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ArtistTedeschi Trucks Band
ShowTedeschi Trucks Band~2012-11-29~HOB~Boston, MA~4 Channel Matrix~AKG463/SennMKE4012
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Torrentttb2012-11-29.4channel.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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DescriptionTedeschi Trucks Band
House Of Blues
Boston, MA

Location: OTS/DFC @ ~11ft
Source 1: AKGc460b/ck63 (~dina) > Lunatec V3 (digital) > Tascam DR-680 (48/24)
Source 2: Sennheiser MS14P/mke4012 (ortf) > Tascam DR-680 (Busman mod)
Transfer: SDE Class10 > Sonar LE (mixdown) > Soundforge 9.0 (track, convert 16/44.1, normalize & fades) > TLH (flac @ level 8 & ffp)

Recorded By: B Crupi
Transferred and seeded by: B Crupi

One Set
Disc I

01 Everybody's Talkin'
02 Wah Wah
03 Don't Let Me Slide
04 That Did It
05 I Know
06 Ball And Chain
07 The Sky Is Cryin'
08 Midnight In Harlem
09 Ain't No Use
10 Get What You Deserve

Disc II

01 Love Has Something Else To Say
02 Band Intros/Old Time Lovin'
03 Uptight, Alright >
04 Drum Solo
05 Bound For Glory
06 Susan Banter
07 Angel From Montgomery >
08 Sugaree > Angel From Montgomery
09 Wade In The Water >
10 Jam
11 Sweet Inspiration
Checksumsttb2012-11-29d01t01.flac:cccb715a483fa94d352d042634653a68<br />
ttb2012-11-29d01t02.flac:26381913e9ce792677e15b96f0ef008c<br />
ttb2012-11-29d01t03.flac:2e1f42f42ee35327b6592ecddd4c93d8<br />
ttb2012-11-29d01t04.flac:bf369fd47347bbfbf274f43956756bc9<br />
ttb2012-11-29d01t05.flac:e9aa149731743b79c355b5c138075c1f<br />
ttb2012-11-29d01t06.flac:41ddbb12811403619fea778c0bc0011f<br />
ttb2012-11-29d01t07.flac:7308ce6d13f02f65a34f49cd3fa31aff<br />
ttb2012-11-29d01t08.flac:f1abd5e96040f814c45109037dc1bb29<br />
ttb2012-11-29d01t09.flac:a91f956543253142aec28cabbac45f9b<br />
ttb2012-11-29d01t10.flac:65b8641d534dac6df1e07df5c5c67768<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t01.flac:414fed08d1fd8b01cab2d4dc155f2a99<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t02.flac:803c321d6d5221b25842d21ccb8c4388<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t03.flac:db95f6295e8f8ad64cf84039c85e404d<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t04.flac:b40a2db2d6e5e9a597501c3578d8887a<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t05.flac:ddb159de43876e7ce25fba35413d64c8<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t06.flac:52cc21360015a1581640926afff8eb00<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t07.flac:b81c31565316a8498a81e5641d3eba70<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t08.flac:f24010f71a30737b91818428cb105b1d<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t09.flac:f3b9ed6335560cc4bf55215aab22abfb<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t10.flac:564d5098b3a0efd1a94dd9be4ae5ba2d<br />
ttb2012-11-29d02t11.flac:0be55e221487e6d7138c69500e0bd8df<br />
TypeTedeschi Trucks Band
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Added2012-12-01 22:59:36
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ttb2012-11-29d02t05.flac65.78 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t09.flac55.65 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t08.flac51.68 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t01.flac48.17 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t03.flac46.30 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t07.flac45.42 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t04.flac40.50 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t11.flac39.80 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t03.flac34.76 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t02.flac33.07 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t02.flac32.54 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t09.flac32.34 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t01.flac32.31 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t10.flac29.43 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t05.flac24.98 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d01t06.flac23.68 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t10.flac22.77 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t04.flac21.93 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t07.flac19.66 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t08.flac12.11 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29d02t06.flac4.05 MBN/A
ttb2012-11-29.4channel.flac16.ffp1.2 kBN/A
ttb2012-11-29.4channel.flac16.txt951 BN/A
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ronco 2012-12-02 12:33:56
Thanks for the 4 channel matrix version..... Sorry to lose Oteil; but a really nice one with George Porter Jr. who is sounding better and better with each show.
lovenolamusic 2012-12-03 11:20:48
Thanks for the upload.
I've d/l'ed and listened to Keswick on 27th and 28th and am now grabbing the 29th.
I think there were 2 more shows on the 5-night run with GPJr.
Has anyone seen a link to those?
torgrimr 2012-12-06 02:13:01
toughout 2012-12-06 18:01:53
Thank you!! Nice sounding show.
ravinspace 2012-12-06 21:56:00
Sorry to bother but any have the Albany Palace show?
vanark 2012-12-09 12:09:55
@ravinspace - tapers were there, I just think it hasn't made it to the public yet. Give it some time - it has only been a week.
mc55 2012-12-12 19:22:52
thanks also for sharing this matrix recording
Vallely 2015-02-16 22:40:03
Thank you!!
kuvja 2015-07-17 17:55:25
Please help me download this friends, need some seeds :(

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