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ArtistGovt Mule
ShowGov't Mule 1999-10-09-The Vic Theatre-Chicago, IL
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Torrentgm1999-10-09-The Vic Theater-Chicago, IL.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asgm1999-10-09-The Vic Theater, Chicago, IL
Info hash6c2035b7f308045468039425f3934037bcce63f1
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DescriptionGov't Mule
The Vic Theatre
Chicago, IL

Lineage: Sennheiser Shotgun (either mkh 70 or mkh 416 don't remember)--> shure fp33 mixer-->Digigram VX pocket-->Mac Powerbook

01 It Takes More Than A Hammer And Nails To Make A House A Home
02 Mule
03 Life Before Insanity
04 Rockin' Horse
05 Thorazine Shuffle
06 Devil Likes It Slow
07 Is It My Body
08 Painted Silver Light
09 Creep

01 Lively Up Yourself>Drums>Up Jam
02 Lay Your Burden Down
03 Bad Little Doggie->I Can't Quit You Baby
04 Blind Man
05 Out Of The Rain
ChecksumsBad Little Doggie-_I Can\'t Quit You Baby.flac:df5b53d768f30a82d1f42a1455fa869f<br />
Blind Man.flac:2c57d407d84c78a0c30fb8ed36fe2f3a<br />
Creep.flac:7b40b89cca7e1df0f7294637032a27de<br />
Devil Likes It Slow.flac:30b08ba8f3fe0a4f3cf34cf534eb3b97<br />
Is It My Body.flac:90388e8dbc8cd14097ca2f6ad2b1ea8b<br />
It Takes More Than A Hammer And Nails To Make A House A Home.flac:3d1ad49849928fc9e98caf65cadc7814<br />
Lay Your Burden Down.flac:b76b573a9e3a406ccedc86c459d42ae5<br />
Life Before Insanity.flac:672ee246c65669204d353cf21d15569a<br />
Lively Up Yourself_Drums_Up Jam.flac:5938c21a93b895fccc4b97037ab87500<br />
Mule.flac:23e977465d76413d77f2cdeb7442b810<br />
Out Of The Rain.flac:bd5cb7475b4ec76f46e98d0ed5edcf3b<br />
Painted Silver Light.flac:bafd980f4db55da2261aea27a8c0033d<br />
Rockin\' Horse.flac:1047d27666d8f6d708d811c9a260f08e<br />
Thorazine Shuffle.flac:f80c9a134c4a02ea3ca59ac3b495c37b
TypeGovt Mule
Last seederLast activity 25:24 ago
Size480.49 MB (503834165 Bytes)
Added2012-12-05 13:51:24
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Upped byam55
Num files17 files
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Lively Up Yourself_Drums_Up Jam.flac83.81 MBN/A
Bad Little Doggie-_I Can't Quit You Baby.flac46.63 MBN/A
Devil Likes It Slow.flac39.25 MBN/A
Thorazine Shuffle.flac36.29 MBN/A
Mule.flac34.46 MBN/A
Blind Man.flac33.32 MBN/A
Painted Silver Light.flac30.28 MBN/A
It Takes More Than A Hammer And Nails To Make A House A Home.flac29.58 MBN/A
Out Of The Rain.flac29.54 MBN/A
Life Before Insanity.flac26.99 MBN/A
Lay Your Burden Down.flac23.36 MBN/A
Rockin' Horse.flac23.33 MBN/A
Creep.flac22.43 MBN/A
Is It My Body.flac21.22 MBN/A
md5sum.md5846 BN/A
fingerprint.ffp.txt832 BN/A
gm1999-10-09-The Vic Theatre-Chicago, IL.txt531 BN/A
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sprobeck 2012-12-05 16:53:43
Tomahawk Kid 2012-12-05 17:16:35
Thank you kindly!
Albix 2012-12-05 20:54:17
Katz_under_stars 2012-12-06 11:56:52
After acquiring over 15Tb of torrents ... I have got to tell you ... THIS IS THE SLOPPIEST TORRENT THAT HAVE STUMBLED UPON!!!!!

Firstly the info text is a line about a half mile long, there is a button for going back to the beginning of the next line, it has the following letters on it "enter", which makes it harder than it should to make some organization of the jumble when trying to put the show in order! In fact it's so sloppy ... do you really expect folk to believe the setlist given? It was probably just thrown together like the rest of the torrent!!

Secondly ... this is the very 1st torrent in which the songs are filed in alphabetical order, not in the order the songs were actually played. Which ... if either way is correct ... a) in alphabetical order ... or ... b) as your jumbled setlist suggests ... or ... c) you just don't know ... that's why the 2 options.

Thirdly ... I guess it's really hard to judge where Lively Up Yourself ends & where Drums begins, or you would've made that 2 separate tracks ... right? & the same for where Drums ends & Lively Up Yourself picks back up, that was a hard one also!! And Bad Little Doggie sounds so similar to I Can't Quit You Baby that you can't tell where 1 stops & the other begins!! Heck ... why didn't you make the show as 1 long file, actually this would've worked better ... the more I think about it ... as folk would know the correct order of the tunes!!!!

Do yourself a favor & check out how other shows get lined up properly & take a look at folk's info texts & you should get an idea of how to do them!!!

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