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Showph1997-12-06 - *NEW* 2 Source Mix - Senn ME-67 & MG 210 -- 15 YEARS (and 1 Hour) Ago Today!
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Info hash649ef45a27fb78f2756ad1467b44ce87f1d2597c
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DescriptionPHiSH - 12/06/97
Palace of Auburn Hills
Auburn Hills, Michigan

This is a two source Aud Mix (AMX). The Sennheiser Source is far superior to any other AUD I've heard from this show,
but it lacks low end. Mixing it with the MG source gave a perfect mix of both worlds. I hope you enjoy this epic show
in a new, clearer format!

MIX: 50/50 - Audacity > Reaper > TLH > FLAC 8
Mixed by Dave Anderson danderson_nef[at]yahoo[dot]com

Source #1: AUD: Sennheiser ME-67 > DAT > Amadeus II > HD > xACT > SHN
Taper: Jason Wilhelm
Source #2: Microtech Geffel 210 > OADE M248 > SBM -1 > DA-P1
Transfer: Panasonic SV-3700 > HHB CDR-800 > CD > HD(via EAC) > Pro Tools 5.0 > WAV > SHN
Transfered by: Alsosprach & Mattstick

Torrent created with Azureus

Disc 1 (SET 1)

01. [05:08] Golgi Apparatus
02. [16:30] Run Like an Antelope
03. [02:43] Train Song
04. [12:35] Bathtub Gin->
05. [10:24] Foam
06. [05:03] Sample in a Jar
07. [05:48] Fee
08. [14:58] Maze
09. [04:41] Cavern

Disc 2 (SET 2)

01. [22:07] Tweezer* ->
02. [09:27] Izabella** ->
03. [07:22] Twist Around ->
04. [14:39] Piper ->
05. [05:58] Sleeping Monkey ->
06. [03:29] Tweezer Reprise
07. [02:09] Encore Break
08. [02:46] Rocky Top

*Trey teases the music from the the segue that comes out of "1983...(A Merman I Should Turn to Be)" (Jimi Hendrix).
*With the start/stop funk jam that repeatedly surfaced during the Fall Tour (may have oringinated in the 11-28-97 Worcester

Original seeder of the Senn Source wrote this: First torrent ever - please no yelling. I have a lot of DATS to share, be nice!

I got this show
in trade years ago and all it had for the source was Sennheiser ME-67. I have heard a few of the circulated sources and
think this one is much better so I thought I would get it out there.

The show itself is a gem without a doubt. Solid Set 1
with a great Antelope plus a SICK Bathtub > Foam transition. Set 2 = one of my favorite phish sets all together. Epic
Tweezer! Great version of Isabella!

97 FUNK!

Checksumsph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t01-Golgi Apparatus.flac:b5f596b8080cb0ad55dd768ac64d093c<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t02-Run Like An Antelope.flac:40718c21c30a703c7ef660fd26e54e5c<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t03-Train Song.flac:eee676116639c9d6c527286ada40fcee<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t04-Bathtub Gin.flac:aa871e67d5649e2056d066ca07f22789<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t05-Foam.flac:cce7c8e4162f5f27c36bbffb3478861f<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t06-Sample In A Jar.flac:f4fe4086fc7e378d8bd672cf2081ceef<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t07-Fee.flac:1cec0d699a8963e3d23abeb9c21fa6ac<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t08-Maze.flac:a3d3087f42bbd390f8c5fde0a400bd52<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t09-Cavern.flac:40958086b8a28ea5befd9c36aafcbf82<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t01-Tweezer.flac:9f3f974ac3be089276fd6c4cb41bf079<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t02-Izabella.flac:ce25e7f52b4822f60beff0b02c2e109b<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t03-Twist Around.flac:a7f96ab4fb7ebc28517fae83889494bd<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t04-Piper.flac:c53868bb63637c4cdc2405a077c7bf20<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t05-Sleeping Monkey.flac:59b824cd2da71957130d2aadd5debb43<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t06-Tweezer Reprise.flac:1c69ed53ee0655d78dfd668fdb3c7ebf<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t07-Encore Break.flac:eadd9fb138bf95206d4ae1d1df79914c<br />
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t08-Rocky Top.flac:b0847374ee346eb104a788caa8f36a8c<br />
<br />
No errors occured.<br />
<br />
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ph1997-12-06-AMX-INFO.txt2.0 kBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t01-Golgi Apparatus.flac31.78 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t02-Run Like An Antelope.flac101.32 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t03-Train Song.flac14.75 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t04-Bathtub Gin.flac76.38 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t05-Foam.flac61.69 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t06-Sample In A Jar.flac32.47 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t07-Fee.flac34.70 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t08-Maze.flac92.98 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s1t09-Cavern.flac30.83 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t01-Tweezer.flac135.11 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t02-Izabella.flac57.94 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t03-Twist Around.flac44.03 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t04-Piper.flac92.00 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t05-Sleeping Monkey.flac33.75 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t06-Tweezer Reprise.flac23.20 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t07-Encore Break.flac12.40 MBN/A
ph1997-12-06-AMX-s2t08-Rocky Top.flac17.18 MBN/A
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Canalman 2012-12-07 01:14:25
Sorry for the 8 million erroneous announcements... seemed like the torrent wasn't working so I kept trying to "fix" it. Enjoy...
jasonsobel 2012-12-07 05:48:09
I just added this to the etree database:
capt_chaos 2012-12-07 09:23:29
Wow, thanks, can't wait to give this a listen! One of my favorite shows for sure.
metawhy 2012-12-07 09:42:20
thanks a ton!!

