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ArtistMedeski, Martin & Wood
ShowMMW - Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA - 1996-05-11.dsbd.32677.t-flac16 [The Shack Project - TSP1996 Select#7] **ID3 TAGGED FILESET**
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DescriptionMedeski Martin & Wood
Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, MA
May 11, 1996

[This fileset is an ID3 tagged version of]

Source: DSBD > DAT
Taped by: Steve Logan
Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 > Audiophile 2496 > Soundforge 8 > CDWave > Flac Level 8
Transfer by: Mike Vescovo ( on 2/12/06

See comments by taper at this page for clarification on the source:

One Set Only

01. [09:37] - //Chinoiserie
02. [06:19] - Macha >
03. [08:52] - Bubblehouse
04. [09:33] - Henduck >
05. [06:54] - Dracula >
06. [13:15] - Jelly Belly >
07. [10:16] - Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus
01. [10:00] - Think
02. [11:45] - Bass Solo > Chubb Sub
03. [08:35] - Bemsha Swing/Lively Up Yourself

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44359959177f1f4999d09cdd129a5845 *mmw1996-05-11d1t01.flac
1571c494916c9981496e5c28934abe3a *mmw1996-05-11d1t02.flac
437fb01f38214c7aa357ead019a563b6 *mmw1996-05-11d1t03.flac
0512d9ffa4a99954800e035429afa99b *mmw1996-05-11d1t04.flac
2bd11ba7f8aa28317f8d0b42e1ba9a21 *mmw1996-05-11d1t05.flac
59364ee40f6b3dd2476c96bfb85806c3 *mmw1996-05-11d1t06.flac
1ce633fbcc03ed1f98588da5ddb811af *mmw1996-05-11d1t07.flac
7c1be7414bd2b072abc64bb3667f96a1 *mmw1996-05-11d2t01.flac
66efbe404835b5479683fcf49971aabd *mmw1996-05-11d2t02.flac
892cceee89eddd01e26ed3bd4fdbbfe2 *mmw1996-05-11d2t03.flac
TypeMedeski, Martin & Wood
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mmw1996-05-11d2t02.flac66.02 MBN/A
mmw1996-05-11d1t01.flac60.55 MBN/A
mmw1996-05-11d1t03.flac56.06 MBN/A
mmw1996-05-11d1t07.flac55.52 MBN/A
mmw1996-05-11d1t04.flac48.88 MBN/A
mmw1996-05-11d2t01.flac48.75 MBN/A
mmw1996-05-11d2t03.flac38.75 MBN/A
mmw1996-05-11d1t02.flac37.86 MBN/A
mmw1996-05-11d1t05.flac35.65 MBN/A
folder.jpg111.6 kBN/A
mmw1996-05-11.dsbd.32677.t-flac16tag.html60.4 kBN/A
mmw1996-05-11.dsbd.32677.t-flac16tag.txt4.1 kBN/A
mmw1996-05-11.dsbd.32677.txt1.9 kBN/A
mmw1996-05-11.dsbd.32677.flac16.st5700 BN/A
mmw1996-05-11.dsbd.32677.flac16.md5590 BN/A
mmw1996-05-11.dsbd.32677.t-flac16.md5590 BN/A
mmw1996-05-11.dsbd.32677.flac16.ffp580 BN/A
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duggy 2012-12-21 00:26:49

This is an effort to seed all existing MMW shows, and yes, preserving the audio of the original SHN/FLAC filesets -- but now with a twist. We are now seeding ID3 FLAC encoded filesets of db.etree sources which still maintains the audio integrity. The seeding will proceed chronologically for the most part, with exceptions as we feel the vibe to seed other gigs from other times.

Thanks to MMW for allowing their music to be recorded....really, thank you.

Huge thanks goes out to the TAPERS, without whom this wouldn't be possible...and those others who have helped get the tunes to our ears.

