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Showmoe. 2012-11-30 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO (busman audio k31)
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Torrentmoe2012-11-30.k31.stearns.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash3e39a8d7b30bc7a048331e8eda6b855f491fee82
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Ogden Theatre
Denver, CO

Source: Busman Audio K31 (DIN) > 1804a > BSC2 > Lunatec V3 > Busman HD-P2 (24/48)
Location: FOB/DFC 35ft from stage, 9ft up
Transfer: CF > WaveLab 6 (Gain, Fades, Convert to 16bit, Resample to 44.1
with Apogee UV22HR Dither) > CDWave (Tracking) > Traders Little Helper (FLAC6)
Tagging: FLACs Tagged With Mp3tag v2.51

Recorded by Ryan Stearns

Set 1:

01 Intro
02 Dr. Gaffenberg
03 Hi & Lo >
04 The Pit
05 Not Coming Down >
06 Wormwood >
07 Deep This Time
08 Recreational Chemistry

Set 2:

01 Intro
02 Silver Sun >
03 Puebla >
04 Interstellar Overdrive >
05 Head
06 Awesome Gary >
07 Brent Black >
08 Drums >
09 Jam >
10 Brent Black
11 Crowd
12 Four >
13 Ghost Of Ralph's Mom


Big thanks to Chris Johnson of Busman Audio for letting me use some of his
gear while he finishes the active modification on my BSC1's. That's
customer service!
ChecksumsMD5<br />
<br />
1d2b3eb91d7b6f2be15f1f82b5a644a5 *moe2012-11-30set1track01.wav<br />
24f5401a0499a8d3fb8a51d9de3cf179 *moe2012-11-30set1track02.wav<br />
d3c5ec2093963d1f6347882be73e533c *moe2012-11-30set1track03.wav<br />
de1d936219fed5b69c07b23ae9f476a0 *moe2012-11-30set1track04.wav<br />
62096a20887808239da60accd48e7673 *moe2012-11-30set1track05.wav<br />
03fa1294ca9bc4f87cb7423dfb7d3441 *moe2012-11-30set1track06.wav<br />
4ccff369646a3b29e7e36445fec157dd *moe2012-11-30set1track07.wav<br />
23d17f99abb650cc5e5210c916e26971 *moe2012-11-30set1track08.wav<br />
e2cc33cf6801866ec5d4280c7723cd66 *moe2012-11-30set2track01.wav<br />
1194a3f755c897f9a3901c7c39749187 *moe2012-11-30set2track02.wav<br />
08c45a6b7f9523b095dba2b37447b2d7 *moe2012-11-30set2track03.wav<br />
810f7461a9351e8df273140badd64e48 *moe2012-11-30set2track04.wav<br />
da7764ec6367211f689538194ec7121c *moe2012-11-30set2track05.wav<br />
c6b4eb8dad55fcb13a39b9ade556b4f6 *moe2012-11-30set2track06.wav<br />
5c928d18f108326d390baaa7280bab86 *moe2012-11-30set2track07.wav<br />
c64dedc1b8f56b9b952268be0007ade8 *moe2012-11-30set2track08.wav<br />
7f581a7cd3973806999cb436311b2673 *moe2012-11-30set2track09.wav<br />
e6515c29c30e2d3f01adf79e7eae4663 *moe2012-11-30set2track10.wav<br />
fdf401be48aada71022fca50028cf850 *moe2012-11-30set2track11.wav<br />
3cac0b449f0dba4b0b2eb453a3b6c276 *moe2012-11-30set2track12.wav<br />
563ff5bc7058601111649749b840aa63 *moe2012-11-30set2track13.wav<br />
<br />
FLAC Fingerprint<br />
<br />
moe2012-11-30set1track01.flac:7f5f9d2c67bd24bbf68ea8aed0c78546<br />
moe2012-11-30set1track02.flac:da5b3a744b11d4fe04ffb395ccb3edcf<br />
moe2012-11-30set1track03.flac:2999443550c44a4a289cd7f5f924ebc6<br />
moe2012-11-30set1track04.flac:0f247bcb757975704b39cf80fc66b5ce<br />
moe2012-11-30set1track05.flac:f3a3b61269c04349ad7fd8dd8fd4ee0b<br />
moe2012-11-30set1track06.flac:3ec54e096e0598bbb3e103d81a41911e<br />
moe2012-11-30set1track07.flac:33691fefc935f1a2c39a7328e613d93d<br />
moe2012-11-30set1track08.flac:f22ea6d2db7a85a484948f74ad053d36<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track01.flac:26444b1c88bb233449fe5fcfa5c042f0<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track02.flac:074848a892bdf45bd2171e70406aba34<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track03.flac:8cd98f52d0ca815c6e07c4d6b2035485<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track04.flac:223edf43b367db774f03ac47177cffaf<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track05.flac:b6afad8f96e46f7c5d9b164c68f33a00<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track06.flac:5eb18b38130ecb5fac2fac36bc0871f4<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track07.flac:1615af23c3d1aea2f94854f8cb39a841<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track08.flac:651e6e23e534c1a93288de43de626ecb<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track09.flac:1305851b1ed8a0ef28ac2cf0ad558f3c<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track10.flac:ad311ede3315888f4c0c7247020126e3<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track11.flac:38f3bdc0219f3688845886ee2900d93c<br />
moe2012-11-30set2track12.flac:b5b3b12144aa10aecbb404c8de9307ac<br />
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moe2012-11-30set1track08.flac149.98 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track05.flac99.93 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track02.flac92.67 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track12.flac72.52 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track03.flac72.26 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set1track02.flac69.98 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track04.flac65.07 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set1track03.flac53.70 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set1track04.flac52.81 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track07.flac47.14 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track06.flac42.61 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set1track06.flac36.14 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track08.flac33.18 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track13.flac30.80 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set1track05.flac29.76 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set1track07.flac29.44 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track10.flac26.66 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track11.flac16.59 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track09.flac11.60 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set2track01.flac8.96 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30set1track01.flac4.74 MBN/A
moe2012-11-30.k31.stearns.txt3.6 kBN/A
moe2012-11-30.k31.stearns.flac16.ffp1.3 kBN/A
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rockymtnryan 2012-12-01 14:39:56
Noticed a typo in the text file/ file tag, and since nobody had finished downloading, pulled it down and re-uploaded. Delete if you started the other one.

