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ArtistMax Creek
ShowMax Creek - 12/8/12 - The Cavern Club @ Hard Rock Cafe - Boston, MA (16/44.1)
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Torrentmc2012-12-08.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashfbb9f9646f438b7638eb35026471785f1d2d1fa3
DescriptionMax Creek
Saturday December 8, 2012
The Cavern Club @ Hard Rock Cafe
Boston, MA

Source: FOB Oktava MK012s > Warm Mod Edirol UA5 > S/PDIF > Edirol R44 (WAV 24bit/96k)
Transfer: Edirol R44 > USB > PC - Sound Forge 9 (24bit>16bit, 96k>44.1k) > WAV > FLAC

Taped By: Mike Nichols

Set One

1. She's Here > (16:47)
2. Ophelia (8:23)
3. Dream (5:36)
4. Jones > (15:15)
5. Old Stones, Broken Bones (11:09)
6. "Take Five" Jam > (1:00)
7. I Will Always See Your Face > (13:08)
8. Cities (6:44)

Set Two

1. Cocaine Lady > (14:26)
2. Kangaroo (9:58)
3. Don't Do It > (7:17)
4. Bass/Drums > Drums > (9:05)
5. Sweet Wanomi (5:07)
6. You Let Me Down Again (10:05)


7. Talk/Crowd (2:58)
8. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad (11:18)


With Ian and Jordan Murawski on addt'l percussion for the whole show.
The club wouldn't let them in because they were under 21 so they were made a part of the band.

Checksums1584525739373a442f4b143c7e8f386d *mc2012-12-08s1t1.flac
a979da9f459a9c1e7da6d4d7d8793c6f *mc2012-12-08s1t2.flac
fa718fc436323ccffea3052ce3e649af *mc2012-12-08s1t3.flac
828ac0d0a37e7f55b6fa21ce76892b89 *mc2012-12-08s1t4.flac
98f0052f6cbd196edc8130952c9e5d62 *mc2012-12-08s1t5.flac
2204744af6e0709dda6e25324820e838 *mc2012-12-08s1t6.flac
5a1acf22b489b8e85eeba136944b5568 *mc2012-12-08s1t7.flac
560a63f456c24c193742c1b095635d87 *mc2012-12-08s1t8.flac
01bd44349d20adac75328de0dbf19225 *mc2012-12-08s2t1.flac
38330bef858408cecafe75dde5458696 *mc2012-12-08s2t2.flac
79f565533ebb0405801dcd95ed77fc60 *mc2012-12-08s2t3.flac
2157f45c214dc63b83d1857b4caafcce *mc2012-12-08s2t4.flac
bfeec2b0ae76a7f0eec6692e3a36e0fc *mc2012-12-08s2t5.flac
11535d7441113e8a95080ab8cebf0fd3 *mc2012-12-08s2t6.flac
6aacd97f22de9943b10ce65fcb4d9d02 *mc2012-12-08s2t7.flac
bf6a8325bb5f6d8956b9a08451a6b3c4 *mc2012-12-08s2t8.flac
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mc2012-12-08s2t3.flac36.41 MBN/A
mc2012-12-08s2t4.flac44.05 MBN/A
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zmanatl 2012-12-09 19:42:33
Nice Mike! No idea u were coming up.
phunkyzen 2012-12-09 20:23:45
I try to get to as many creek shows as i can within a few hour radius.

looks like you caught a good dso show in lowell

mid show eats was the southwestern spring rolls

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