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TorrentGD1987-03-22.matrix.peterson.GEMS.123019.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asGD1987-03-22.matrix.peterson.GEMS.123019.flac16
Info hash06384145cd53f8733781076b4ceed8b7e15e78af
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DescriptionThe Grateful Dead
March 22nd 1987
Hampton Roads Coliseum
Hampton, VA

SBD/AUD Matrix

-master tapes recorded by Don Pearson
-transferred by Jim Blackwood
-mastered by Jamie Waddell at 24/96 src with Weiss Saracon to 16/44.1
-Tracked in CD Wave Editor | Tag&Rename for Meta Data
TradersLittleHelper for FLAC (Level 8) by Patrick White (

a **GEMS** Production December 2012


Disk 1

01 - Hell in a Bucket->
02 - Sugaree
03 - Tuning/Crowd
04 - It's All Over Now->
05 - West L.A. Fadeaway
06 - Tuning/Crowd
07 - El Paso
08 - When Push Comes to Shove
09 - Crowd/Tuning
10 - Cassidy
11 - Deal


Disk 2

01 - Crowd/Tuning
02 - Sugar Magnolia->
03 - Scarlet Begonias->
04 - Fire on the Mountain
05 - Estimated Prophet->
06 - Drums->
07 - Space->
08 - The Wheel->
09 - Black Peter->
10 - Sunshine Daydream
11 - Crowd


12 - Baby Blue

All files have been meta-data tagged appropriately.
Please do not manipulate this recording in any way. Please do not dub to analog tape or convert to MP3 (or any other lossy format) and circulate.
If you would like to re-seed this torrent in the future, please use the exact files contained in the torrent with no file or ID tag manipulation. This will insure that the FLAC fingerprints, ST5 and MD5 hashes verify, keeping the integrity of the torrent intact.

