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ShowHowling Brothers 2012-06-02 Hippy Hill stage John Hartford Memorial Festival
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TorrentHowlingBrothers2012-06-02,sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashcebf3128ababd36580b0ca0917a1c73fa94e1b86
DescriptionThe Howling Brothers
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Hippy Hill
Bean Blossom, IN

Source: SBD > Tascam DR-100 mk II @ 24/48
Transfer: SD > Audacity > TLH

01 Katie Klein
02 banter
03 The Girl I Left Behind Me
04 The Boatmen Dance
05 banter
06 The Delta Queen
07 banter
08 Way Down The River Road
09 banter
11 banter
12 Julia Belle Swain
13 banter
14 Louisiana
15 band intro
16 Gone
17 banter
18 Long Hot Summer Days
19 banter
20 Let Him Go On, Mama
21 banter
22 Take Me Back To My Mississippi River Home

thanks to the band for a great set,John Hotze for having the vision to have this festival,
the soundcrew (especially Scott Nelson of Flatland Harmony Experiment) for the patch,
and numerous people (especially Sean Fagan) for helping with gear/taping
please support artists who allow us to do this
go see a show,buy some stuff,
take a friend, keep this festival alive
Checksums91125f0c6832cba4b62a0f4dd06c315c *01.flac
cca4c93abbe3af66c613ee475dc45d6c *02.flac
3bf78417022ff80727356858d216194f *03.flac
de9a69e7803bef72030cbb241cd8a6b4 *04.flac
401149388a813460f91ed67e769ac777 *05.flac
77a73e73d555b2737ab1053341c2613a *06.flac
ff4a6e6ae296a8c67e05eff74979af3c *07.flac
203144789926b4ac867bfdab1e61ffb1 *08.flac
b2da27e9a7deed54b85c7d8800179298 *09.flac
f65f3365b5247e9aa63a5ed2ac4252b5 *10.flac
e6c2e3c2fe8094ead567b103528f88d2 *11.flac
30aeb7f1916e57758283849d5f918107 *12.flac
f69ce334bc28e9492b2f96d57fee1262 *13.flac
db6914ad07b08a5cbd0bd32cae52bbe3 *14.flac
12fb14f9ea715562ce2cd3f4e69568bb *15.flac
9dde77d6c2f8ee6e5a4068632145df00 *16.flac
b7c72d3a3cf7c884c10fc19596ca1048 *17.flac
e3562fb6ef8830ce64f137f710ed5dc7 *18.flac
d6bdd3576d84240ad53010fb6c9cb83f *19.flac
2bdf0f616833b47c6da27547db1bb862 *20.flac
cec1a4f77f656846cf66936b9a2ce749 *21.flac
aa89e649db8a2d812f88aa8db864a780 *22.flac
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