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ShowDangermuffin - 2012.12.07 - Asheville, NC - Asheville Music Hall (matrix)
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Asheville Music Hall
Asheville, NC

LIVE (matrix):

Source 1: SBD > Tascam 680 (24/48)

Source 2: AKG CK 1X (onstage, ~DIN, DFC, ~2' high) > GAKable/Naiant PFA > Lunatec V2 > Tascam 680 (24/48)

HOME: 680 > Audacity (align, levels, tracking, fades, flac encoding (24 bit), dither/resample (16 bit) > xACT (fix SBE/flac encoding (16 bit), ffp)

01. Battle *
02. No Redemption **
03. Free Man ***
04. Walk Into the Wind
05. Cradle of the Beach
06. Big Suit
07. Homestead
08. Rattle That Cage
09. Small Axe ^
10. Moonscapes ^

* Source 2 only, left track mono
** Source 2 only, right track fades in ~00:40
*** Source 1 fades in at ~03:00
^ w/ Ward Bruckheister & Rusty Cole (Sol Driven Train)

RECORDING NOTES: Lots of issues to start off this set. Came down to lack of back up cables and adapters. Had to use RCA out of the V2
since I was using my one set of XLRs to get the mic feed onstage from the soundboard to the 680. Apparently I had lost one
of my 1/4" TS adapters for the RCA to plug into the 680 so tried a TRS adapter. No go. Decide to just use my one TS adapter to get
at least one good channel from onstage. Then realized the SBD mix is 90% mono anyway, so pull one of the TS adapters from the
soundboard feed to get the second onstage channel. Onstage is now up and running. New problem, the one board feed channel looks
a little funny. Check the connection and its not stable at all. The XLR adapter didn't couple well, and turned out to be pure buzzing
until I giggled it a bit, then it smoothed out. Note to self, buy more cables and adapters.

ChecksumsDangermuffin2012.12.07track01.flac:f482d38f2fae010fbdf757e787a9c374<br />
Dangermuffin2012.12.07track02.flac:3a43a9a23f7c7c96b8207ed4956b80cc<br />
Dangermuffin2012.12.07track03.flac:c8d775bf1804b28df4515daa77d306d2<br />
Dangermuffin2012.12.07track04.flac:10be7e8f8f06b18113c48c4ecf71b0c4<br />
Dangermuffin2012.12.07track05.flac:8e1013c438f9361d0c0776639126ac99<br />
Dangermuffin2012.12.07track06.flac:f1d86216f9baf223de88eab47edbbeed<br />
Dangermuffin2012.12.07track07.flac:9bb0661ab51efe25d59f4aeef159b0ef<br />
Dangermuffin2012.12.07track08.flac:37f0e50b418afbb071e3d0420ed81cb0<br />
Dangermuffin2012.12.07track09.flac:5201e6a68bc20a976cdd8ebe781ea325<br />
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