ChecksumsFFP:<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t01.flac:636768ec4410531d6c97ba318264dc8d<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t02.flac:c68db2b57e0e2adc9b49609b6e00e376<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t03.flac:75224a37526969313439612592efe278<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t04.flac:7b0852e7784ff68ec610e8d66cb3f5b2<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t05.flac:3dd6f84ca598ca451d51bd14bc2da80d<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t06.flac:7b72fa3409e9723e074b730b4c3a42f1<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t07.flac:21482afdf4cb57c72a86dd5de4899ce9<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t08.flac:eb04cf5bf09ea4062185d81ccf2f8991<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t09.flac:ed3ff174286bdd414ec8cc02ad5af700<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t10.flac:4203cf5e1f1ee8045295a582da1a7276<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t11.flac:0e5d1b2d70cc65b8b30ea979b2ff2f84<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t01.flac:d2c929f86bc5380a70507b4757c75807<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t02.flac:23f6962fcf3bb9ba23b5c108995c1d5b<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t03.flac:4d80e69ca3f8bc690111cfdc12dace7b<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t04.flac:b7ddb397c64519a26beb3ec86be0a37b<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t05.flac:a697f41281000a4152541e1aa3a49eed<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t06.flac:facf5782881c1cdf5f60586d0dd6631f<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t07.flac:05c3122f75dfd89a84c0e750b551159e<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t08.flac:f1962b0dea993b3e4f12dcfafa887692<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t09.flac:67d9d3d68e52579ffabcc85670b5f2c8<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t10.flac:ea05fb5344b333d42aaa30efb04e86b8<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t11.flac:179176e450850838e0471f2d3dc7cf2a<br />
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t12.flac:5083ba11696980a021dc4d18b1d165bc<br />
<br />
ST5:<br />
636768ec4410531d6c97ba318264dc8d [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t01.flac<br />
c68db2b57e0e2adc9b49609b6e00e376 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t02.flac<br />
75224a37526969313439612592efe278 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t03.flac<br />
7b0852e7784ff68ec610e8d66cb3f5b2 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t04.flac<br />
3dd6f84ca598ca451d51bd14bc2da80d [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t05.flac<br />
7b72fa3409e9723e074b730b4c3a42f1 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t06.flac<br />
21482afdf4cb57c72a86dd5de4899ce9 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t07.flac<br />
eb04cf5bf09ea4062185d81ccf2f8991 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t08.flac<br />
ed3ff174286bdd414ec8cc02ad5af700 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t09.flac<br />
4203cf5e1f1ee8045295a582da1a7276 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t10.flac<br />
0e5d1b2d70cc65b8b30ea979b2ff2f84 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t11.flac<br />
d2c929f86bc5380a70507b4757c75807 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t01.flac<br />
23f6962fcf3bb9ba23b5c108995c1d5b [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t02.flac<br />
4d80e69ca3f8bc690111cfdc12dace7b [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t03.flac<br />
b7ddb397c64519a26beb3ec86be0a37b [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t04.flac<br />
a697f41281000a4152541e1aa3a49eed [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t05.flac<br />
facf5782881c1cdf5f60586d0dd6631f [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t06.flac<br />
05c3122f75dfd89a84c0e750b551159e [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t07.flac<br />
f1962b0dea993b3e4f12dcfafa887692 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t08.flac<br />
67d9d3d68e52579ffabcc85670b5f2c8 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t09.flac<br />
ea05fb5344b333d42aaa30efb04e86b8 [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t10.flac<br />
179176e450850838e0471f2d3dc7cf2a [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t11.flac<br />
5083ba11696980a021dc4d18b1d165bc [shntool] GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t12.flac<br />
<br />
MD5:<br />
bd5b83ee06354792775e26565c91eecc *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t01.flac<br />
e5076f5285a4b5d598efebd58ccddb06 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t02.flac<br />
ca4e639ecaf4496eda60635d717aebe9 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t03.flac<br />
da5b3f64f4ee2edac22ebbb547273fad *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t04.flac<br />
1ec1fa876bad09623cecdc6f9fb2b103 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t05.flac<br />
4b46eb9de394793dd44aa85c8bd8b273 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t06.flac<br />
6c696310c053970b61ec374e668c385a *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t07.flac<br />
68b1968938a5aca0eae671cff1925731 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t08.flac<br />
5eae7709a251085b2835b35576c4e877 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t09.flac<br />
163a5ca2babc2a619c93a75350e499a5 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t10.flac<br />
68763744a2508d186476a534ec4094b4 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t11.flac<br />
54cfa21effa3552634b995c345063c0a *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t01.flac<br />
f0c3064d1f2a867e6b4cbba1787bf520 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t02.flac<br />
d418e7ec3b5c26dce73fc8ef4af5080f *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t03.flac<br />
101d086a84c2dfba1651f8dfea927ea1 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t04.flac<br />
c08643baa0dc423af13e9f00b58ee070 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t05.flac<br />
3e8a80fa249a305e34c71ce3527f6253 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t06.flac<br />
10cbddd2892627ce250368978ba010a0 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t07.flac<br />
0eeb0c5a46cf745fdd922928d8f04cbc *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t08.flac<br />
1fa52dd9ddd73723e2d0c9560077ae09 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t09.flac<br />
4d58d54dbec65449b64131d2aad5a918 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t10.flac<br />
fef0e22da8cb3f17469a40543beaf958 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t11.flac<br />
c7c130368318a3c6aaf4ab8e2b8c7791 *GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t12.flac<br />
60eb5d58d8461977bc3e16d62189803e *GD1987-03-22.GEMS.ffp<br />
9d7b496f122cba5a9dd71cd918473238 *GD1987-03-22.GEMS.m3u<br />
520a8ab7a398c109cd2550aea0ee6c25 *GD1987-03-22.GEMS.st5<br />
8c9dee38d57ebd0c0214f370a33e8754 *GD1987-03-22.GEMS.txt<br />
<br />
The FFP was generated to verify and maintain the integrity of the music.<br />
The ST5 was generated to verify and maintain the integrity of the meta data.<br />
The MD5 was generated to verify and maintain the integrity of all the files included with the torrent<br />
TypeGrateful Dead
Last seederLast activity 9:15:18 ago
Size814.18 MB (853730500 Bytes)
Added2012-12-02 16:51:56
Snatched556 times
Upped byseedin_for_jesus
Num files28 files
File List
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GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t05.flac69.81 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t04.flac61.01 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t03.flac55.09 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t09.flac52.95 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t02.flac52.16 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t04.flac51.11 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t12.flac46.72 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t05.flac41.88 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t11.flac40.42 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t01.flac40.33 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t06.flac37.93 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t10.flac37.39 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t02.flac33.26 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t07.flac31.94 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t08.flac31.39 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t07.flac31.25 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t08.flac31.25 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t10.flac26.43 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t09.flac10.19 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t11.flac8.31 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t03.flac8.26 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d02t01.flac8.17 MBN/A
GD 1987-03-22.GEMS.d01t06.flac6.92 MBN/A
GD1987-03-22.GEMS.txt6.6 kBN/A
GD1987-03-22.GEMS.m3u1.8 kBN/A
GD1987-03-22.GEMS.st51.7 kBN/A
GD1987-03-22.GEMS.md51.7 kBN/A
GD1987-03-22.GEMS.ffp1.5 kBN/A
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seedin_for_jesus 2012-12-02 17:09:18
From the GEMS boys....ebay tapes bought and and then upped for your listening enjoyment....Thanks to everyone involved!!
rustystrings 2012-12-02 18:42:12
thank you
metawhy 2012-12-02 19:48:02
thank you jesus!
WRBzWorld 2012-12-03 07:00:25
Thank you! Looks tasty!
mmwarchives 2012-12-03 08:28:16
Thanks!! Would this be the Healy matrix that he used to do at the shows or is this a SBD/AUD matrix that Jamie did in post at home??
If so, what were the sources used?? Very curious(& appreciative!!).