didn't think another source would come out of this beauty!
jmitchell 2012-12-07 10:29:03

Phish Lossless Audio Sources Spreadsheet
Canalman 2012-12-07 10:43:46
I also upped the Raw Seen ME-67 Source here:
metawhy 2012-12-07 12:34:58
how did you sych these sources? I've been trying to get into this art form... I have a macbook. Do you have to do it manually, or is there a program that will synch without any time smear?

thanks for the source and the info
Canalman 2012-12-07 13:42:31
It takes a long time and some stupid math. lol! Shoot me an email I'll try and help you out.
twatts 2012-12-07 15:32:21
How does this sound??? I generally hate Multi-AUD Matrix' as they sound unnatural to me...

sprobeck 2012-12-07 16:47:48
Thanks a lot,
Pisces 2012-12-08 17:46:37
twatts 2012-12-09 00:35:29
Sorry to say... This one literally hurts my ears...

Canalman 2012-12-10 13:49:30
only complaint I've heard, remember what thumper says...
twatts 2012-12-10 14:37:04
It's not a complaint, its an observation... I apologize if I offend...
Canalman 2012-12-10 21:52:00
Not offended, really just a joke. :). The only thing I'd say is that a roundly negative comment like that doesn't give me anything to build on. Instead saying it hurts your ears, tell me why. I really enjoy doing these two-source mixes. Feedback, positive or negative is great--but it's much easier to swallow when someone leaves a constructive comment rather than a jab like that one.

That's all.
twatts 2012-12-10 23:01:45
LOL! OK, to be fair, here is my amateur assessment:

DB#31619 sounds great. It could probably have been recorded a little hotter, but it is a great tape.

DB#3211 sounds like it was taped from the back of OTS... It is too ambient for my ears, and really I don't find the low end an improvement over #31619...

I've briefly compared Train Song and Izabella on several different Sources, and I honestly think #3211 is NOT one of the better ones... I really prefer #111050 over all of them. That one is sublime...

As for your tape, I'm not sure mixing #3211 would be an improvement on #31619, which I said was already a great tape. I could see if it added more "ambience", but on your tape I can't hear how it adds anything. Instead, I'm bowled over but really high levels - did you Normalize and/or use Compression??? Its just really "shrill" to my ears... Too "in your face"... It has lost all the subtleties of the room... IMO...

digs5446 2012-12-11 16:59:26
was just gonna say, that #111050 source that popped up a year ago or whatever is amazing.

One of the most incredible sounding arena OTS pulls of phish that i've heard in terms of not feeling the desire to tweak the EQ at ALL.
geewiz010 2012-12-24 17:17:53
I also like #111050...but the 210 souce, #113774 is probably my favorite.
geewiz010 2012-12-24 17:18:45
Maybe's close though...

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