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Torrentshock2012-11-24.dr40.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash4edf3cc7a39b6dbe293d57e3d81f0b1463d56674
DescriptionShockenaw Mountain Boys
The Living Room @ Sherman Theater, Stroudsburg, PA

Source: Tascam DR-40 (internal mics, x-y pattern) > wav (16/44)
Transfer: wav (16/44) > Audacity 1.3 (trim, fades, normalize) > CD Wave Editor 1.98 (track splits) > TLH > flac
by tom
location: 15 feet from stage, 3 ft to the left of center, 7 ft high

Set I
01 soundcheck / tuning
02 Shenandoah Breakdown
03 Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
04 Young Wesley
05 Fly High
06 Cold Missouri Waters
07 I Don't Want Your Millions Mister
08 All Around The World
09 Christmas Time's A Comin'
10 fiddle tune medley: Cuckoo's Nest > Leather Britches > Drowsy Maggie

Set II
11 tuning
12 This Blue Earth
13 Flowers Between The Stones
14 Shockenaw Mountain Breakdown

Tim Carbone: fiddle, guitar, vocal
Andy Goessling: guitar, banjo, whistle, vocal
John Skehan: mandolin
Andrew Altman: bass, vocal
Damian Calcagne; accordion

This show was part of Railroad Earth's Horn-O-Plenty Getaway 2012
Show ran from approx 3 to 4:30 PM
Checksumsshock2012-11-24s1t01.flac:4e34cef94c742373eca0948f9014e15f<br />
shock2012-11-24s1t02.flac:801d94c1ca4859c4fda283a6a1a49d67<br />
shock2012-11-24s1t03.flac:d0c32a3729c987cb90208dbc76e2ca89<br />
shock2012-11-24s1t04.flac:0ce220feee0d9761f8a177e39811cb7e<br />
shock2012-11-24s1t05.flac:94632e38c4be9f6e569935272ec03ac3<br />
shock2012-11-24s1t06.flac:81cf6d0076a50c7f20b2abfa93e4ab5b<br />
shock2012-11-24s1t07.flac:6e3416bc20e23d8561e9941416b15950<br />
shock2012-11-24s1t08.flac:7674dde8681cbc90e845c2afe02662bb<br />
shock2012-11-24s1t09.flac:8ea5d639efba676c82e54d6d21875cb0<br />
shock2012-11-24s1t10.flac:cfa27efc9d2a7779724eb76bc5930314<br />
shock2012-11-24s2t01.flac:1cc18852155ef441de0a1763aba5ed44<br />
shock2012-11-24s2t02.flac:a0f4fc37e3c761f144419246a201401a<br />
shock2012-11-24s2t03.flac:97f2926f98a42b6b7b61e7df9ce4922e<br />
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shock2012-11-24.dr40.flac16.ffp840 BN/A
shock2012-11-24.dr40.flac16.md5854 BN/A
shock2012-11-24.dr40.flac16.shntool_len.txt1.4 kBN/A
shock2012-11-24.txt1.0 kBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t01.flac31.43 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t02.flac18.12 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t03.flac14.86 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t04.flac20.75 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t05.flac26.31 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t06.flac30.12 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t07.flac24.02 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t08.flac18.97 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t09.flac13.58 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s1t10.flac44.34 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s2t01.flac8.28 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s2t02.flac38.85 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s2t03.flac32.00 MBN/A
shock2012-11-24s2t04.flac15.14 MBN/A
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tomp99 2012-12-10 06:43:05
I had some connectivity problems that lasted through Sunday afternoon. Thanks to those who stuck with the torrent.
tomp99 2012-12-24 12:02:33
this file set was added to the live music archive

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