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Torrent2012-11-23 The Steepwater Band Brauerhouse Lombard,Il. flac.torrent (click to download)
Downloads as2012-11-23 The Steepwater Band Brauerhouse Lombard,Il. flac
Info hasha55a5367c8dbd0d181b45bc59581843504625e01
DescriptionThe Steepwater Band

Time: 1hr 52 min 14 sec
Quality A
Taped: Dpa 4022 (x,y)> Naiant Midbox> Edirol R-09hr
Transferred: R-09hr> Usb> Magix ACL> flac
Location: 20ft back, center
Taped And Transferred By: MarkE


Bottle Of Red Wine (Clapton)
Off The Rails
At The Fall Of The Day
Come On Down
Dance Me A Number
Steel Sky
Remember The Taker
Out Of Love
Hard As Stone
Meet Me In The Aftermath
High And Humble
World Keeps Movin On
Boom Boom >Zep
Vanishing Girl
Stars Look Good Tonight

Jeff Massey - Lead Vocal / Guitar
Tod Bowers - Bass
Joe Winters - Drums
Eric Saylors - Guitar / Lap Steel

Checksums3a883326c3124a6a51d38b0ce125655f *01 Roadblock.flac<br />
81b474a2a77eaa69858d4b56a661c590 *02 Bottle Of Red Wine.flac<br />
2517b53920fd0e759d9a4d7861755667 *03 Off The Rails.flac<br />
8875c88e1563ce48e5f3bf324ce9bdc3 *04 At The Fall Of The Day.flac<br />
7e8fdb4e009e9df5dae2c83579411823 *05 Come On Down.flac<br />
4c96ef3f672e2ecfd735376d4a3c648d *06 Dance Me A Number.flac<br />
3e629416971924b5f329a10b8f938e71 *07 Steel Sky.flac<br />
cd2a0313da28be8193b22192a9c68aa3 *08 Remember The Taker.flac<br />
f1a518d0a52711e1bb2906a0986b80a4 *09 Out Of Love.flac<br />
636dfd4069c3133f264ed9d908dd6a10 *10 Hard As Stone.flac<br />
3aecf649c4ebf635939343675f8f74fc *11 Meet Me In The Aftemath.flac<br />
ccb48127fee6f38cd93a0dc5daf3321a *12 High And Humble.flac<br />
ed6760032e58dfdfa83aea05130969ac *13 Healer.flac<br />
dd5722ae866483856e133096bc3925a3 *14 World Keeps Moving On.flac<br />
dd8fcae7a7a2c13732b3b1aca55dc8bb *15 Encore.flac<br />
4dad20ff1a03ac10d1111464bd80c48b *16 Vanishing Girl.flac<br />
625e5875f4c56487c1d6d9248400c1c1 *17 Stars Look Good Tonight.flac<br />
Last seederLast activity 134 days, 08:49:51 ago
Size695.73 MB (729523717 Bytes)
Added2012-12-16 21:26:50
Snatched40 times
Upped byMarksound
Num files19 files
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14 World Keeps Moving On.flac105.87 MBN/A
13 Healer.flac60.96 MBN/A
02 Bottle Of Red Wine.flac57.44 MBN/A
07 Steel Sky.flac50.22 MBN/A
17 Stars Look Good Tonight.flac48.47 MBN/A
04 At The Fall Of The Day.flac41.76 MBN/A
11 Meet Me In The Aftemath.flac41.47 MBN/A
12 High And Humble.flac39.88 MBN/A
09 Out Of Love.flac36.55 MBN/A
03 Off The Rails.flac32.07 MBN/A
10 Hard As Stone.flac31.98 MBN/A
16 Vanishing Girl.flac29.76 MBN/A
05 Come On Down.flac29.59 MBN/A
06 Dance Me A Number.flac27.94 MBN/A
01 Roadblock.flac26.58 MBN/A
08 Remember The Taker.flac26.49 MBN/A
15 Encore.flac8.70 MBN/A
2012-11-23 The Steepwater Band Brauerhouse Lombard,Il. flac.md5998 BN/A
11-23-12 TSB Lombard,Il..txt695 BN/A
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poc 2012-12-16 21:37:58
thanks man
shoam1 2012-12-16 23:37:45
thanks again .........

we will be seeing them 3 times this week
and I cant wait!
hucklive 2012-12-17 01:33:22
Many Thanks!
greazychicken 2012-12-17 03:08:03
thank you very much :-)
taperj 2012-12-17 20:23:25
Nice one Mark, thanks from Colorado!
taperjoe 2012-12-18 00:21:12
Thanks for seeding this, Mark - I've been busy enough that I've barely even checked mine out yet..

Hopefully see you on NYE at HoB!

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