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ArtistChris Robinson
ShowCRB-El Rey thr. Los Angeles -11-7-12
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DescriptionChris Robinson Brotherhood
Live at the El Rey Theater
Los Angeles, Ca 12-7-12
2x AKG 414's(Hypers)-V3-Dr-680
1x Akg 214 (fixed Cardiod Version of 414)-Busman Mod'd Dr-680
Hypers ran approximately 65 degree spread
and Cardiod (214) ran down the center.
3 Mic. Mix done in post using Wavelab and Waves S-1 Imager Plugin for stereo mix and Apogge uvhr22 for dither.

1.Try Rock & Roll (Frank Motley cover)
2.Tomorrow Blues
3.Mother of Stone (Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud cover)
4.Star or Stone
5.Brown-Eyed Women (Grateful Dead cover)
6.Tornado (The Black Crowes cover)
7.Tough Mama (Bob Dylan cover)
8. Little Lizzie Mae (The Black Crowes cover)
Second Set
10.I'm Ready (Muddy Waters cover)
11.Meanwhile In The Gods
12.100 Days Of Rain
13.Someday Past the Sunset
14.Sunday Sound (Chris Robinson song)
15.Vibration & Light Suite
16. Ride(Chris Robinson & The New Earth Mud cover)
18.Badlands Here We Come
Checksums55e6c643a64f84c77725dc11b4c61388 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S1-T01.flac<br />
513e98cdde3fa800bc496d938de104ad *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S1-T02.flac<br />
cca5d897d146410862e9679413eee3ef *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S1-T03.flac<br />
8123e75e2d0fe0bf9957e40d97a57782 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S1-T04.flac<br />
f69f579a127294e1c8a1d8b0fff03d7b *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S1-T05.flac<br />
67b3807dc12e7715bc67b3ec015ba22f *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S1-T06.flac<br />
d7a47c6a52d136e985c3f1eef3843c1e *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S1-T07.flac<br />
7c815359b2dda8c38c80303c92e30f85 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S1-T08.flac<br />
78ad139986a18a34a1f3f383d5f1b1d3 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S1-T09.flac<br />
12ebc07ed3bd09178fb40fe726f64a58 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T10.flac<br />
f95a8bfd21b425bc17e5ec3f3b52b8a8 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T11.flac<br />
e3363cabf842944eeeba8efdf59e18be *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T12.flac<br />
a39a5e93247e01d2381194da6ca72612 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T13.flac<br />
fffb8dd6ef3230ba8954154b72253db8 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T14.flac<br />
9960b0c4ce8c0733f49b9b38e6bd04d7 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T15.flac<br />
bf5e7991a0f98f4efc2d1c3c3a7932c9 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T16.flac<br />
04fae98819ff48317427a8957160f997 *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T17.flac<br />
71ba61a0b7881da2bec34cb02bb141fe *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T18.flac<br />
cd47c5e9ec92afed01db1ce98b1b0d5b *CRB-ElRey-LACA-120712-S2-T19.flac<br />
TypeChris Robinson
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greazychicken 2012-12-09 03:48:19
thank you very much :)
jerome70 2012-12-09 09:40:58
nope i could be wrong,but it's I'm Ready-a version
originally Recorded by Fats Domino,written by Durand King,not even the same as little richard's or the willie dixon version made poplular by muddy waters that you refer to...thanks foe recording!
drivingwheel 2012-12-09 11:53:59

Nitpicking, I guess...but if you're gonna list Mother of Stone as a 'NEM' cover, then I guess Someday Past The Sunset would be a 'NEM cover', as least as far as Little Lizzie Mae being TBC cover, ya know??

I'm just a wiseass - thanks again for sharing!!
sprobeck 2012-12-09 17:59:13
GreenCrow 2012-12-10 13:16:31
Thanks for sharing!!

Cheers GreenCrow
3po1nt0 2012-12-11 16:50:24
thank you very much for taping and sharing this concert, i had to leave the show early at the first notes of rosalee - looking forward to hearing the last three songs
seth01 2012-12-20 21:03:46
Thank you.
datpat 2012-12-31 20:07:15
I don't generate the set lists. I get them of of usually. So i don't have any input on how the labeled. It's funny though because people will debate anything.
Muddy123 2013-06-08 22:18:29
Thank you, bro!!

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