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ArtistString Cheese Incident
ShowSCI 1996 (unconfirmed date) Boulder, CO [sbd with tags]
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Torrentsci1996-00-00.sbd.cdr.flac16t-Boulder, CO.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash4b1a36a11bf456506fbbbb0bc94c887d717380ff
1996 Winter/Spring
Boulder Theater
Boulder, CO

Disc 1 41:17.02]
01 ... Chili Dawg [postsong Kang: " that's Kyle from Dirt. He'll Be joining us through the evening. ..."]
02 Black Clouds [presong count off 1,2 1,2,3,4]
03 Lester Had A Coconut
04 Resume Man [during start of song Keith: "This is a true story about a fellow we met in Moad. ...]
05 Whiskey Before Breakfast [during start of song Billy: "Yee Haa"]
06 Rhum & Zouc/drums >
07 Texas [during start of song Kang: "Salsa"]

Disc 2 [49:41.29]
01 ... The Chicken
02 /e/ Bigger Isn't Better ([Billy: "How about a hand for Prasana on the sax and Kyle from Dirt sitting in on keys" Kang: I have to share something /e/"
03 Elvis' Wild Ride [Kang: "That's Michael Travis on the Djembac"]
04 Mauna Bowa
05 Walk This Way [presong feedback/"were gonna do a little song that Keith wrote now."] [postsong Keith: "Just like 8th grade for me" Kang: "Takes you right back there doesn't it"]
06 Lonesome Fiddle Blues [presong feedback]
07 The Road Home [Keith: "Yessiree. Hey Thanks everybody for coming to see us tonight. We didn't know. Everytime we play it seems to snow. Has anyone else noticed that?. The last couple of times we be up the street at the Fox, its snowed and stuff. I don't get it."
08 Lands End// [during start of song "Christian (Teal?) This is your call, your song"]

Playing in the Band:
Bill Nershi - guitar, vocals
Michael Kang - mandolin, fiddle, vocals
Keith Mosley - bass, vocals
Michael Travis - percussions, drums
Kyle Hollingsworth - keyboards
Prassana on alto sax
Christian (Teal?) - percussions

Source: SBD > ? > CDR
Extration: CDR > EAC (fullwave) > CDWAvE (retracking) > .wav > TLH > .flac16
DISKS LABELED 06-APR-1996 (not valid as SCI was playing Crested Butte)
Friends of has a show listed as 08-FEB-1996 at the Boulder Theater

Checksumssci1996-00-00sbd1t01.flac:df85289afbe0006f8770c3423dff1754<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd1t02.flac:26da6bc493e5ab3e52582825a0bc8596<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd1t03.flac:eeb9a437e1e6a3866ee3c10dd4d74a8e<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd1t04.flac:5cee8025c77fc5a7ee18f7f9696ebdd4<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd1t05.flac:b2feb65a06ca8f900aa4032cab456ace<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd1t06.flac:eb515b32c3d606772e014667a715fd83<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd1t07.flac:cc7015237efdfd5c6b0d9bab283e5e71<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd2t01.flac:2eb4614b14921529f7372eb93b1f19b0<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd2t02.flac:ef0ccd5ee58319d0c6a0e5c510ac8130<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd2t03.flac:71a29aa77ca37133d979a47a0dc961b0<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd2t04.flac:afdce9e826e3fba5f02086afe185708b<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd2t05.flac:44a4658831acdb46e4341b47c55f33f8<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd2t06.flac:7240b87a2b945c50a1d6f3ca291e6798<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd2t07.flac:c020f8c527dd4daeb22cc0de826ef478<br />
sci1996-00-00sbd2t08.flac:4df21647f6e8445aec3798eadbe164a9<br />
TypeString Cheese Incident
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PapaJ0hn 2012-12-11 21:51:18
I would appreciate it if anyone can confirm an actually show date.
mr_eman 2012-12-12 00:21:15
Great now I won't be able to rest until I find this tape. I think I had it labeled 10-6-96 (early snow?) Kyle from DURT (I dig Durt!) Opened for Zestfinger (featuring Dave Watts and Jon Gray). My first Cheese!
I'm pretty sure I transferred this and thought I Archived it but I guess not. I'll keep looking. Very good chance of finding it eventually.
maridoos 2012-12-13 11:51:03
2/6 & 2/8 are the Boulder shows that are missing setlists on here:
maridoos 2012-12-13 11:53:49
I guess it's gotta be 2/8/96 since the 6th was at the Fox. Duh me.
kindmeow 2013-12-14 03:38:52
thank you for the kind share

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