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ShowHounds and Horns2012-05-31 Hippy Hill stage John Hartford Memorial Festival
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TorrentHounds and Horns2012-05-31.sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asHounds and Horns2012-05-31.sbd.flac16
Info hashdfea8f42f2600123c0ccd7fb94a4ad9da335cbbf
DescriptionHounds & Horns
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hippy Hill
Bean Blossom, IN

Source: SBD > Tascam DR-100 mk II @ 24/48
Transfer: SD > Audacity > TLH

1 intro
2 My Tears Don't Show
3 Bring Your Clothes Back Home
4 ? (Roses)
5 banter
6 ?(What Did I Do)
7 banter
8 ?(Losin' You)
9 ?(I'm Going Home)
10 Dealin With The Devil
11 Blame It On Joann
12 ?
13 So Long

thanks to the band for a great set,John Hotze for having the vision to have this festival,
the soundcrew (especially Scott Nelson of Flatland Harmony Experiment) for the patch,
and numerous people (especially Sean Fagan) for helping with gear/taping
please support artists who allow us to do this
go see a show,buy some stuff,
take a friend, keep this festival alive
Checksumsd366edefba06509be9522abc38ece0fe *01.flac
46dae63ebdca0863cc58e53bc7653e71 *02.flac
972e17b494efdcccd9846427665a2225 *03.flac
80420c82d716cc7c694e8499f22c22d5 *04.flac
a3862d40d5f49f927d0c934256a13c7e *05.flac
28ce43781bfe3afc1a0b84f0e7fa9dce *06.flac
52ed23e5a1b92aab15f05e619ae9b14f *07.flac
c2dd74460358bb81e3004a3c8faba659 *08.flac
a45baf05602ab9625bfbfa2b42dd3186 *09.flac
a6623224321f7878d6e939e8239bb995 *10.flac
6e412a541c1024fda42bddd0aac561ba *11.flac
50b33ef8f228021b8472d689f31abd0f *12.flac
7e433c3306acd1906fcc032a3eb78f3b *13.flac
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07.flac9.77 MBN/A
08.flac15.98 MBN/A
09.flac25.01 MBN/A
10.flac9.39 MBN/A
11.flac21.26 MBN/A
12.flac22.67 MBN/A
13.flac18.65 MBN/A
Hounds&Horns053112HippyHill.ffp546 BN/A
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