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ArtistGovt Mule
ShowGov't Mule 1996-01-21 4th & B's, San Diego, CA (sbd) *back to circulation on etree*
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Torrentgm1996-01-21.sbd.unknown.flac16.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash02ed61d11dac3d89ed7f6439ca9720ca60ae32ae
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DescriptionGov't Mule
4th & B's
San Diego, CA
January 21, 1996

Source: sbd (taper/details unknown)
received as flac file set without further info

Set 1:
01 Mule
02 Temporary Saint
03 Rocking Horse >
04 Mr. Big > Never In My Life riff > Mr. Big
05 Kind Of Bird
06 The Same Thing >
07 Trane > Third Stone jam > Eternity's Breath jam > Trane > St. Stephen jam

Set 2:
01 Grinnin' In Your Face >
02 Pygmy Twylyte >
03 Blind Man In The Dark >
04 Mother Earth
05 Painted Silver Light >
06 Presence Of The Lord
07 Monkey Hill > She's So Heavy jam >
08 Birth Of The Mule
09 Just Got Paid > Who Do You Love? > Just Got Paid
10 Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
Checksumsgm1996-01-21s1t01.flac:3b460ee17cc52bb36ca1db135ca6db34<br />
gm1996-01-21s1t02.flac:35da02656e66850c067e9effdc86bf53<br />
gm1996-01-21s1t03.flac:e42030a2dc23b1d979b7bcdfb7dc67ee<br />
gm1996-01-21s1t04.flac:5d7598d8ba25690dd6bf0961433d9f4a<br />
gm1996-01-21s1t05.flac:8777094ed58ae023f43ca5384da31a30<br />
gm1996-01-21s1t06.flac:627baa4d95160b0aff27021063c26ee0<br />
gm1996-01-21s1t07.flac:82a0fa61e4901e9b596bbd3e5d752b95<br />
gm1996-01-21s2t01.flac:ac37c25f60c30b5d796d517a04c05fef<br />
gm1996-01-21s2t02.flac:f3fe7489582df6de90ff6c44538643e2<br />
gm1996-01-21s2t03.flac:4da4d0ae8f92f8c41938b592959cbc70<br />
gm1996-01-21s2t04.flac:2175f7c9b45cfac3061de2208192aefb<br />
gm1996-01-21s2t05.flac:a2bebb960ce286a0294e7f35e342f0ae<br />
gm1996-01-21s2t06.flac:080498b48c97e8d60c72484ce506ce54<br />
gm1996-01-21s2t07.flac:81f3bf3d8577ed8904ce9309db7660cd<br />
gm1996-01-21s2t08.flac:093f5b4d3fae024f1d71876afd71f70c<br />
gm1996-01-21s2t09.flac:fed6809b971ad9d8369a6180244a194e<br />
TypeGovt Mule
Last seederLast activity 4 days, 22:25:58 ago
Size816.70 MB (856376178 Bytes)
Added2012-12-19 12:56:02
Snatched406 times
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Num files19 files
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gm1996-01-21.ffp969 BN/A
gm1996-01-21.txt679 BN/A
gm1996-01-21s1t01.flac46.59 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s1t02.flac47.23 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s1t03.flac31.19 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s1t04.flac54.22 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s1t05.flac74.18 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s1t06.flac58.95 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s1t07.flac103.84 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t01.flac10.25 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t02.flac12.99 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t03.flac50.60 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t04.flac62.41 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t05.flac47.46 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t06.flac41.54 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t07.flac39.50 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t08.flac30.63 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t09.flac52.08 MBN/A
gm1996-01-21s2t10.flac53.06 MBN/A
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raimax 2012-12-19 13:38:45
thank you
_MULETAPER 2012-12-19 14:49:01
Thanks to Mike Hassel for making this recording possible.

I have this cd which was offered in the beginning of emule.I recently dug out my music collection that has been stored for 13 years. I found this audio cd,as others I had not seen in years.(recieved with this bunch from Mike)It now sits in a pile in front of me to be ripped and torrented,so thank you!

so the true source is: Master DAT>Optical Out>(Stand alone burner)CD>(mikes original source)- Audio CD>EAC>FLAC.

This was one of my first ever uploads when etree started.Alot of sources never made the data base.which is something MANY have worked to fix!

Thanks for putting this back into circulation.It a GREAT show! and Im glad its back in Circulation again!
obaaron 2012-12-19 15:57:18
Thanks for the hometown show!
Tomahawk Kid 2012-12-19 16:42:53
Thank you very much!
mellowmatt 2012-12-19 23:11:05
Love it!
Reelboy 2012-12-20 04:31:43
Thank you!
sprobeck 2012-12-20 15:26:49
Thanks~Welcome back~
ssbell33 2012-12-21 07:41:58
bearfan730 2013-01-02 16:11:16
Thanks so very much for sharing!!

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