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ArtistLarry Keel
ShowLarry Keel & Natural Bridge 2012-02-25 Mockingbird Music House, Staunton, VA flac16 (KM 140)
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TorrentLKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash5a096b9b469b9b677564c05e906eaa9dd3f1e873
DescriptionThanks to Cornelius for taping!

Larry Keel and Natural Bridge
Mockingbird Music Hall
Staunton, VA

Neumann km140 > busman mod edirol r4 @ 24/48 > raw upload
d/l of raw files > Audacity (fades/reduced some peaks/normalization/dither) > CDWave (tracking) > Bulk Rename Utility > mp3Tag
taper: Cornelius
post: zappa4ever

16/44.1 fileset finished on 2012-12-03

01. pre-set
02. instr.
03. instr.
04. I'm No Doctor
05. Love
06. How Can It Be Wrong?
07. banter
08. Fireline
09. Watermelon Man
10. B Funk
11. Buckle Up My Traveling Shoes
12. banter
13. Manhattan Island Serenade
14. Trance
15. banter
16. Mighty Mississippi
17. With A Little Help From My Friends
18. Bugle Call Rag
19. pre-encore
20. Groundhog *
21. Wheel Hoss *

Larry Keel - guitar, vocals
Will Lee - banjo, vocals
Mark Schimick - mandolin, vocals
Jenny Keel - bass, vocals

* with Gary Keel

Buy the official releases and merchandise and go see 'em live!
Checksums7a9f7f88e80b47c991e82510800b2a4b *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t01.flac
c5c696abdd42f9cab055e7ace9fa2494 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t02.flac
cebd6ba68d888151509e49f4606b9996 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t03.flac
b462516e786df7cab6e5a40acd1fb932 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t04.flac
43533232ed1de3296daa0c93eb79f780 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t05.flac
395f2ad2217e9fa88e8e11102a707f98 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t06.flac
53c8d196f04e55c36bfaac6763bfc414 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t07.flac
834fa382c2693525216d67f66aef273b *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t08.flac
363c3b43879ddb62435099cd9eebc46a *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t09.flac
64fd1a617df824db4a61333fc590a2f0 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t10.flac
5298387d8ce9fc685b0f0fcf4b8e4d0d *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t11.flac
6974fa67bbb29453323b9fe8d4daa5dd *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t12.flac
13d8f71128c6cb2fe86244c6110cc5be *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t13.flac
e557b96809ad21d05a9fba70c0b531a3 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t14.flac
cb27dcb7f357e4b1a9affcc1c2e82088 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t15.flac
1047e0ee4ac1cfb2b0b70b8cce905060 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t16.flac
8f98b7b82f41642baad4c99d420cde06 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t17.flac
ff65de584bdbb40a7a714bd040056eda *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t18.flac
910490f83f3e5f60df5631ac68bfda0c *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t19.flac
1493a3f0ad1aea324b5b3dbc4da8a65d *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t20.flac
b3d0628a8dc6977c2ef94229d268ec73 *LKNB2012-02-25.KM140.Staunton.t21.flac
TypeLarry Keel
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indydarkstar 2012-12-04 08:32:41
thanks to all involved in sharing
myoosicisthebest 2012-12-05 01:25:48
This one's up on the LMA now as well, enjoy!

will have the Feb 3 2012 LKNB Shepherdstown show from the KM140's done later in the week

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