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ArtistGrateful Dead
ShowGrateful Dead - "Passaic '76: Help-Slip-Frank's" - A Three Song Seamons Matrix
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Torrentgd76-06-17.helpslipfranks.mtx.seamons.123027.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Description"Passaic '76: Help-Slip-Frank's"

Grateful Dead
Capitol Theatre
Passaic, NJ
June 17, 1976

Jerry Garcia - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux - Vocals
Keith Godchaux - Keyboards
Mickey Hart - Drums
Bill Kreutzmann - Drums
Phil Lesh - Electric Bass, Vocals
Bob Weir - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals


Help On The Way -> Slipknot! -> Franklin's Tower (24:56)

Matrix by Hunter Seamons, 12/2/12
Soundboard recording by Betty Cantor-Jackson
Audience recording transferred by Dale Shepherd
TypeGrateful Dead
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hseamons 2012-12-02 18:42:02
charlie miller 2012-12-02 18:56:27
The sbd recording was made by Betty Cantor-Jackson.
hseamons 2012-12-02 18:59:05
Updated text here. I was going on the basis of the list provided here:

Thanks Charlie.
yf12 2012-12-02 19:05:13
thanks !!
parkerjh 2012-12-02 20:11:23
sounds fantastic- thanks!
tommie01 2012-12-02 20:14:50
Thank you Hunter. I get it now - a Seamons matrix compilation album. I'm in.
hseamons 2012-12-02 20:21:50
"a Seamons matrix compilation album"

1) Help-Slip-Frank's
2) Candyman
3) Sailor Saint

Could use an HCS.
sprobeck 2012-12-02 22:30:25
Awesome! Thanks. Will make a good xmas gift.
mmwarchives 2012-12-03 12:11:33
Thanks, Dr.Seamons...though I'm a little confused. We have a matrix by you of this entire show done on May 14, 2008. Does this current
3 song matrix represent a new matrix using different sources or something. Please clarify & thanks for the 'grate' work!!
hseamons 2012-12-03 12:32:21
I took the liberty of matrixing the 30 Days of the Dead track, even though the Miller source MIGHT be of higher quality, since they are both transfers of the master reel. Just wanted to try something different, however insane this may be, and hopefully sync things a little nicer since May of 2008.

Just an FYI, everybody: Every matrix that I have worked on CAN be made better, if I appropriately gave them significant more time to iron out the miniscule details of weirdness that can occur in the old tapes. Every project that I have done has been matrixed and seeded pretty quickly, for as much as I try to achieve in the short time that I give them. It has just been my nature to work quickly while maintaining a certain level of quality that I find good enough for trading. I will only take my time with these if somebody pays me $12,000 per matrix project, give or take.
charlie miller 2012-12-03 16:49:19
hseamons, that list you have of Betty Boards is only the shows that came from the storage locker in 1986. There are more reels that she did like the Felt Forums in Dec 71, the Academy of Music in 72, 4/2/73 Boston, etc....
John_Doe 2012-12-03 20:28:34
Does anyone have a complete list of the Betty Board tapes?
drbob22 2012-12-03 22:11:18
This sounds awesome!
dewey72 2012-12-03 22:48:19
Seamons, you're a miracle. Thank you!
rovalle 2012-12-03 23:20:37
only 12 grand per? damn I knew there was reason I should'a won the lottery last week!
april81972 2012-12-04 13:44:25
12 grand? You can't be serious. I did a true 'LOL' at that statement.
hseamons 2012-12-04 14:16:31
^Give or take.
MULE TAPER 2012-12-07 20:37:25
MULE TAPER 2012-12-07 20:39:25
v-c2011 2015-01-06 07:05:37
Hunter Seamons,
great job! Don`t fool around.Everything`s fine. There are always some guys who have to criticise everything you do. You share your music (and your time) to the world,but that seems not to be enough. There`s only one way to act: Don`t care! There are so many guys out there who love what you guys do and they appreciate your work!

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