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Showph1997-12-06 Senn ME-67 **PREVIOUSLY HARD TO FIND SOURCE**
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Torrentph1997-12-06-SEN.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash7a159bb2c89fa614d6b3624f2e9465a55f638a27
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DescriptionPHISH 12-06-97 The Palace, Auburn Hills, MI

Source: AUD: Sennheiser ME-67 > DAT > Amadeus II > HD > xACT > SHN

Torrent created with Azureus

Disc 1 (SET 1)

01. Golgi Apparatus
02. Run Like an Antelope
03. Train Song
04. Bathtub Gin->
05. Foam
06. Sample in a Jar
07. Fee
08. Maze
09. Cavern

Disc 2 (SET 2)

01. Tweezer* ->
02. Izabella** ->
03. Twist ->
04. Piper ->
05. Sleeping Monkey ->
06. Tweezer Reprise
07.Rocky Top

*Trey teases the music from the the segue that comes out of "1983...(A Merman I Should Turn to Be)" (Jimi Hendrix). *With the start/stop funk jam that repeatedly surfaced during the Fall Tour (may have oringinated in the 11-28-97 Worcester "Ghost").

Original seeder wrote this: First torrent ever - please no yelling. I have a lot of DATS to share, be nice!

I got this show in trade years ago and all it had for the source was Sennheiser ME-67. I have heard a few of the circulated sources and think this one is much better so I thought I would get it out there.

The show itself is a gem without a doubt. Solid Set 1 with a great Antelope plus a SICK Bathtub > Foam transition. Set 2 = one of my favorite phish sets all together. Epic Tweezer! Great version of Isabella!

97 FUNK!

Checksumsph1997-12-06d1t01.flac:9b5249264a8d9f9e80d02312c0e43fa4<br />
ph1997-12-06d1t02.flac:75efd04af808cbf5ca7bfdc80e801419<br />
ph1997-12-06d1t03.flac:d664249796ca67647eb772783808eba0<br />
ph1997-12-06d1t04.flac:4a0f0469ecb13f45e4e89fdcdfbc60c1<br />
ph1997-12-06d1t05.flac:094ed16b557d88cf37c89788883a9aa5<br />
ph1997-12-06d1t06.flac:b793016282cc35da1480abc833c6c234<br />
ph1997-12-06d1t07.flac:020a5a73c34329d20c381001ac66bc75<br />
ph1997-12-06d1t08.flac:24c6fe4dd32c09a7dad1e4578b50f8e3<br />
ph1997-12-06d1t09.flac:3b6019cfb8fd8ca30e4b30854ab625e5<br />
ph1997-12-06d2t01.flac:06cfaf237ad02253ea22b604e407df91<br />
ph1997-12-06d2t02.flac:9926035343d215378357fa47e6566975<br />
ph1997-12-06d2t03.flac:8037456b22dcd0aaa246973ff9324841<br />
ph1997-12-06d2t04.flac:bae84b445a5c52d4b57a06f5f252ec8c<br />
ph1997-12-06d2t05.flac:718d817199f62407ce4f387186cba760<br />
ph1997-12-06d2t06.flac:d0e503b395a48ebeaf393c5f58d92f69<br />
ph1997-12-06d2t07.flac:6b26473bbeac3eae0a15e85d7723d0a1<br />
<br />
No errors occured.<br />
<br />
Last seederLast activity 71 days, 16:45:21 ago
Size693.40 MB (727082075 Bytes)
Added2012-12-07 08:55:58
Snatched101 times
Upped byCanalman
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jmitchell 2012-12-07 10:29:18

Phish Lossless Audio Sources Spreadsheet
Canalman 2012-12-07 10:44:41
A two source mix of this with the MG 210 source is located here:
jmitchell 2012-12-07 11:09:24
Is this just a flac'd version of the older seed ? You posted that this was a new source to circulation, but the only difference in this seed and 31619 is that it is flac'd and the ffps.
twatts 2012-12-07 11:23:17
Is this a new Source, or is it #31619???

Canalman 2012-12-07 14:54:01
I guess I made an error there. I thought that since there was no torrent associated with it and judging from the fact that I had to hunt for months to finally get my hands on it. I knew the source was listed, but I guess I figured it was uncirculated. My apologies for the confusion.
Canalman 2012-12-07 14:58:27
Titled edit'd
twatts 2012-12-07 15:34:07
Canalman, do you still have the Original SHNs??? I'd like to get a copy of that if possible...

twatts 2012-12-09 00:51:20
Thanks for unearthing this very rare Tape! Indeed it is one of the better Sources from this date!

twatts 2012-12-11 00:54:26
I can confirm that this is a properly Fixed FLAC version of #31619...

tethead 2012-12-19 17:56:59
Glad to grab a FLAC version of this source - thanks for seeding!
geewiz010 2012-12-24 17:13:21
Thanks for this!

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