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ShowBawn In The Mash 2012-06-01 Main Stage John Hartford Memorial Festival
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TorrentBawnInTheMash2012-06-01.sbd.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asBawnInTheMash2012-06-01.sbd.flac16
Info hashe6dc32b4610eaf7807f15cd3e07f8ccbfbcb7588
DescriptionBawn In The Mash
John Hartford Memorial Festival
Main Stage
Bean Blossom, IN

source:sbd > CA-9100 > Sony D-50 @ 24/48
transfer:HDSD > HDD > Audacity > TLH

1 intro
2 ?
3 ?
4 Paducah
5 ?>Long Hot Summer Days
6 Hey John
7 Vamp In The Middle> Squirrel Hunters
8 Mary Jane
9 banter
10 ?>Waugh Paugh
11 Chiggers>?>Wolves A Howlin'
12 encore break
13 ?

thanks to the band for a great set,John Hotze for having the vision to have this festival,
the soundcrew for the patch,and numerous people for helping with gear/taping
please support artists who allow us to do this
go see a show,buy some stuff,
take a friend
Checksums4369487c7c22d9849c8832cfea475be6 *01.flac
c728c21210b2f56f95a1c23539c237dd *02.flac
1971b9cd1e67121087a61cf34ee49fc9 *03.flac
e0eb3df499fccd080b1beb50f9bbe269 *04.flac
751cde59606e816fe3b3aa2cf47d00d5 *05.flac
130188d1da98d4ac816a8910b637c03d *06.flac
a9652b579bfa7dc2ac05b71cc7f003b3 *07.flac
b35222ec43529bc6ed9dcf2fc528916b *08.flac
827c5200cfa34313b90d52710ac134e1 *09.flac
0f99dd4a3d71c61d173603da8d144866 *10.flac
22fc05535e70d76e1a9a38d2f47f675e *11.flac
a5c081491a3618d8d32e0dd724c0a0bf *12.flac
7c686c6353fff44d1375638655d82140 *13.flac
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