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ShowThe Last Waltz Revisited ft. 40+ Colorado Musicians 2012-11-21 Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO *FOB/MC803*
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Info hash13b3496272c6f50d49ed8996b0e993d36ef2ee50
DescriptionThe Last Waltz Revisited
Ogden Theatre
Denver, CO

source: (FOB/DFC/DIN)Beyerdynamic MC803 > dmod UA-5 > R-09
lineage: R-09 > PC > Wavelab > CD Wav > TLH > .flac > tagged in foobar2000

taped, transferred, mastered and uploaded by Corey/KIND Recordings

~Set O~

01. Alice's Restaurant

~Set I~

01. Intro Music
02. Up On Cripple Creek
03. Life Is A Carnival
04. Further On Up the Road
05. Forever Young
06. Mannish Boy
07. Down South In New Orleans
08. Evangeline
09. Mystery Train
10. Rag Mama Rag
11. The Shape I'm In
12. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
13. Atlantic City
14. Caravan
15. The Weight

~Set II~

01. Who Do You Love?
02. This Wheel's On Fire
03. It Makes No Difference
04. Slippin' and Slidin'
05. Coyote
06. Stage Fright
07. Dry Your Eyes
08. Get Up Jake
09. Chest Fever
10. Don't Do It
11. Tura Lura Lurai
12. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
13. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
14. Helpless
15. Ophelia
16. Such A Night
17. I Shall Be Released

Buck Perigo opener - "Alice's Restaurant"

CR Gruver, piano/organ/vocals
Tori Pater, stunt guitar/vocals

SET I: Andy Clapp, Chris Sheldon
SET II: Tom Piercy, Jake Wolf

SET I: Michael "Spanky" McCluer, John Qualley, Brian Adams
SET II: Edwin Hurwitz, "Fleeb" Keith Thomas, Jonathan Meadows

Scott Handler, trumpet
Kevin Buchanan, trombone
Darren DeLaup, tuba
Jeremy Wendelin, tenor/soprano saxophone
Paul "Dr. Poz" Cohen, tenor/soprano sax
Pete Wall, tenor/soprano sax

Buck Perigo - guitar/vocals
Adam Kilgus - guitar/vocals?
Peter Stelling - guitar/vocals
Jessica Goodkin - vocals
Christie "CC" Chambers - vocals
Aaron Rose - vocals
Ted Tilton - keys/vocals
Mike Studeny - harmonica/vocals
Bridget Law - violin?/vocals
Ethan Ice - keys
Micah Guy - vocals
Robbie Peoples - hamonica/vocals
Josh Elioseff - harmonica/vocals
Patrick Latella - guitar
Paul Murin - guitar/vocals
Trevor Jones - guitar/vocals
Damon Wood - guitar
Cheyenne Kowal - vocals
Marcy Baruch - guitar/vocals
Dan Walker - guitar/vocals
Tanya Shylock - vocals
James Dumm - guitar
Zach Daniels - banjo
Miles Guzman - harmonica/vocals
Evan Sitchler - guitar/vocalsr
Dewey Moffit - guitar/vocals
Adam Hill - guitar/vocals

David Tash
Checksums9f7b940e6566a9423e010ca7c07b40cf *lastwaltz2012-11-21s0t01.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
1ec0a237b9f3cda5fdbb1edf13a475eb *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t01.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
98577ca41e6a2fad03580f86a758aaf2 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t02.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
6674bb212a52a16eb8ea1f7a627f8b71 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t03.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
486453f38a8276e88b3195abd47882b4 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t04.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
9ead592d7689956a892386e8095de3e5 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t05.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
dd28e7724218a500b0e5bc3f28ff7cdd *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t06.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
664b83dd401c49723bacf8f100e252c3 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t07.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
e58f60a8c8823d3cb06162090736934f *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t08.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
afa5c5a131980d45c6061da9b33737ae *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t09.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
a567c334982e215ec569990888f650b3 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t10.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
463687e5e0f7f7091215fa6aea943583 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t11.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
4c7e76f9a17bf888c34268ff440f7e06 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t12.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
be89a489d3538ddad0cbdb55915477f7 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t13.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
bef5ddf6d56aadc8a5ae8c1d2b7a642e *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t14.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
39e3e85f3fd6a8941e487cef2e0c9858 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s1t15.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
9de878352747016327b1ff47d263a17c *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t01.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
522c971a30903bfeee47145dba2839c4 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t02.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
f01b09d2e1669419a51507c80529426f *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t03.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
52f53a4f28f5b1c228b4a421dda30dda *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t04.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
96d9fbfd533336812a37b22d9e3ed8f0 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t05.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
61410ba840608b79c7958a6f2d4921b0 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t06.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
5c702ffab7da8809860483b81e93879c *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t07.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
13b8c4cc8dc63c8355d9e6b262b886e3 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t08.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
76e4a8399ee84ad64eebc119a29d2e58 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t09.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
06be51026fbb1d4bc549edb572c5e050 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t10.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
007f75d383c1a7de4fbb79be3f473dce *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t11.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
343bd02b11377847563d9aefa481f205 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t12.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
9ec412e7a491f22b02172a8d6897b4cf *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t13.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
7644bea31a0a3df54865751658ed9860 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t14.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
d5d58f882a71d68d468e615c5f9ed12d *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t15.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
6e19b45a58dd8809837223c70d508200 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t16.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
0ad8c9a8419c007f356b5cc57db24b31 *lastwaltz2012-11-21s2t17.fob.mc803.kindrec.flac
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oldjembo 2012-12-12 02:59:30
Interesting stuff. Thanks

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