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ArtistPapa Mali
ShowPapa Mali, Jeff Sipe, Ike Stubblefield & Count M'Butu - 2012.12.14 - Asheville, NC - Asheville Music Hall
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TorrentMali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14flac16.torrent (click to download)
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DescriptionPapa Mali, Jeff Sipe, Ike Stubblefield & Count M'butu
Asheville Music Hall
Asheville, NC

LIVE: AKG CK 1X ((~70*, 20 cm), ROC, ~30' back, ~7.5' high) > GAKable/Naiant PFA > Lunatec V2 > Tascam 680

HOME: 680 > Audacity (tracking, fades, flac encoding (24 bit), dither/resample (16 bit)) > xACT (fix SBE/flac encoding (16 bit), ffp)

~Set 01~

01. ??
02. After Midnight >
03. ?? >
04. ??
05. Ain't No Sunshine >
06. How Many More Times
07. ??
08. jam > I'm a Ram *
09. Turn On Your Lovelight *

~Set 02~

01. Mercy Mercy Mercy >
02. Cissy Strut >
03. ?? >
04. ??
05. Ode to Billy Joe

* w/ Roosevelt Collier, Alvin Cordy Jr. (The Lee Boys) and Nigel Hall

NOTES: Have a few significant gain adjustments during the first song. Had my right and left channel switched
somewhere in the chain so took a second to realize. Also to start the second set they did a long soundcheck that
I faded into once the groove finally gets going. And finally, they came on about an hour late so were only able to play
a relatively short second set.
ChecksumsMali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track01.flac:f0203d7357d5d36aaefcc7c89a43b8e7<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track02.flac:238bcdebbb85cef119a83856f66bfe8a<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track03.flac:62ac24ebb2df85f2ba5c148115cef429<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track04.flac:51e0bdba2010da176d79a02b4f3daef4<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track05.flac:77aa51dc0305ba7dd7e823a2b0fe8a6d<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track06.flac:ea9403ec4ea16454ccb63feee4b2e019<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track07.flac:bac6ed66ab4c14854e09d3f54472db5f<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track08.flac:fff0d50a6154f6f6e45c969106f527c3<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track09.flac:50e2e57e0e290164c20909d8e59196d9<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set02.track01.flac:c69321736e2512b52680ff5df23f6332<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set02.track02.flac:5a7c41fd3e074c2bf2631122e6b66a62<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set02.track03.flac:d6b86d94eabfd294196b0dae01c0ae78<br />
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set02.track04.flac:3ae69cb3dcb125751e1bdad5827f2dce<br />
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Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track03.flac42.74 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track04.flac57.22 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track05.flac52.05 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track06.flac44.63 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track07.flac35.32 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track08.flac105.71 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set01.track09.flac98.32 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set02.track01.flac62.65 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set02.track02.flac31.04 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set02.track03.flac55.64 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set02.track04.flac67.05 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield.Mbutu2012.12.14.set02.track05.flac61.67 MBN/A
Mali.Sipe.Stubblefield2012.12.14.txt1.3 kBN/A
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achalsey 2012-12-15 20:50:20
So, this turned out better than I thought it would. Still really chatty but at a more reasonable level
than I was expecting.

A buddy was also running Schoeps which will most likely be available in the near future.

Any setlist help would be very much appreciated.

achalsey 2012-12-15 20:53:14
> A buddy was also running Schoeps which will most likely be available in the near future.

The recording, not the mics. ;)
jmbell 2012-12-15 22:19:08
Nice work Allyn!! I'll hopefully have mine up tomorrow.
Tomahawk Kid 2012-12-16 05:46:12
Thank you very much!
Digam11 2012-12-16 07:48:44

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