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ShowSkerik's Kickin' Some Brass - 2003-07-05 - Quincy, CA - High Sierra Music Festival
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Info hashedb30b8ff72feb3cec6c4f18d09cfc89dc552b76
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DescriptionSkerik's Kickin' Some Brass
Quincy, CA
High Sierra Music Festival
Workshop Stage

Schoeps MK4V > VMS5U > Sony TCD-D8 > Sony TCD-D100

I think this is how this show was billed, at least thats how i wrote it on the DAT. It was Skerik, Jessica Lurie, members of Antibalas, and the Lil' Rascals Brass Band
Checksumsskerik2003-07-05t01.flac:90e0de65b6d7f033ec8fce82acf21b4b<br />
skerik2003-07-05t02.flac:61f2107293c0932c880624aaab795107<br />
skerik2003-07-05t03.flac:357456971c199d67fdde5949fa1f2701<br />
skerik2003-07-05t04.flac:8b0971918d7d68e6f25babc818650f3d<br />
skerik2003-07-05t05.flac:3dfd37cb675b908daf0ac5265518bd9c<br />
skerik2003-07-05t06.flac:0543f61f9814f79cd62f55913ebef337<br />
skerik2003-07-05t07.flac:e4aa0477ee55c7de12c0f244415daa5f<br />
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skerik2003-07-05.txt150 BN/A
skerik2003-07-05t01.flac36.39 MBN/A
skerik2003-07-05t02.flac25.28 MBN/A
skerik2003-07-05t03.flac62.03 MBN/A
skerik2003-07-05t04.flac52.00 MBN/A
skerik2003-07-05t05.flac45.89 MBN/A
skerik2003-07-05t06.flac49.98 MBN/A
skerik2003-07-05t07.flac58.83 MBN/A
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spikes852004 2012-12-05 12:04:44
WOW, Thank you!!! Can't wait to hear this one
Halowdance 2012-12-05 12:12:52
Thank you!!
Pisces 2012-12-06 08:53:10
cosmicallytuned 2012-12-06 08:56:53
Thanks I was there .great times in those workshops

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