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ShowPhish 12-12-1992 The Spectrum ~ Toronto, ON ~ 20th ANNIVERSARY
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The Spectrum - Toronto, ON

Source: Neumann RSM-191-S @ 100 degree X/Y -> Sony TCD-D3

Mastered by Bryan Sosinski & Kevin Shapiro

DAT->CD Transfer by Kevin Shapiro (

CD->EAC by Adam Shiffman ( [12/03/03]

Many thanks to Kevin for sending me this underappreciated fall '92 show!

The cassette SBD that circulates of this show has some flaws so it's great
to get an excellent sounding AUD into circulation.

This is a really fun show with lots of highlights including a unique 'Davy Crockett' YEM,
and the Ride Captain Ride encore.

Disc 1:
Set I

1 Llama
2 Foam
3 Sparkle
4 Cavern
5 Reba
6 Landlady
7 Split Open and Melt
8 Poor Heart
9 Bouncing Round the Room
10 Run Like an Antelope

Disc 2:
Set II

1 Maze
2 Glide
3 The Curtain ->
4 Tweezer
5 Rift
6 Guelah Papyrus

Disc 3:

1 HYHU -> If I Only Had a Brain -> HYHU
2 The Squirming Coil
3 Golgi Apparatus


4 Ride Captain Ride
5 Tweezer Reprise
Checksums<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t01.flac:d384aeada6037ae9b338b5d2653a5315<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t02.flac:ac7658ef1c68c7006288c01f17f601c3<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t03.flac:afa29313ed38d380b1d556ee1fcf2014<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t04.flac:5bb6b6d57e89ad9c9bd6697942530086<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t05.flac:8261960bded304e60cfe300ec3f08ae3<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t06.flac:7be22af94d01e6af79504cfe35bdc1a5<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t07.flac:52616ff41337e5b2fbf8b1d5c0e04b80<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t08.flac:68983c03c8015a4d10202d1be6c59b05<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t09.flac:c13ea56a85e86a565f34eda979475bbd<br />
ph1992-12-12d1t10.flac:8f82581c63e9f6ebeffabd51ef05d339<br />
<br />
ph1992-12-12d2t01.flac:ee9325e653820d14435354f771f7d284<br />
ph1992-12-12d2t02.flac:7700cc06ee9d174ceccb13d78302e89e<br />
ph1992-12-12d2t03.flac:4b01969ba2ca57022ee7f2c5ad33bbeb<br />
ph1992-12-12d2t04.flac:f7ce98b95576e7fd7146706583286d4c<br />
ph1992-12-12d2t05.flac:012b29a8fbc2f9a0ece31f929d4de4f3<br />
ph1992-12-12d2t06.flac:055b8de011e98b7e94c3358088d16bb4<br />
ph1992-12-12d2t07.flac:6d899e80f31b7ff6bf09ade70e1a65a2<br />
<br />
ph1992-12-12d3t01.flac:22054ef15a4342ef17ca54fdb995e309<br />
ph1992-12-12d3t02.flac:d0f37546647e1109bc73d3fff21dbf69<br />
ph1992-12-12d3t03.flac:039374cb4b01888edb0f1aaed7f111d4<br />
ph1992-12-12d3t04.flac:0a2e0c7390dcf32c59968998dce8c31b<br />
ph1992-12-12d3t05.flac:0ee4e69b4d96c15d29076187839869fe<br />
<br />
<br />
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ph1992-12-12d3t01.flac38.92 MBN/A
ph1992-12-12d1t08.flac35.71 MBN/A
ph1992-12-12d1t01.flac32.54 MBN/A
ph1992-12-12d3t04.flac32.20 MBN/A
ph1992-12-12d1t04.flac31.36 MBN/A
ph1992-12-12d2t02.flac31.06 MBN/A
ph1992-12-12d1t03.flac26.45 MBN/A
ph1992-12-12d3t05.flac24.59 MBN/A
ph1992-12-12d1t06.flac23.72 MBN/A
ph1992-12-12d1t09.flac23.27 MBN/A
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jdmatt68 2012-12-12 21:57:37
nice one.
ljg 2012-12-12 22:14:20
My first show. And a good one. :)
twatts 2012-12-12 22:35:54
I wonder if Bryon still has this DAT... I'll ask him...

LazyLightning66 2012-12-13 03:10:06
Super! Thanks much
JennaF 2012-12-13 03:12:20
Super fun night in Toronto!! Days Of You opened up too :)
AMHits 2012-12-13 08:11:20
Baby it was COLD outside at this show... Seriously, it was 7 below, Celsius
drdundee 2012-12-13 21:59:35
awesome show - great venue

Days of You (!) Caught them in Buffalo (Broadway Joe's shout out !) sometime before this show (forgot they opened) Whatever happened to this band? any recorded shows out there?

thanks for posting the AUD
camber 2012-12-14 00:33:22
Second ever show. Great Davey Crocket in the vocal jam.

That place had the best lighting set, florescent circles on the ceiling, disco like. I kept waiting and waiting for them to turn them on, never did.
cambodi 2012-12-14 17:49:39
I did a VO set for my ipod, it ok to share here? The files are tagged and album formatted?

Just wondering?


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