rockymtnryan 2012-12-01 14:49:36
Like I said in the previous torrent, for some reason I have not seen moe in 6 years. Retarded, I know. They just killed it last night from start to finish. Great crowd, great energy, all around awesome time. Round 2 coming up tonight!

zmanatl 2012-12-01 16:03:32
Glad you gave them a 2nd chance! So, you waited 6 years to see moe, then you make us wait an extra 12 hours before it is uploaded? Surprised you did not let Sonny track it out............

You there tonight Son?
zmanatl 2012-12-01 16:10:30
No Tubing The River before The Pit? That is the 2nd time they have done that recently. Scott B mentioned that a few days ago.
rockymtnryan 2012-12-01 16:13:33
Yes, unlike you I actually have to sleep. ;) Not sure about Styx, just going off the moe setlist. Yes, I will be back tonight! Crank this one, it came out great!
rockymtnryan 2012-12-01 16:31:54
And thanks for sending me the screen shot of your completed GP&N upload at 2:30 EST ;) As if I didn't already know you were a professional. :)
zmanatl 2012-12-01 16:36:00
Tell Steve at Soundboard hey for me. Tell him I loved my Providence show!
TaperChuckM 2012-12-01 17:55:24
Good meeting you last night Ryan. You got this recording up very quickly. Thanks!
philandjenny 2012-12-06 02:50:22
great show and a very nice capture, many thanks for this
Cheers from Oz
Phil :>)

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