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TorrentJoe Bonamassa2012-12-01(SAT)Biloxi,MS.-CM33.16f.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asJoe Bonamassa2012-12-01(SAT)Biloxi,MS.-CM33.16f
Info hashc7785ed31989fddf431ad1e296a11b6a79c0f42e
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DescriptionJoe Bonamassa 2012-12-01(SAT)
Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, MS.
Source: 2-Berliner CM33(KindKables)@7'>
TASCAM-DR-100Mk2-XLR@24-48wav.Slight Rightof SBD.
Transfer: Mk2(wav)>USB>Computer>16-bit
resample/dithered(best quality) CEP>
CDwav(tracking)>Traders Little Helper>flac L8,
sbeok check and Md5.
Tweaks: Gain adjust CEP.
Recorded, tracked, flac'ed by KooterB
01 intro song Highway to Hell (bluegrass version)
Acoustic :
02-Palm Trees Helicopter & Gasoline
04-Dislocated Boy
05-Driving Towards The Daylight
06-Woke Up Dreaming
Electric :
07-Slow Train
08-Dust Bowl
09-Who's Been Talking
10-Midnight Blues
11-Joe Talking
12-The Ballad Of John Henry

13-Wee Wee Hours
14-Look Over Yonder Wall
15-Blues Deluxe
16-Young Man Blues
17-Django > Mountain Time
Encores :
18-crowd & Joe Talking
19-Sloe Gin
20-Just Got Paid>Zep jam>band intros
The Band:
Joe Bonamassa(Guitars"How Many?")
Carmine Rojas (Bass)
Rick Melick(Keys)
Tal Bergman(Drums)

Open mic recording.
Thanks to Joe for his kindness.
Thanks to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for
being cool with the recording.
Checksums01Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:94f4c32aa698dbfa63e4e3ac3a77fe45
02Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:f235c92fb84d9d89f3dbe2469b44c60c
03Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:48eb40735eccab0f0806fe7f2e95dc35
04Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:3377ed9aa8d3e08632e5cba40b321b28
05Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:4d6e5982396759e99d1c38fc359bf682
06Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:90ca7969cf8fd70204584a3337b9262d
07Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:c71134c7d21d973caf2c1152fe1aecc2
08Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:a6df4fe37c9dc68d842e4cfe391556d2
09Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:f61fc1ed362eed45fc8014c2f4f22057
10Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:d63e2b236b26f30a436a7b0f2ea53101
11Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:fff74a2999956ee059e17c307906328e
12Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:cb1780779fdb8a7a47ccaa15c9c535be
13Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:5ecc7f39294ba7782b5590041c9dd82c
14Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:68a8feb8006e6e249b980db1637e60b5
15Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:212411af54d1325b6d5d93ae32d1234b
16Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:52e333b62be9f46099957a925d5b8c7e
17Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:cece9d39f6f3ad42a41e080c428383c3
18Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:0f457e84beb9f87ec2465a99461aedf2
19Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:0c9f79907d22be2ed4b17f2a382dc72a
20Joe Bonamassa2012-12-01Biloxi,MS.flac:dc47fdef39d9a5b99f7c961d05a510bb
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love_junkie 2012-12-02 15:35:45
Thank you very much for your efforts. Great time on the coast last night!
skevap 2012-12-02 18:23:34
Saw him Friday on Columbus, GA.

Highway to Hell is by Hayseed Dixie. We heard the same thing.

Thanks for this. You helped me make up my mind to skip Montgomery Wednesday as he's playing the same setlist at every stop.

Anyone that hasn't seen this tour, if you have a chance -GO!
hucklive 2012-12-03 03:36:12
Many Thanks!

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