These shows are all being listened to, setlists updated, flaws noted and/or corrected, and hopefully we're circulating the best seeds we can.

All shows listed here in SHN/FLAC will be seeded:

These shows will be seeded as well, either by me or by one of a few other kind souls:

Shows listed here circulate in some manner. We are looking for as close to the original source as we can get so if you can help out with any of the following, we'd all appreciate it: (this list is in the process of being compiled and is grossly out of date ... maybe forever? Worth a look though!)

enjoy the grooves


MMW Performance History @ - this is a fantastic resource that allows you to look at info on gigs by MMW and related side projects and guest appearances; big thanks to Tom for creating this page.

We are actively updating all setlists as we seed, and also others outside the particular order of the project.

db.etree is also being updated in tandem with the updates to Tom's pages -- both the source and show pages.

- 1996 SELECT -
1996-09-06.schoeps-cmc64.17744.t-flac16 [TSP1996 Select#1] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
1996-09-07.schoeps-cmc64.4272.t-flac16 [TSP1996 Select#2] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
1996-11-26.afternoon-instore.neumann-km140.15.t-flac16 [TSP1996 Select#3] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
1996-11-26.fob.neumann-km140.28412.t-flac16 [TSP1996 Select#4] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
1996-11-27.schoeps-cmc64.84859.t-flac16 [TSP1996 Select#5] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
1996-05-10.schoeps.85123.t-flac16 [TSP1996 Select#6] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
1996-05-11.dsbd.32677.t-flac16 [TSP1996 Select#7] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
duggy 2012-12-21 00:58:18
In case there are any ponderings, see comments by taper at this page for clarification on the source:

In this gig, it's the Henduck > Dracula > Jelly > ITAHTLMJ that grabs me -- especially the move into Dracula ... Bemsha/Lively is a nice slinky version that begins slowly with John on organ ... usually Chris leads us into this tune, I think ...
caravaggio1600 2012-12-21 05:52:29
Can't wait to listen, these are boards!

Thanks again.
wildeyes 2012-12-21 12:22:06
An word on if anything was taped at Blue Note last week? Any info on a setlist for those 6 shows? Was hoping to hear something from that little run.
duggy 2012-12-21 13:06:41
Re: Blue Note's recent gigs: I've got recordings coming to me of 12/13 (2nd show), 12/14 + 12/15 heading my way which I’ll be sharing ASAP … we're hoping 1st set of 12/13 pops up as well ... once I get the shows and transfer them, I'll seed right away ... hopefully sometime in the coming week between Xmas and New Year's ... just waiting on the mail!
Frawls78 2012-12-21 14:48:07
My unsolicited $0.02 is that this was probably a feed given out by a soundguy who was running open air mics himself. I got a lot of recordings from the old Higher Ground when they ran mics from the ceiling and taped every show. This sounds just like those recordings. A lot of those tapes were mislabeled as people assumed they were boards because the sound engineer gave out the feed.

This does sound fantastic, though. Many thanks to all those getting these Shack-era shows out. I don't think they were ever better than they were live around this time.
tbowers13 2012-12-22 08:09:32
I have to wonder what the sound is going to be like on the Blue Note shows since the club doesn't allow any kind of recording at all. Unless of course you're getting these shows from the band's board mix Duggy? Not that I'm complaining, I thought for sure that those shows would be added to the list of ones I've attended but couldn't get a recording of.

I was there for the first show on the 14th, brought along two old friends from high school who had moved to the city for their first MMW show. :) I'm not sure if they truly enjoyed it or were just being nice afterward. I caught them giving each other looks out of the corner of my eye anytime a jam or solo lasted longer than a minute or two. Ah well, different strokes for different folks.
benissimo 2012-12-23 05:47:01
@duggy Needless to say, we're all eagerly looking forward to hearing those Blue Notes! I've been checking etree on a daily basis. Will be a nice holiday present!
kindmeow 2014-01-19 03:46:26
thanks for the tunes

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