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ArtistGrateful Dead
Showgd73-08-01.mtx.barry.flac is a New Matrix of Jer's b'day at Roosevelt Stadium
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DescriptionGrateful Dead - Wednesday, August 1, 1973
Roosevelt Stadium - Jersey City, NJ

matrixed by Monte Barry on Dec 16, 2012
noted sources > Samplitude Pro ver 7.22 > matrix > TLH > SBEs fixed > CD Tag > Flac

set 1:
d1t01 Phil announcements
d1t02 Promised Land
d1t03 Sugaree
d1t04 The Race Is On
d1t05 You Ain't Woman Enough
d1t06 Bird Song
d1t07 Mexicali Blues
d1t08 They Love Each Other
d1t09 Jack Straw
d1t10 Stella Blue
d1t11 Big River
d1t12 Casey Jones

set 2:
d1t13 Around And Around
d1t14 Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo
d2t01 Me And My Uncle
d2t02 Row Jimmy
d2t03 Dark Star >
d2t04 El Paso >
d2t05 Eyes Of The World >
d3t01 Morning Dew
d3t02 Sugar Magnolia

d3t03 Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad >
d3t04 One More Saturday Night

total time is 3:00:26

pitch correction and mastering by Monte Barry using Samplitude Pro ver 7.22

This is a matrix of shnid 121129 (source 1) and shnid 92478 (source 2)
-- source 1 is an AUD taped by Monte Barry and transferred by Matt Smith
-- source 1 is the pitch and synch source for the entire matrix
-- all pitch correction was done using resample mode on source 2
-- source 2 is a composite of sources
-- source 2 tracks 01 thru 05 are AUD only

AUD tracks matrixing details for tracks 01 thru 05:
-- source 1 is AUD 1, this is shnid 121129
-- source 2 is AUD 2, this is shnid 9145
-- source 1 is mixed at -1.5 db
-- source 2 is mixed at -1.5 db
-- source 2 was pitch-corrected in ~ two-minute segments
-- time factor ~ 1.0256, meaning source 2 was stretched ~ 2.56 percent longer
-- BPM value is ~ 117, the old value was 120 BPM (beats per minute)

SBD tracks matrixing details:
-- AUD 1 is source 1, mixed at -1.5 db
-- SBD is source 2, mixed at 0 db

Dark Star notes:
-- the SBD fades out at 20:20 (34 seconds of material was missing from the SBD)
-- the SBD fades in at 20:58
-- SBD pitch-corrected in ~ two-minute segments
-- time factor ~ 1.0256, meaning the SBD was stretched 2.56 percent longer
-- BPM value is ~ 117, the old value was 120 BPM (beats per minute)

Eyes of The World notes:
-- unable to synch 1:30 of the SBD material at the 13:01 mark
-- AUD 2 shnid 9145 is used as a 1:30 matrixed-patch with AUD 1, starting at 13:01
-- the SBD fades out at 12:57, the SBD fades back in at 14:35
-- SBD pitch-corrected in ~ two-minute segments
-- time factor ~ 1.0256, meaning the SBD was stretched 2.56 percent longer
-- BPM value is ~ 117, the old value was 120 BPM (beats per minute)

Morning Dew notes:
-- SBD pitch-corrected in a ~ five-minute, a ~ three-minute, and several ~ two-minute segments
-- time factor ~ 1.0 (no speed error)

Stella Blue notes:
-- during the shnid 9145 AUD patch on source 1, the SBD was pitch-corrected in one segment with the time factor ~ 1.0 (no speed error)

typical synching for most SBD tracks in this matrix:
-- SBD pitch-corrected in ~ two-minute segments
-- time factor ~ 1.014, meaning the SBD was stretched 1.4 percent longer
-- BPM value is ~ 118, the old value was 120 BPM (beats per minute)

One More Saturday Night (ending track)
-- AUD 1 and AUD 2 are matrixed (unable to synch AUD 1 or AUD 2 with the SBD)

Matrix Source 1 - shnid 121129 details:
-- taped and remastered by Monte Barry
-- Nakamichi 550 portable stereo cassette recorder
-- taped with Dolby NR on Maxell UD C90 normal bias cassettes
-- Sony ECM-99 single-point stereo mic
-- mic is hand-held on mic-stand shaft, with arm raised up, FOB

-- transferred by Matt Smith

MAC tapes > Nak BX300 > Apogee Mini Me > Mini DAC (monitoring/mastering) > Lynx One soundcard > Wavelab 5.0 > 24/96 FLACs > Samplitude Pro 7.22 > 16/44 > TLH > SBEs fixed > CD Tag

Matrix Source 2 - shnid 92478 details:
- dc offset removed from all tracks
- the left channel, in the aud source, has been boosted by 2.4 decibels
- a substantial number of sub-second dropouts have been repaired and several clicks removed
- the first few notes in d1t13 were missing and have been patched in from the aud, and the whole track pitch adjusted
- a number of level adjustments have been made
- the transitions between most tracks have been cleaned up
- some noise reduction has been applied to sbd tracks, except for d2t03-d2t06

remastered by
June 2008

AUD 2, shnid 9145, AudMR > C > C > C > CD > EAC > SHN
taper and mic/deck set up unknown

