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ShowPhoffman 2012-12-04 Union, Kalamazoo,MI
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Info hash1ca20609e358859c2f32afab6a47aa91cca9e67e
Kalamazoo, MI

Source : Neumann ak40(din)>LC3>KM100>W.mod UA-5+SPLSD2(MS)>OadeM248>Tascam DR-680
Transfer: SD card>samplitude Se No.9>CD Wave editor>TLH
Location: fossr/foc/6' high, SL16" high
Taped and seeded by: Craig Hanger

Set One
01. Fool rooster
02. Reverend
03. The Four
04. No Idea
05. Don't lie
06. End of the Innocence
07. Jingle bells
08. I'd probably kill you
09. Untitled *
10. Lose my way

Set. Two
01. Jaywalking
02. Against the days
03. Leap year
04. Call me Al
05. Forget everything
06. What happened to Jim
07. Gonna burn them
08. City with no children
09. Encore Break
10. Trying to catch me a Jesus

* official title
Checksums853f928ca08e2c902a2ff8fc5db38dde *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t01.flac<br />
5b94bfd4310e01bbf3ba598ebcba1293 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t02.flac<br />
5e81383e00dd6a319fadaccdf23b51ce *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t03.flac<br />
ca517dfcb9e1ae04207170ac7a0c571f *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t04.flac<br />
6024bf013f48ae6d9c642c6868b9c152 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t05.flac<br />
769877af3f3ee8e0575f3b44950f145d *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t06.flac<br />
875172cb2700ef421b3afc70b58287b1 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t07.flac<br />
59de0c4bf938ab666d35ddaa0ea10a7d *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t08.flac<br />
f0f211b6de69a6d98547e5e13e476a84 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t09.flac<br />
35b9cb4059ad766d047efacbd3e48317 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s1_t10.flac<br />
67c220f5360eeac5496d60640aa99e16 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t01.flac<br />
26062e43d0a124d29a22499ed02ee3b9 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t02.flac<br />
4801a6c9878e483d58babfa465a74fcf *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t03.flac<br />
103df7fe513a8dc4c56bec62340b98f6 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t04.flac<br />
bfe6a37bf79f30a768b140f966a789a0 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t05.flac<br />
82dbceca4afb4449e6b6bbc3bc78a012 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t06.flac<br />
d5c15ea00b6d29e6b8b74328fbbd03bc *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t07.flac<br />
92679f1119381c34b1a9f37a81df0876 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t08.flac<br />
206c306b95aec946e1d4013496eadbb2 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t09.flac<br />
fece21512d37b38e43abc0b27b2322a5 *2012-12-04Phoffman_s2_t10.flac<br />
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deathgliderthesiamesecat 2012-12-13 16:12:32
Phoffman is the Paul Hoffman of Bluesky Greengrass, one of Kalamazoo's favorite bands.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone try taping at the Union though. Kudos. I'm sorry I missed Hoffman's appearance there.
sjf2121 2012-12-13 20:14:08
"Phoffman is the Paul Hoffman of Bluesky Greengrass..."

Greensky Bluegrass.

Thanks for this show!
sn8hndlr 2012-12-13 22:24:26
I put both sources together for the conversation....if it is too much, one source the ak40's is less conversation. though it did make the night more humorous.
deathgliderthesiamesecat 2012-12-14 13:49:36
"Phoffman is the Paul Hoffman of Bluesky Greengrass..."

"Greensky Bluegrass."

Oops. How funny. I typed the same slip I've said aloud before about the band.

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