a3022b3160d6bc59fec69f2829f<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t06.flac:e9812f74b1c6872f470d03555ea6b279<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t07.flac:ed5fbcd621847cc0a305b844b69fda3c<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t08.flac:b2c68283ba0848b1049b88fd0b609d6b<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t09.flac:a155343e8ae5ec70c9f6fa48b2285dcb<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t10.flac:8bf39dc39a4cdc1d1a10650a6aafc8c5<br />
mm2004-08-13d1t11.flac:16543dce15824ecf2436d95fb217f9e7<br />
mm2004-08-13d2t01.flac:ffbff85f0dff63b1fccf4c82bfb684fe<br />
mm2004-08-13d2t02.flac:e765a8cdc432582f3f54079af2f73c0d<br />
mm2004-08-13d2t03.flac:691a88156f685a3e492ee6d978dbf164<br />
mm2004-08-13d2t04.flac:1c6f612a145fae2f2db1b530e80eb70f<br />
mm2004-08-13d2t05.flac:7994662dd144c801a303e9d7bce1b7af<br />
mm2004-08-13d2t06.flac:c422bf6f51f21d37f627845977f7b22a<br />
mm2004-08-13d2t07.flac:d5dfb6ce12a0dc9232c7871b0d433ba1<br />
TypeModest Mouse
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Added2012-11-29 22:31:16
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mm2004-08-13.mk41.ffp.txt1008 BN/A
mm2004-08-13.mk41.txt687 BN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t01.flac11.19 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t02.flac35.44 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t03.flac28.43 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t04.flac23.83 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t05.flac30.14 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t06.flac16.20 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t07.flac33.50 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t08.flac19.82 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t09.flac29.48 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t10.flac17.28 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d1t11.flac27.54 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d2t01.flac47.58 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d2t02.flac25.97 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d2t03.flac29.62 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d2t04.flac61.52 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d2t05.flac36.49 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d2t06.flac39.03 MBN/A
mm2004-08-13d2t07.flac29.63 MBN/A
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oopap 2012-11-30 01:17:05
rhinowing 2012-11-30 15:06:18
nice setlist, thank you

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