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ArtistJohn Cowan Band
ShowJohn Cowan Band with Vassar Clements - 2004-07-04 - Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, Garrestsville, OH (SBD)
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Torrentcowanclements2004-07-04.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hashb30157cf73064ae2dcfa8480e8f37919675d63e0
DescriptionJohn Cowan Band with Vassar Clements
Nelson Ledges Quarry Park
Garrestsville, OH

Source: SBD > analog cable > Creative Nomad JB3 @ 44.1
Transfer: JB3 > Cool Edit Pro (fades) > CDWave > flac

taped and transfered by Kevin Kistler

Playtime: 1:18:29

01. intro/tuning
02. Kissimmee Kid
03. Four Days of Rain
04. Makin' Music Macon Georgia Style
05. White Room >
06. bass solo >
07. Shenandoah Breakdown
08. ???
09. Please Call Home
10. Good Old Quarry Blues
11. Orange Blossom Special
12. Jesus Gave Me Water
13. Carla's Got A New Tattoo
14. Breakaway
15. ???
16. Callin' Baton Rouge
Checksumscowanclements2004-07-04d1t01.flac:7b92465013493a15699b5d77c038dbc4<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t02.flac:71e6fa4bec54437b6f01d638c1394886<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t03.flac:fbc477ec4fc7bcd3055566971b22d3be<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t04.flac:0cfe3b3b8468dd6c7750784df3a5a4ec<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t05.flac:e4ef096044c023774b31b69e595927dd<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t06.flac:2aa36381e797213defb6343363a34d06<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t07.flac:429c78d99a8a13da21de33f785853129<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t08.flac:c6c4a7b0c894c196107b3dc5eeca1877<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t09.flac:01332ba8e0f095ce6d0198e2d4345d30<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t10.flac:0e31e624a4a2c7bae61dcaf087a5b0f0<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t11.flac:f0af8bfd65ea764b07e38533fea94666<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t12.flac:fc994fb6d67e57914702415d45540b39<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t13.flac:821661743e1b06c72afcc2cbd78c220b<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t14.flac:eb411a73633d1472e76bc2f5ce60def5<br />
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t15.flac:a1aefb39c50de1ba0d6a95ab39ba3cef<br />
TypeJohn Cowan Band
Last seederLast activity 25 days, 15:30:51 ago
Size420.36 MB (440783411 Bytes)
Added2012-12-10 05:11:53
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cowanclements2004-07-04d1t07.flac58.09 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t05.flac41.47 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t13.flac38.85 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t09.flac31.75 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t16.flac27.44 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t02.flac26.40 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t14.flac26.34 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t12.flac25.65 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t03.flac23.69 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t10.flac23.46 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t15.flac21.79 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t11.flac21.75 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t04.flac21.04 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t08.flac20.35 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t06.flac9.95 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04d1t01.flac2.31 MBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04.flac16.ffp1.1 kBN/A
cowanclements2004-07-04.txt641 BN/A
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ccole 2012-12-10 05:12:38
Previous uplaod was mislabeled 2004-07-17
Freeborn_Man 2012-12-10 07:00:19
great stuff! thanks. was just listening to jc w/ pasi and jk gulley. such sweet sounding music. I put it on after listening to ymsb and what am immense difference in talent the old guard still has! Love those white rooms w/ vassar.
bigdaddybflo 2012-12-10 09:09:25
Nice work Kevin ! Yinzers did it well. Thanks for the love. sure do miss Vassar...
zmanatl 2012-12-10 10:53:53
Nice work Chad! How did you end up
With this?
porvida 2012-12-10 11:01:35
Thanks a lot!
Freeborn_Man 2012-12-10 16:21:25
just might have to dig into those jcb archives a bit furhter.
indydarkstar 2012-12-10 20:02:43
thanks,love me some JC
Luckymudster 2012-12-11 11:13:22
Vassar? I'm in! I don't know John Cowan Band, but if Vassar is playing I'm confident I'll like it! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!
JennaF 2012-12-11 15:33:28
John Cowan was the bass player/vocalist (extraordinaire) for the New Grass Revival
skevap 2012-12-11 17:48:50
Been looking to replace a Duckbutter sbd from 98 tht was taped by Dirk. My disk 1 got damaged beyond repair.

Does anyone have it to seed?
gomero blanco 2012-12-13 17:18:07
someone has to have Hillbilly Funk All Stars with Vassar from the Brandyhouse in atlanta. around 99.

Thanks for this.

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