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ArtistDave Matthews Band
ShowDave Matthews Band 2012-12-05 United Center Chicago, IL (MK41)
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DescriptionDave Matthews Band
United Center
Chicago, Illinois
December 5, 2012

Schoeps MK41(DINa) > CMC6 > Aeta Mix 2000 > Sound Devices 744t @ 24bit/48hz
17ft at SBD 100ft from stage 50ft ROC ~ Right Stack
CF > Samplitude 11 > Soundforge 10 > CD Wave > TLH
Tagged in Foobar 2000
Taper soling (

Run time 171:34

1. You Might Die Trying
2. Spaceman
3. Corn Bread
4. Drunken Soldier
5. Gravedigger
6. Grey Street
7. Mercy > Piano improv
8. Out Of My Hands
9. Rooftop
10. Everyday
11. Snow Outside
12. What Would You Say
13. Crush
14. The Riff
15. You and Me
16. Shake Me Like a Monkey
17. Ants Marching
18. call back
19. Christmas Song ^
20. Belly Belly Nice
21. All Along The Watchtower

^ Dave, Carter and Tim

In support Jimmy Cliff

Dave Matthews vocals, acoustic guitar
Tim Reynolds electric guitar
Stefan Lessard bass
Carter Beauford vocals, drums
Boyd Tinsley fiddle
Jeff Coffin saxophone, flute
Rashaw Ross horns

Special thanks to Crumbo for the the clamp space and ticket

Go see live music. This tape by fans for fans, never for sale. Support the artists by purchasing their official release and merchandise.

Checksums7333e8e6ccd8da62abece2c5eeb45b46 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V01.flac<br />
51693901018cb531c07b86679d6b8fe8 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V02.flac<br />
3c0316b047d172145d1e3d9c935de3f2 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V03.flac<br />
2a16f53c290d06eb8a9895169c4cb378 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V04.flac<br />
9dfadd84f0a5e57314d0c34a017e2d6d *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V05.flac<br />
8a82f16a871c18734311e5e96d886cde *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V06.flac<br />
982e524839cdf0c79afeb162888e37e6 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V07.flac<br />
616bf61aab0a36bd79370ca3c29c122c *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V08.flac<br />
fa8d361d805eb48841465956139c5057 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V09.flac<br />
7c8a3c982f599a00489e6b24daba21c7 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V10.flac<br />
b4fe56ffe771bfa3451e5fa81aadbd47 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V11.flac<br />
6572e0d7dc5b0be5205a529795682a3f *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V12.flac<br />
0fbaab6846f216351592ca065b909f1f *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V13.flac<br />
5ee1033bd277bd6f309472398bed150e *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V14.flac<br />
a8cb1b63749fa0def9a384cb63b99367 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V15.flac<br />
c8a55d0af00358adc2114e910d3df377 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V16.flac<br />
2136507c3e762159b00397ab8135d9fd *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V17.flac<br />
c53468a5be967fa00cbe3f0ae1110c92 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V18.flac<br />
54149a2eb2d3e12fc24f7795c3d9b49c *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V19.flac<br />
515bea0936767223463457fe04a7e2ab *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V20.flac<br />
af9f2c678c0277beca4078f58e69f6d3 *DMB2012-12-05_MK4V21.flac<br />
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DMB2012-12-05_MK4115.flac31.42 MBN/A
DMB2012-12-05_MK4116.flac22.78 MBN/A
DMB2012-12-05_MK4117.flac57.46 MBN/A
DMB2012-12-05_MK4118.flac48.36 MBN/A
DMB2012-12-05_MK4119.flac28.34 MBN/A
DMB2012-12-05_MK4120.flac22.47 MBN/A
DMB2012-12-05_MK4121.flac45.13 MBN/A
DMB2012-12-05_MK41_16bit.md51.3 kBN/A
DMB2012-12-05_MK41_16bit.txt1.3 kBN/A
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