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Info hash85518038a3a7cf556de6b331552dcb3799c80eae
Brooklyn Bowl

Source: AKG393's->Edirol R44
Transfer: CD Wave Editor->TLH
Mastered by Rick Duro
Transfer and upload by Frank D'Auria

John Popper (Blues Traveler)-Harmonica, vocals
Rene Lopez- (The Authority,go see his new band Rene Lopez Band)-percussion, vocals, acoustic guitar
Eric Schenckman (Spin Doctors)- lead guitar
Mark White (Spin Doctors)- Bass
Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors)- Drums
Eric Lawrence- Sax-(has played w/ many, including Levon Helm's band)
ChecksumsWASABI12-9-12s1t01.flac:f805bfc5e8679cbf7302e106e92d5c69<br />
WASABI12-9-12s1t02.flac:a2c3aedc682aec2c76d4d82067b2d800<br />
WASABI12-9-12s1t03.flac:847367cb6522079639aba95c082da7ff<br />
WASABI12-9-12s1t04.flac:324000ae0f67d5bff93dac00299db95a<br />
WASABI12-9-12s1t05.flac:dcf4a3de07014474fbf0e871bd26be51<br />
WASABI12-9-12s1t06.flac:f5e610e010567dbda4d7ffa0255e71ef<br />
WASABI12-9-12s1t07.flac:5beebee2b35dc1b4e17a4e6af7ad5978<br />
WASABI12-9-12s1t08.flac:717e836e503980079274d399449cc003<br />
WASABI12-9-12s2t01.flac:00625d7f37572d223cbdc62111d1fac9<br />
WASABI12-9-12s2t02.flac:660bc2224bd0def0f7fb41bf466408c2<br />
WASABI12-9-12s2t03.flac:8d679001adce0fbb33bd9ed349088751<br />
WASABI12-9-12s2t04.flac:db231e8483ac10d11abc7efb8497553b<br />
WASABI12-9-12s2t05.flac:1fd05bfa73df784aa1d04e4ce0740a83<br />
WASABI12-9-12s2t06.flac:33d2c8d818e17e61b2f5dbe57e0929ea<br />
WASABI12-9-12s2t07.flac:666481f8ff01a8ea1919e0d79a186c42<br />
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WASABI12-9-12s1t06.flac44.83 MBN/A
WASABI12-9-12s1t02.flac38.31 MBN/A
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WASABI12-9-12s1t07.flac23.92 MBN/A
WASABI12-9-12s1t01.flac12.93 MBN/A
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Add a comment 2012-12-12 16:52:30
Many Thanks to Frankie Bones for getting this up on etree for me!!

This was the first Wasabi gig since 2.27.94 @ Wetlands and was part of a celebration of the life of the founder of the Wetlands Preserve, Larry Bloch, who passed away recently.

If you don't know who Wasabi are:

John Popper (Blues Traveler)-Harmonica, vocals
Rene Lopez- (The Authority)-percussion, vocals, acoustic guitar
Eric Schenckman (Spin Doctors)- lead guitar
Mark White (Spin Doctors)- Bass
Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors)- Drums
Eric Lawrence- (has played w/ many, including Levon Helm's band)

The set is mostly improvisational, which is the nature of the band.


tapejunkie 2012-12-12 17:09:18
Thanks 2012-12-12 17:34:37
The only original member of the band not there is one that is responsible for teaching some of these guys how to play live @ NYC gigs over the years: ARNIE LAWRENCE (sax), he passed away a few years ago.

Without Arnie there would be NO Blues Traveler, thus no HORDE festival, and the jamband scene wouldn't have been the same.

the_lobstar 2012-12-12 18:25:16
thank you!
zmanatl 2012-12-12 21:18:56
Nice work Rick and FRANKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
caravaggio1600 2012-12-13 00:31:26
rd420 thx for that info, I did not know that. I went to Horde at GSAC, NJ in 1992. USed to see wasabi at wetlands maybe like 1990 1991? Arnie Lawrence also played in chans fruits and vegetables.
firemt66 2012-12-13 18:15:00
excellent..thanks for this..i actually have that wasibi show on tape from 2-27-94 and also one from 8-25-91 nightingale bar. and rene's band BARETTA one show 8-15-97 and a bunch of AUTHORITY SHOWS from chris kramer..very nice guy who was friends with the band and let him record the if there not super boards there real good audience and 1st gens...any interest in uploading them here?
rDtaperNYC 2013-01-07 19:53:21
if u need me to help out w/ the seed, please contact me @ and I'll jump on for ya to DL it.


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