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ArtistChris Robinson
ShowChris Robinson Brotherhood 2012-12-05 The Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA, DPA 4011>EAA PSP2>Mytek192
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Torrentcrb2012-12-05.dpa4011.psp2.mytek192.flac16.torrent (click to download)
Downloads ascrb2012-12-05.dpa4011.psp2.mytek192.flac16
Info hash0b60cfe2fcc7be5046aa5fef5e412b72020d0930
DescriptionChris Robinson Brotherhood
The Belly Up Tavern
Solana Beach, CA
December 5, 2012

Source 1: DPA 4011 > EAA PSP-2 > Mytek 192 ADC > Marantz PMD661 (Oade SuperMod)
Mic location: 8' high / ~15' back, 15' right of center / pointed just inside of PA
Source 2: Tascam iM2 > iPhone
Mic location: 5' high/Stage Lip, 8' left of center/
Transfer: Steinberg Wavelab 6 (Izotope Ozone) > Korg Audiogate > Trader's Little Helper
Lineage: 24-bit/96 kHz > 16-bit/44.1 kHz > FLAC (Level 8)
Editing: Wavelab patching of Source 1 with Source 2 - Izotope Ozone - 4-band Master Excitation and Widening Preset - Loudness Normalizer - fades added; Korg Audiogate, tracking convert 24-bit/96 kHz to 16-bit/44.1 kHz (AQUA algorithm); Trader's Little Helper - Align Sector Boundaries, Convert to FLAC level 8
Tagging: Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger

Source 1 taped by Ted Yun, Source 2 taped by Dman

Edited and seeded by Ted Yun


Set 1

01. Intro
02. Try Rock N Roll
03. Tulsa Yesterday
04. Goodbye Wheeling
05. Badlands Here We Come
06. Roll Old Jeremiah
07. Do Right Woman
08. Star Or Stone
09. Mr. Charlie
10. Tomorrow Blues

Set 2

01. Intro
02. Meanwhile the Gods...
03. Tornado
04. 100 Days of Rain
05. Never Been To Spain
06. Sunday Sound
07. Vibration & Light Suite
08. Silver Car
09. Rosalee
10. - encore -
11. Wheel Don't Roll
12. ...Muddy Water

Taper's notes:

Thanks to the band for allowing taping! Huge thanks to Nomad (Dman) who gave me his source to patch mine. I had a battery failure during Silver Car, so I patched the missing audio from Nomad's recording. It is about 3 min, near the end of the song. Dman's source was 16/44.1, and to patch, I converted his source to 24/96, matched the loudness to my tape, then patched the missing audio.
Checksumsbaeddae9282088cee906f53a2271c0e9 *crb2012-12-05.dpa4011.psp2.mytek192.flac16.ffp
925d8148dac9a8486a2e443df12967bc *crb2012-12-05.dpa4011.psp2.mytek192.flac16.txt
151d8e30ca1ef662a2997f2b5a6612a6 *crb2012-12-05s01t01.flac
b4d1d994d4ab2951bf1d5a65373fe35d *crb2012-12-05s01t02.flac
47da0b7e6e38f4dbd6f4330d68672cb6 *crb2012-12-05s01t03.flac
b2f97e8a1ad7d591da746b9b5256f1b6 *crb2012-12-05s01t04.flac
5cd17d7114004dbb4d718b530e5b376d *crb2012-12-05s01t05.flac
f33a0c254eed68a4276d54904d1ca171 *crb2012-12-05s01t06.flac
0cc96fcbe36bdadcf45480630fc0de28 *crb2012-12-05s01t07.flac
fecab3de32195b81278b882713501d85 *crb2012-12-05s01t08.flac
aeb5fff675553a9670772ae923b43582 *crb2012-12-05s01t09.flac
33313aa5006f7cbfff7bba3afd9f28af *crb2012-12-05s01t10.flac
457f37941b059b2d00c2133a8791fabc *crb2012-12-05s02t01.flac
dea1ac6e21ca127bf5d1e9da7b06f94d *crb2012-12-05s02t02.flac
0a0e64c723b09455d4fb19b1e0a42c81 *crb2012-12-05s02t03.flac
807521239b6606823561af3bf465bcfa *crb2012-12-05s02t04.flac
de5c9c410db80175f1abd926cf80405f *crb2012-12-05s02t05.flac
ff1d832e45998ae4fda1c84a971dca38 *crb2012-12-05s02t06.flac
e5a82c17f8c1c31b89e164d3450bee76 *crb2012-12-05s02t07.flac
bd03f7dd8879e1a603209c1618d05528 *crb2012-12-05s02t08.flac
dd0598526a90cdd29e914fa8203adef5 *crb2012-12-05s02t09.flac
64ac5b21b79f25d3cb764a6828c9092c *crb2012-12-05s02t10.flac
885036b656fde1f60e23a6a71957e2b8 *crb2012-12-05s02t11.flac
b50bc9b3e93d86cb06a8537a80c64160 *crb2012-12-05s02t12.flac
TypeChris Robinson
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ColoradoCorey 2012-12-21 01:43:07
any one tape 12-12-12 show? chris played jerry's wolf guitar entire show
greazychicken 2012-12-21 03:02:10
thank you very much :)
GreenCrow 2012-12-21 04:44:46
Thanks for sharing!!

Cheers GreenCrow
jerome70 2012-12-21 10:52:04
someone on "farcebook",uh hum,excuse me,"facebook" said that on 12.12.12. "Neal played it 1st and 2nd sets. Chris played it for the encore"...either way,jerry's wolf had to be a great honor for them to play,i'd imagine-suppose phil had anything to do w/getting wolf there?...let's hope an aud. shows...
rustystrings 2012-12-21 11:48:14
wasnt a farce, really happened, grate Jay Blakesburg pics ta Boot
sprobeck 2012-12-21 14:02:09
obaaron 2012-12-21 17:15:10
thanks ted!
jerome70 2012-12-21 18:54:42
oh man thanks,i found those pics after reading yer post-chris and neal look beatific w/ beef w/facebook being a farce is just this (even though,like taxes & death...& camera phones @ concerts,it appears to not ever be goin' away):

In theatre, a farce is a comedy that aims at entertaining the audience by means of unlikely, extravagant, and improbable situations, disguise and mistaken identity, verbal humor of varying degrees of sophistication, which may include word play, and a fast-paced plot whose speed usually increases, culminating in an ending which often involves an elaborate chase scene. Farces are often highly incomprehensible plot-wise (due to the large number of plot twists and random events that often occur), but viewers are encouraged not to try to follow the plot in order to avoid becoming confused and overwhelmed.
ColoradoCorey 2012-12-22 01:42:52
pictures of wolf with chris. etc..
heckler 2012-12-22 19:26:00
Thanks a lot. I was standing next to Dman; I hope I didn't yell too much into his mics!

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