EAC & SHN transfer by Noah Weiner ( - April, 2002
Soundforge was used for normalization, cross fades, and pitch

SBD, shnid 118813, Extraction and.shn encoding by Seth Kaplan via EAC and MKW.
Accurate extraction and properly aligned sector boundaries
verified via EAC and .shntool

Discs One and Two:
SBD >MSR > R2 > D >CD

Disc Three:
SBD > 7.5ips Master Reel > Cassette > 20 bit A/D > CDR

SBD CD Mastering by David Gans

this matrix was produced by MonteVideo Grafix, a 420-seed non-organization
420bikeandhike at gmail dom com
Checksums; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader\'s Little Helper<br />
; generated on December 16, 2012, at 11:35:08<br />
<br />
aaa990743dc68c5346e6875b9bff3c7e *gd73-08-01d1t01.flac<br />
29894cef117fb02122fcf8602a68ee3c *gd73-08-01d1t02.flac<br />
95a2bfd20163da53ae81de4989f29727 *gd73-08-01d1t03.flac<br />
d36c6ad592999d894d92c3528f8f8c4c *gd73-08-01d1t04.flac<br />
993393fe0dbd730fd7b52b1554d572af *gd73-08-01d1t05.flac<br />
ff3fea92f806f1f650214cbe7b939775 *gd73-08-01d1t06.flac<br />
b3f7f558e3058930203540d379f67f29 *gd73-08-01d1t07.flac<br />
e657f343700bcdc10f9a251fdfedd1c7 *gd73-08-01d1t08.flac<br />
1042e3d9685d4e5b946cdb69d0a6973f *gd73-08-01d1t09.flac<br />
a66ea288ef12838e9a1734a7d8042e1d *gd73-08-01d1t10.flac<br />
67da0cf7a54c51c04c278aadd83207b0 *gd73-08-01d1t11.flac<br />
fd14b3a27ba0d677104e640b308e9ef4 *gd73-08-01d1t12.flac<br />
144a968df9744fc4cea9a93144cbff8d *gd73-08-01d1t13.flac<br />
5141604135bfca16adfa64be275e8b12 *gd73-08-01d1t14.flac<br />
364946462a807bdcb92d531ce96dc32e *gd73-08-01d2t01.flac<br />
95c24cf78fbc7fb90e9b2ee491f039e8 *gd73-08-01d2t02.flac<br />
720d5b2a18098f452f00c4a7be292ade *gd73-08-01d2t03.flac<br />
9df0987c98205286c194bc0848deb099 *gd73-08-01d2t04.flac<br />
cbbfa6b1eeac54515e50cb93d1f661af *gd73-08-01d2t05.flac<br />
962448309dec04049ad3decbe7bea546 *gd73-08-01d3t01.flac<br />
1bbf2cdb140d5b599918be2dc96a518e *gd73-08-01d3t02.flac<br />
a48694a00c7630d7b92ad43f2846bc70 *gd73-08-01d3t03.flac<br />
1bf5e4ad577ef19d95f4df16032f9b8a *gd73-08-01d3t04.flac
TypeGrateful Dead
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GD73-08-01.gif10.0 kBN/A
gd73-08-01.mtx.barry.ffp1.3 kBN/A
gd73-08-01.mtx.barry.md51.4 kBN/A
gd73-08-01.mtx.barry.txt4.3 kBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t01.flac4.01 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t02.flac22.63 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t03.flac51.41 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t04.flac20.03 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t05.flac20.75 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t06.flac68.92 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t07.flac22.46 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t08.flac34.06 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t09.flac31.61 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t10.flac47.71 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t11.flac31.35 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t12.flac43.63 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t13.flac33.75 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d1t14.flac53.77 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d2t01.flac20.05 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d2t02.flac53.19 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d2t03.flac164.53 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d2t04.flac29.57 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d2t05.flac143.23 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d3t01.flac85.42 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d3t02.flac64.62 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d3t03.flac60.49 MBN/A
gd73-08-01d3t04.flac37.60 MBN/A
samplitude_pitch-correction_module.jpg68.9 kBN/A
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flicflac 2012-12-16 15:20:56
I live five minutes from where this place was before they developed it into town houses. Most of it was underwater due to the recent hurricane. Fantastic show, thanks
LetItRollOn 2012-12-16 15:50:08
Yee haw. Thank you!!
MattyE 2012-12-16 18:01:55
Great job, thanks!

Sounds great and an improvement over both versions I had
jerome70 2012-12-16 19:39:16
sprobeck 2012-12-17 13:50:29
Thank you!
opener17 2012-12-17 16:41:15
djscomics 2012-12-18 15:26:38
Thanks for the hard work to give us more than the sum of its parts.....Kev
sly_wow 2012-12-18 20:45:36
Thanks indeed. I was at this show and still have fond memories of this era....72-77 were my touring years. This particular show stands out in my memory because Jerry and the band actually started dancing and rocking out during the first set. It was quite funny to see the cheap theatrics.
seremetcc 2012-12-23 09:08:36
Thanks! Will the hi-res fileset becomne available too?
Pisces 2014-04-27 02:08:27

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