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ShowSluegrass 2012-06-01 Hippy Hill stage John Hartford Memorial Festival
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Info hashb99f0584901b901b87df4c71bc95fb2f20c3ff4d
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Happy Hill
Bean Blossom, IN

Source: SBD > Tascam DR-100 mk II @ 24/48
Transfer: SD > Audacity > TLH

01 Nashville Blues
02 banter
03 Come & Go?
04 banter
05 Banks Of The Ohio
06 banter
07 Leaving Baltimore
08 banter
09 Dust Storm Trooper
10 banter
11 Bill Cheatham
12 banter
13 Bull Shoals Flood
14 banter
15 Gravel Yard
16 banter
17 Weary Blues From Waiting

thanks to the band for a great set,John Hotze for having the vision to have this festival,
the soundcrew (especially Scott Nelson of Flatland Harmony Experiment) for the patch,
and numerous people (especially Sean Fagan) for helping with gear/taping
please support artists who allow us to do this
go see a show,buy some stuff,
take a friend, keep this festival alive
Checksumsb180445899fd0c177590c79b00f08cfb *01.flac
30c304f91ec08f975daac293293a145f *02.flac
b54a90492927d6549c6a4ded6efc1d58 *03.flac
8f6b3c14b737686352014077e3ccf37a *04.flac
5869f3ffb1211c4a6749022895bc6a73 *05.flac
09c8f40e511eb9504318a8d7a1a92d59 *06.flac
05e09100693735263d1c57e7b7e4033e *07.flac
3c76a32fc574c73926af23f8ce13004c *08.flac
381a57744b2974a455df050e8c737877 *09.flac
afbc303bec7547665fc2da112879ec63 *10.flac
cbf3ebccf7a93a3ec41a7149ac6ec5cb *11.flac
60daa110e19b52889597fbccfe0729f1 *12.flac
411ec8179b658fbaa3c6a3d151583b64 *13.flac
98bc7721bd4b4328346a1747404bf1cf *14.flac
bec7434646ec7f59eb2e22f472c50958 *15.flac
520087c09786e161284d7173f3fb5547 *16.flac
e9e845fcb625b3e627781ceff14feaae *17.flac
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03.flac20.06 MBN/A
04.flac3.89 MBN/A
05.flac18.01 MBN/A
06.flac7.11 MBN/A
07.flac17.90 MBN/A
08.flac1.23 MBN/A
09.flac17.06 MBN/A
10.flac4.39 MBN/A
11.flac21.16 MBN/A
12.flac3.12 MBN/A
13.flac20.91 MBN/A
14.flac2.67 MBN/A
15.flac17.73 MBN/A
16.flac8.49 MBN/A
17.flac16.35 MBN/A
Sluegrass060112HippyHill.txt814 BN/A
Sluegrass2012-06-01.sbd.flac16.ffp714 BN/A
Sluegrass2012-06-01.sbd.flac16.md5731 BN/A
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