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ShowCarpenter and Clerk 2012-06-02 Hippy Hill stage John Hartford Memorial Festival
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TorrentCarpenter and Clerk2012-06-02.sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asCarpenter and Clerk2012-06-02.sbd.flac16
Info hashabeb7d8727ecccf98cbe38efab7cbe47eba0de3d
DescriptionCarpenter & Clerk
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hippy Hill
Bean Blossom, IN

Source: SBD > Tascam DR-100 mk II @ 24/48
Transfer: SD > Audacity > TLH

01 tuning
02 Without You
03 Slower
04 unknown
05 King Ma
06 Kill Something
07 Don't I Let You Live Here, Baby?
08 Uncle Sweetheart
09 Dream Doctor
10 If You Wanna
11 Seeing Straight
12 banter
13 Make Big
14 banter
15 Your Stuff

thanks to the band for a great set,John Hotze for having the vision to have this festival,
the soundcrew (especially Scott Nelson of Flatland Harmony Experiment) for the patch,
and numerous people (especially Sean Fagan) for helping with gear/taping
please support artists who allow us to do this
go see a show,buy some stuff,
take a friend, keep this festival alive
Checksums2f3647128c3d4e0264984b4e817ebbc0 *01 Tuning.flac
52ca6d17275a26118bf561b46809e23d *02 Without You.flac
747393904e352ac0318e205fbd57ef6e *03 Slower.flac
9cee7016c0fed7081e9de51f5743c496 *04.flac
551f5d278e4cb2f73b67f19479d9e721 *05 King Ma.flac
88c7f5c499e0a15e5470421dff77f3ab *06 Kill Something.flac
b762535b593619a2de4fff7a86f5d491 *07 Don't I Let You Live Here, Baby.flac
e9d92ef8adbc0c5540571d0707b47b9d *08 Uncle Sweetheart.flac
083867209d3fd5bdff15d08a04b285e6 *09 Dream Doctor.flac
f10d12dafc1c7b4c7b859d340030bbbe *10 If You Wanna.flac
049d0ee33a0dd1491de4c32fd183646d *11 Seeing Straight.flac
10204549440c0d931249683d231445da *12 Banter.flac
335e0452957df615b7b45624452749cf *13 Make Big.flac
5a5a56a785ddbf0716614c63cd6290d9 *14 Banter.flac
b973898ec80939eca907f0636ea834e9 *15 Your Stuff.flac
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