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ArtistWood Brothers
ShowThe Wood Brothers 11-03-2012 The Fine Line Music Cafe Minneapolis, MN-Audience Recording
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DescriptionThe Wood Brothers
The Fine Line Music Cafe
Minneapolis, MN

Recorded by Mike Mahoney (mpmgumby AT
Sennheiser e 614ís > Marantz PMD660 (Oade Mod)
Wavelab 6.0

I got loaded
Pay attention to me
What it means
Postcards from hell
Neon tombstone.
Honey jar

Thinking is the last thing. (Mic)
Fox on the run. (Mic)

Smoke ring halo
Mary Anna
One more day
See you go
Down. (Chris vox)
Shoofly pie

Luckiest man

I tracked it 1-15 cd 1, 16-22 cd 2 Track 19 is complete banter. Whenever I get it done... Opener Lera Lynn Set can be used as Filler on CD 2

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wood bros 2012-11-03d1t01.flac:7495042bbf45767fe10ecec66628d598
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t02.flac:809759e80134ea7f26e3fc9ca7953efd
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t03.flac:e1c3bfa1d9a32c4f93f26bbbdf0ac0be
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t04.flac:82fc889d4cd37e959b168cf86abc4462
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t05.flac:f2ca8e2ab28bda3438f1b725a0fd9a72
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t06.flac:30401d57ef3cdcd64a7a93deac55dfa5
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t07.flac:47dd4d3d3e81605b0c866644fb840959
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t08.flac:1241ab8213898a6af9ce4ca9d667ddf7
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t09.flac:9cd65a995a828310e7d90eb6a3cfa0b3
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t10.flac:94b48a8c77e1810d53a748711d18a08d
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t11.flac:07a7766358a3f703eead1abccf80b157
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t12.flac:46c3150191ae80ab1eb843ccce1f39e2
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t13.flac:928211063a274a64f881f28bbc4540dd
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t14.flac:504be6df81b5b6904524a72dbef83a34
wood bros 2012-11-03d1t15.flac:61d0859d349418c63cd4b2f692a4b544
wood bros 2012-11-03d2t16.flac:42fa1d29c6c8e29b408884bafcaff78a
wood bros 2012-11-03d2t17.flac:81980bcb773445eafeea415f31259bf5
wood bros 2012-11-03d2t18.flac:1898c83b34d5590c1bcf05dcdcdd8d25
wood bros 2012-11-03d2t19.flac:7d159b596b5b15c17f45956e11b903f6
wood bros 2012-11-03d2t20.flac:790cf11930f39160047b9c1f1e25f5e0
wood bros 2012-11-03d2t21.flac:91ecc3a2f59e0f9c355adee8b3475d0f
wood bros 2012-11-03d2t22.flac:1b1f55808e8f9e4dfe36928cd76470c8


9494c1de2bb0a01be0bd1c5b26b91e87 *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t01.flac
49274a521edb81211a68760c2878c849 *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t02.flac
7ce0d9f8ceef613815b48584c2e58ca4 *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t03.flac
c285ca7b951294c293bc8339182374fd *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t04.flac
e9fd158db49fcd825c0df8b00815e95e *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t05.flac
093ad003a6af3fadf6735bb4d9d2c011 *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t06.flac
816c932093aef4247f42191169dc8efc *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t07.flac
49a8a5ab380f43e11017d132d96242ae *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t08.flac
7b8251ecb37785187504f2c818037335 *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t09.flac
be508e4c3a5ca44e95f2646007f23231 *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t10.flac
86f26abd3c9740588e2b720b4c7411b3 *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t11.flac
558c260c4973cc80bd43848b353258ff *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t12.flac
8e54f58586ccf6a92bf1d911ef18004e *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t13.flac
094ef5bd4d1b4f1b7f1c22a977e66456 *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t14.flac
dbc15ea44089320818641340ccf8c2fe *wood bros 2012-11-03d1t15.flac
80854bdfaba9f1286950019ae569ee63 *wood bros 2012-11-03d2t16.flac
c6a58e51edfe9f0749a1c2a44d7f9c79 *wood bros 2012-11-03d2t17.flac
43c239965dc40dd512c999c278d06db1 *wood bros 2012-11-03d2t18.flac
13d207894354cc9792762ec9a1bca86b *wood bros 2012-11-03d2t19.flac
c575493494e4d365be1a82ebafb22506 *wood bros 2012-11-03d2t20.flac
8e69485109cfb54f3f769b5e707b5964 *wood bros 2012-11-03d2t21.flac
414a39121824708bed5f7a20f9a9d102 *wood bros 2012-11-03d2t22.flac

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wisewiz 2012-12-09 09:38:44
thanks mike, had not been on my computer much lately.glad I found this
Stugotz 2013-01-15 13:12:51
Thanks! This show was my first exposure to the Wood Brothers and I have been obsessed ever since.

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