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ArtistYonder Mountain String Band
ShowYMSB 12-12-2012~Strings & Sol~Tulum, Mexico~*6 Channel Matrix*
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Torrentymsb2012-12-12.matrix.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asymsb2012-12-12.matrix.flac16
Info hash15b358cf3e9a97d95dcbd6129862146ed8b31f61
DescriptionYonder Mountain String Band
December 12th, 2012
Strings & Sol
Tulum, Mexico

Source: Schoeps mk41v's(DIN)>kc5>m222>nt222>aeta psp-3>788t + Neumann ak43's(NOS)>lc3>lemosax>788t + Schoeps ccm2s(43cm spaced)>788t
Location: FOB/DFC
Transfer: 788t>Wavelab 6>CD Wave>Wavelab 6>Flac
Taped and Transferred By: Derek Davis

Set 1

01 Intro
02 Out Of The Blue
03 Catch A Criminal
04 High On A Hilltop
05 Left Me In A Hole
06 Old Dangerfield
07 Troubled Mind
08 Pretty Daughter
09 All The Time
10 Holdin'
11 Only A Northern Song
12 No Expectations

Set 2

01 Intro
02 East Nashville Easter
03 How 'Bout You?
04 Corona
05 Polka On The Banjo
06 Night Out
07 Lord Only Knows (Part 1)
08 Too Late Now
09 Sometimes I've Won
10 Pass This Way
11 Althea
12 Looking Back Over My Shoulder
13 Dawn's Early Light ~>
14 Boatman
15 Crazy
16 Rambler's Anthem
17 Hines' House Music

**Jason Carter on fiddle for entire show**

Checksumsymsb2012-12-12.d1t01.flac:40d40e28f9dc5d5d40ffe221e99ef969<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t02.flac:57f6fcc7dac40ed357741cafdd14da13<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t03.flac:145cb9ccd742c5b789151a6036bab3cc<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t04.flac:87f8e74358b1be210730fb86e69fd3c5<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t05.flac:c96cde0aabfd71f982c413f167afa8eb<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t06.flac:fc36dc6cfa0f1123fb178b6263061eb8<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t07.flac:56a6d203e630c937228929e8c463886c<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t08.flac:389625c4758767737cbb0202bee4a05a<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t09.flac:3a91be10baaa0539a39ffa2a907a77a5<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t10.flac:e42f366fc55bbaac20c6c99cad5a3bd4<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t11.flac:18fc5de6914acf29cd5b55a3676449d7<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d1t12.flac:f89f6a1ac9728dd2265a316730867fe1<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t01.flac:02e6c25c3424717ecf7cc42d9dcad85b<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t02.flac:d4b5fc7ea770753a7d8125173e9cafed<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t03.flac:db7c68993f8f8b58e4c0181bff38c5cb<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t04.flac:76326070fea64c5b6f180a29b7d8610d<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t05.flac:0c3e3566fc327d414241a3aba7a6b278<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t06.flac:a5167fe7d77832769ad633ace06e6e12<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t07.flac:b26584cc81078c467a515a8bbdcfe93f<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t08.flac:cb1e3664fa3fc46a6d7aa4466d2f96cc<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t09.flac:27fcda6edd5c8fa91fd96791e5c90ca8<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t10.flac:696ac1d142bf23d5ab1633077250912b<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t11.flac:25c7ffd8e5690bc5f00be82a2ed14c76<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t12.flac:ab05965da64bc0db4a8227dbe71d4933<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t13.flac:757de77b52fb4924435608050fbbb542<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t14.flac:8eecb0d746d6cad6bc83976f9c2d2654<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t15.flac:93442ea3d1a43ef81f1e2f3851498c01<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t16.flac:3b1a91f4df16e76b6492cccebc33e734<br />
ymsb2012-12-12.d2t17.flac:fde5c128f1480a45926ad8162f25c33e<br />
TypeYonder Mountain String Band
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Pearhead 2012-12-19 05:56:53
Many thanks for your time n effort!!! Can't wait to listen!!!
Pearhead 2012-12-19 07:03:28
SOUND IS KILLER!!!! :D Thanks yet again!!!
skevap 2012-12-19 07:59:30
Some Dusters next?
fluffhead817 2012-12-19 17:16:59
YES!!! so glad that some made the trip with some mics... thanks for the recording. looking forward to anything else from the fest, had a few buddys head down there as well.
jim321 2012-12-19 20:19:31
Derek, great sound on this! Good to see you in Tulum.
phishy12 2012-12-19 22:52:47
I have all sets from the festival except for one of the RRE sets. These 6 channel matrixes take a little time to process, but they will all show up here eventually......
dskglf 2012-12-20 20:33:00
Thank you for sharing!
67GP 2012-12-24 17:06:27
Already commented on other show(been off internet for a while and going backwards down torrents but I am psyched to hear Jason and Yonder for an entire show! It finally happened. It seems these are quality recordings (will listen tonight) so THANK YOU VERY MUCH

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