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ArtistMedeski, Martin & Wood
ShowMedeski Martin and Wood- HSU Van Duzer Theater Arcata, CA 2005-08-24.km140.30729.flac16
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Torrentmmw2005-08-24.km140.30729.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asmmw2005-08-24.km140.30729.flac16
Info hash1eaae6acf7ab79894cb13b655873e2368c1b5941
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DescriptionMedeski, Martin, and Wood
August 24, 2005
HSU Van Duzer Theater
Arcata CA

ORTF Neumann KM-140 > Lunatec V2 > Benchmark AD2K+ @ 24/96
22 Hz high pass - ecasound 2.4.3
resampled to 44.1 kHZ - Secret Rabbit Code 0.1.1 hp-tpdf dither
11 dB more gain was added to the acoustic portion of Moti Mo prior to resampling
tagged in Foobar2000 v1.1.13

Disc 1
01. Improv
02. Improv
03. Improv*
04. Friday Afternoon in the Universe
05. The Lover
06. Improv
07. Worms
08. band intros

Disc 2
01. crowd
02. Organ solo
03. Curtis
04. Whiney Bitches
05. Shine It
06. What I'd Say
07. Drum solo
08. Felic
09. New Planet
10. Uninvisible
11. band intros
12. Moti Mo (encore)**

* with hand signals
** with acoustic ending
TypeMedeski, Martin & Wood
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mmw20050824s2t12.flac68.42 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t03.flac66.46 MBN/A
mmw20050824s1t05.flac52.02 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t05.flac50.58 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t04.flac49.20 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t06.flac44.86 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t09.flac42.65 MBN/A
mmw20050824s1t06.flac41.66 MBN/A
mmw20050824s1t07.flac41.54 MBN/A
mmw20050824s1t03.flac40.87 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t07.flac40.74 MBN/A
mmw20050824s1t04.flac35.96 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t10.flac35.43 MBN/A
mmw20050824s1t02.flac25.66 MBN/A
mmw20050824s1t01.flac22.71 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t08.flac15.55 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t11.flac10.80 MBN/A
mmw20050824s1t08.flac5.02 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t02.flac4.94 MBN/A
mmw20050824s2t01.flac1.27 MBN/A
mmw2005-08-24.30729.ffp.ffp1.1 kBN/A
mmw2005-08-24.km140.30729.txt769 BN/A
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jazzfunkjazz 2012-12-14 17:58:40
Bored on a Friday night and decided to start giving back.
Grabbed an older version of utorrent, as recommended, did a little research and wholla! I will be putting up a ton of shows that I personally love. Lots of MMW, some Bad Plus, and a bunch of otherjazzy/funk one offs. I have gotten a lot of shows here over the years and have kept them on many external drives. I have duplicate drives so I hopefully don't lose anything. Most of them have been tagged in foobar2000.
jazzfunkjazz 2012-12-14 18:01:56
oh yeah. if anyone has a show they would like, throw it out there and I will see if I can post it. many things have changed in my life over the years but one thing has remained constant, my love for etree. best site on the nets.
burris 2012-12-14 18:22:44
Thank you for posting this! Maybe you have some of my other recordings, I'm especially trying to get a clean copy of Michael Ray & the Cosmic Krewe with Trey and Page at Jimmy's NOLA 1996-04-26 (140's > MV-100) A friend's deck ate the master tape near the end of the first set years ago. Fortunately I had patchers, made lots of clones, and am patient!
jazzfunkjazz 2012-12-14 18:38:55
Thanks for taping Burris! I have tons of your recordings.
I especially dig your matrix tapes with the Soundfield/140 combo. Great work holmes, as I imagine the mixdown is some work.
caravaggio1600 2012-12-14 19:50:28
jazzfunk & burris: ANYTHING 1991 - 1996. Particularly 1995, 1996. MMW.
wordgroove 2012-12-14 20:23:59
Yes oh yes sum bad plus please
Halowdance 2012-12-15 03:20:13
Thank you!!
hcm526 2012-12-15 04:15:00
If there's any chance you've got a copy of 6/5/04 from edgartown, ma, or any show from toads place in new haven, it would be awesome to see any of those go up... I've been waiting for years for those torrents to emerge. And if not those shows, I'm sure you'll pick out some good ones.
dnuggs 2012-12-15 13:14:59
I just recently lost my drive with mmw shows..looking for
2000/11/16, 2001/09/20, 2001/09/21, 2001/11/28-11/30
If anyone could reseed would greatly appreciate it!
jazzfunkjazz 2012-12-17 22:11:16
hey guys. I will be able to fill most if not all of the requests here.
Dnuggs, I got ya.
Wordgroove, Bad Plus
Newplanet7 taped this gem. It's a smoker.
Bobbins 2013-01-01 18:04:26
If anyone has February 26 (I think it was the 26th), 2006 at the Morristown Community Theater in Morristown University, that would be amazing.

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