rustystrings 2012-12-03 09:44:07
by Dr. Don Pearson himself. Ultra Sound was his company and Ultra Matrices were his gig.
rustystrings 2012-12-03 09:44:52
dewey72 2012-12-03 10:00:14
Great links. Thanks!
mmwarchives 2012-12-03 12:33:06
Thanks for the info...I am definitely grabbing this & rest easy, Dr.Don Pearson!!
Katz_under_stars 2012-12-04 14:34:43
I don't know where you got your .ffp @ ... I've just downloaded your torrent 5 times & here is my .ffp:

Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t01.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t02.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t03.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t04.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t05.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t06.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t07.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t08.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t09.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t10.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d1t11.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t01.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t02.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t03.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t04.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t05.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t06.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t07.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t08.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t09.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t10.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t11.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).
Header of file 'gd87-03-22d2t12.flac' is corrupt (stored fingerprint is zero).

There were errors.

This won't play on any of my media players! This is the 1st torrent in which I downloaded that is screwed up & my library now is over 17Tb large ... You need to do something about it so that other folk don't waste their time as I just have done.
seedin_for_jesus 2012-12-04 17:54:43
The torrent is fine..both md5 and st5 pass...I am assuming whoever did the tagging messed it up along the way....the music is fine,playing in foobar right now no problems....I always check md5's because they are the whole file checksum,not just the flac passed so it was seeded...again...the files are fine...made some cd's using Burrn again,no problem...I dont think anyone is wasting time here,the music is pretty good : )
Albany Head 2012-12-04 18:12:38
Plays Great. Sounds Great.
Thank You.
92gli 2012-12-04 19:37:42
Don't have any idea why I didn't already have this. Thanks !

Listening to Fire right now... Jerry is having a ball
jerome70 2012-12-04 20:14:16
oh yeah,started set 2 w/Sugar Magnolia & closin' w/daydream-1st time since' 82 n.years eve!
photoleon 2012-12-07 14:58:12
Thanks to all involved. Sounds great! Not the best Hampton show, but it sounds great!
92gli 2012-12-07 16:27:47
I've listened to the whole thing now. They were all having a lot of fun this night. Whole show has that little something extra. Jerry is throwing down some nasty leads.

photoleon 2013-09-24 08:36:19
I had a blast at these shows. Very Grateful to all involved for the efforts & sharing this.
rjhythloday 2014-05-26 11:18:43
I can get them to play in foobar but can't change the metadata. .md5 passes, just tag headers are bad somehow.

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