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ArtistGovt Mule
ShowGov`t Mule 1997-09-13 Macon, GA - Macon Opera House (GABBAFEST 97')***SBD***
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DescriptionGov't Mule
Macon Opera House
Macon, GA

Warren Haynes - guitar & vocals
Matt Abts - drums & percussions
Allen Woody - bass

guest on the show:
Ricky Hirsch - guitar (Wet Willie)

Taper : Unknown (Thanx :-)
Source: SBD
Seeded by BluesOxator (I`m not the taper)
CD-Cover-Art-Work by BluesOxator

From The German Mule-Junkies

"One Kickin`Ass !" Mule Project
**For the Fans......By the Fans**


CD 1

01. John The Revelator *
02. Thelonius Beck >
03. Game Face >
04. Rocking Horse >
05. No Need To Suffer >
06. Thorazine Shuffle
07. Birth Of The Mule

CD 2

01. Drums > Blind Man In The Dark >
02. Mother Earth,
03. She Said, She Said > Tomorrow Never Knows jam >
04. Mule > I've Been Working > Mule

05. She's Nineteen Years Old **,
06. Gonna Send You Back To Georgia **> Come On In My Kitchen tease **> Gonna Send You Back To Georgia **>
07. Good Morning Little School Girl **

Setlist Notes:
* Allen on mandolin
** Ricky Hirsch on guitar (Wet Willie)
Checksumsshn:<br />
f0eebdee950ffde68aaa7172b6fc9745 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d1t01.shn<br />
02db613611e979d47ce639d620645646 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d1t02.shn<br />
fcf88a04d602ff1b9b54420b17b0ab20 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d1t03.shn<br />
48ee571ed3687d582e9b0f4417821754 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d1t04.shn<br />
2b1830b680a2243c45b2076e0e831f37 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d1t05.shn<br />
6beb65dfe892233e275a7e7f9f7fa6d3 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d1t06.shn<br />
6f8e6afc7e1a4499a5752163b536cd11 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d1t07.shn<br />
fa7e71e90c7c7b259692d2304cc7a702 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d2t01.shn<br />
5789874779dba5387aa7ea8880f10348 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d2t02.shn<br />
06b20c8fb0b0d5743acc55e30904b065 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d2t03.shn<br />
1f1f4917d302a92b826980939f432f5b *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d2t04.shn<br />
3baec1edecb20acc7863fb42a8754e2e *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d2t05.shn<br />
24c14dae03ea5fff430658a1e53784f2 *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d2t06.shn<br />
25ca3430f884ecc623e42de3db9400fd *Gov\'t Mule 1997-09-13d2t07.shn<br />
TypeGovt Mule
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Tomahawk Kid 2012-11-30 17:47:02
Thank you kindly!
msp_mule 2012-12-01 02:41:41
Thanks Christian.
I have this already. This is the 1997-09-13 late show, but I am looking for the early show on same date from New Orleans.
gomero blanco 2012-12-01 09:43:25
this show started at like 1 am. (i might be exaggerating). That would have been alright if the ticket had not said something like 8.

The opera house was shaking from Allen's bass playing.

thanks for this. brings back a lot of memories.
bearfan730 2012-12-07 18:26:46
Thanks so very much for sharing!

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