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ShowDr. Klaw (Dumpstaphunk + Lettuce) 11/9/12 Bear Creek Music Festival
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Info hash72abb44a1660bb3fac56e18b4b010172eed660de
DescriptionDr. Klaw
November 09, 2012
Bear Creek Music Festival - Music Hall Stage - 1:30 to 3am Friday night/Saturday morning
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Recorded by

01. instrumental (beginning missing)
02. God Made Me Funky [Headhunters cover] (with Robert Walter)
03. Lost Rager
04. Higher Ground [Stevie Wonder cover]
05. Beef
06. Leave Me Alone (with Khris Royal and Alecia Chakour)
07. Same Thing [Sly Stone cover] (with Robert Walter, Binky Griptite, James Casey, Khris Royal & The March Fourth Marching Band Horns)
08. I Believe It (with James Casey, Khris Royal & & The March Fourth Marching Band Horns)
09. Rat Race (with James Casey, Cochemea Gastelum & Ryan Zoidis)

Dr. Klaw:
Nick Daniels III - bass, vocals
Ian Neville - guitar
Eric Krasno - guitar
Adam Deitch - drums
Nigel Hall - keys, vocals

James Casey - horn director, sax, background vocals
Robert Walter - keys
Alecia Chakour - background vocals
Binky Griptite - guitar
Khris Royal - sax
March Fourth Marchin Band Horns - trumpet & trombones
Cochemea Gastelum - sax
Ryan Zoidis - sax

Same Thing:
Higher Ground:
Higher Ground (cont.):
ChecksumsDrKlaw2012-11-09t01.flac:479f35197d0436d456cf0a8111ee994a<br />
DrKlaw2012-11-09t02.flac:1971c410a60edfe4771d2c780ffa5ad7<br />
DrKlaw2012-11-09t03.flac:7666b6a9bbe59e0cc044d5ccea8583b7<br />
DrKlaw2012-11-09t04.flac:c8199cef6055622cd15072dfac9e5a6c<br />
DrKlaw2012-11-09t05.flac:a4083f286cf5e1d4bce585e75b6f8d2a<br />
DrKlaw2012-11-09t06.flac:c391344d0aa26264eada467520f13d2b<br />
DrKlaw2012-11-09t07.flac:84d8c84ad887d3da1d4d971db26cb7f7<br />
DrKlaw2012-11-09t08.flac:8534f7f04e95455781cfaec0a8773c2a<br />
DrKlaw2012-11-09t09.flac:a422a27028ad637bf53788e3e3284bac<br />
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