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ArtistWarren Haynes
ShowWarren Haynes Band 12-15-2012 -U.S. Cellular Center Asheville NC- Beyerdynamic MC930-remaster-16 bit
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Torrentwhb2012-12-15.mc930.muletaper.remaster.sbeok.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads aswhb2012-12-15.mc930.muletaper.remaster.sbeok.flac16
Info hash2790b48dd7d20b5ba9b352455c7594bf932a3fee
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DescriptionWarren Haynes Band
24th Annual Chrismas Jam
The U.S. Cellular Center
Asheville, NC

Remaster of 11-16-2012 torrent- ID# 123126
Location @SBD>DFC
Source: 2x Beyerdynamic Mc930>Canare Cables>Tascam DR680 @24/44.1khz
Transfer: SD Card>Wavlab 5.0>.Wav>R8Brain Pro(dither)>CDWav>TLH>flac16
Recorded and Mastered By Muletaper

1. WHB Intro> (3:01)
2. Tear Me Down (6:50)
3. The Rivers Gonna Rise (9:41)
4. On A Real Lonely Night *# (11:11)
5. A Change Is Gonna Come (7:40)
6. Spanish Castle Magic> (3:08)
7. Third Stone From The Sun Jam> (3:48)
8. Spanish Castle Magic (2:37)
9. Invisible (15:47)
10.I Wish *@ (9:50)
11.Pretzel Logic>*@ (3:55)
12.Drums>*@ (1:25)
13.Pretzel Logic *@ (10:17)
14.Warren Banter> (2:13)
15.Imagine> *#^$+& (6:45)
16.I'll Take You There> *#^$+& (2:13)
17.Imagine *#^$+& (1:56)

* With Karl Denson On Saxophone
# With Count M'Butu On Percussion
@ With Trombone Shorty On Saxophone
^ With Mike Barnes On Guitar
$ With Artemus Pyle On Tamborine
+ With Dr. Dan Metrazzo On Keyboards
& With The Entire Revivalists Band
ChecksumsMD5:<br />
389cc2ec5068b7e0aba9d7062183fbdd *whb2012-12-1501.flac<br />
fd90e84566c18dd20768b135faa96e70 *whb2012-12-1502.flac<br />
1ac2b692dd4b7d62b475a8f72f51e274 *whb2012-12-1503.flac<br />
7cc7b0169a15936508bc5e6f98a9e5e6 *whb2012-12-1504.flac<br />
bb8f6b8ff0662a955856152c35faa211 *whb2012-12-1505.flac<br />
f5ec5099086f001791f642cce1b3534c *whb2012-12-1506.flac<br />
2d51d4af33d62b7b311f7b7d68fcda73 *whb2012-12-1507.flac<br />
a85f73980c614f69d3a8fe51359084a1 *whb2012-12-1508.flac<br />
de919e99e3a3064a92c049dd36039b62 *whb2012-12-1509.flac<br />
f077c687efa9d1807e8a7792baea9d6f *whb2012-12-1510.flac<br />
3ae762cc7850d2a4e1e3dd2cd38c449c *whb2012-12-1511.flac<br />
9614baef2902b56b9bbacc485e065292 *whb2012-12-1512.flac<br />
e54f2fa9bcfe04b2e6dc634b024cc2c4 *whb2012-12-1513.flac<br />
12d56575a932c9f3d67d07a7d2d3ad44 *whb2012-12-1514.flac<br />
5aa309a0d20b87f8410f9e4485b46a83 *whb2012-12-1515.flac<br />
62c57e6ece28c02823d49306796a9079 *whb2012-12-1516.flac<br />
26c759d92c02e35d24a35044e57d71c2 *whb2012-12-1517.flac<br />
TypeWarren Haynes
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Added2012-12-19 10:57:18
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whb2012-12-15.mc930.muletaper.remaster.sbeok.flac16.md5952 BN/A
whb2012-12-15.mc930.muletaper.remaster.sbeok.flac16.st51.1 kBN/A
whb2012-12-15.mc930.muletaper.txt.txt1.1 kBN/A
whb2012-12-1501.flac10.13 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1502.flac26.03 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1503.flac31.92 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1504.flac39.50 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1505.flac25.30 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1506.flac10.91 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1507.flac13.22 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1508.flac8.88 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1509.flac55.38 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1510.flac34.55 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1511.flac13.01 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1512.flac4.62 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1513.flac30.95 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1514.flac5.60 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1515.flac20.74 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1516.flac7.27 MBN/A
whb2012-12-1517.flac6.21 MBN/A
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_MULETAPER 2012-12-19 11:02:02
I came home an attempted to put this show together to share. As I rushed I made a mistake in Post which thru the entire recording off rendering it was to loud. I over pused it on soggy ears from the weekend and Knew I should have waited. So I took the day yesterday to make it right.

SO, I DELETED the other torrent you should too,it sounded like crap.

this is a much cleaner well balanced version of what the room really sounded like.

delete the other show and grab this,its a great recording!
_MULETAPER 2012-12-19 11:03:59
Files are tagged with tag and rename....
Tom_of_Mule 2012-12-19 11:35:30
Thank you !
Albix 2012-12-19 14:02:53
Well done! Thanks...
Tomahawk Kid 2012-12-19 16:39:40
Thank you very much!
myride81sturgis 2012-12-19 19:19:40
Thank's brother,you made my holiday!!!!!!!!!
ejb 2012-12-21 11:18:04
Thank you

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