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ShowBellevue Cadillac 2012-12-21 Tupelos Music Hall Londonderry, NH x-mas show
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Info hashfc95c05e9bb8d407067dc87e04b4965bcd439b01
DescriptionBellevue Cadillac
The Christmas Show
December 21, 2012
Tupelos Music Hall
Londonderry, NH

Neuman KM 184>V2>Oade BCM Marantz PMD 671>wav
Wav> SF Mac (Ozone 5,resample, fades, tracking)>xAct>flac

Set 1

Prozac appeared on The Sopranos*
You Must Be Loved
Havana Moon
Must Be Cool (?)
Blues On Sunday
Pull The Plug dedicated to Bruce “The Goose” McGrath*
Call Of The Wild

Set 2

Jingle Bells
The Grinch (attempt)
Mellow Yellow
When You Get Old Bellevue Cadillac induction of Handy Andy*
Feel Like Christmas
Snake Charmer
Goes Around
Too Much Sunshine, Save It For A Rainy Day
Blow Wind Blow featured in the movie Shallow Hal*
Hazel Eyes
E: Under Your Spell

Fun night! They really get into what they do, and it shows with the crowd sing along and participation. Not an empty seat in the house sounds like a 50/50 mix of return guests and new fans! The band banter was a lot of fun! My first Cadillac show, and not the last.
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bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set1t01.flac:7886cc6f81b1e9b54f1e8b8e84b52466<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set1t02.flac:3e21bff85fde1738b2689e7a55542baa<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set1t03.flac:a5bb61369bbc7f934910d1caf3662925<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set1t04.flac:aeb4c3ea3c4827fcebb77ad62683e693<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set1t05.flac:476dbd67cf41f4baed4351fc1363d942<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set1t06.flac:40a6cf3703d02be32e33146c7bece0b0<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set1t07.flac:aa56c8ca05bc7aadff1e4cec5a1b75cc<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set1t08.flac:cee631be4b3e05db3a9c90cabd617c36<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set1t09.flac:86d976f9772ba52d11829249230cf3fe<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t01.flac:62237f29758df1bf38e96f514e530f24<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t02.flac:94bca48812ec9f6f2e11a165f3212b16<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t03.flac:01a7d60b6cd7826376402bfc92c459bd<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t04.flac:5a091bf0ccd28db9bd3dba3fad17c883<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t05.flac:c2da08b060c7828122805518ae2e8e1d<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t06.flac:b36d679a38cd5a775870d09b6d0445d9<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t07.flac:07efce6d348b186dc360c7ed75df3a59<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t08.flac:21453648808527cdd5dcc7b316fac489<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t09.flac:745a86357ab48f334c390e9329edbee5<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t10.flac:d3f0dcefa6edcf7704fd78cc282f31ab<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t11.flac:e84104c17660678bd01c75fd8adc6a2d<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t12.flac:734df7e35802ea2777d113f988382e82<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t13.flac:26194683e757cbdaa8b2548f02537eb7<br />
bellevuecadillac2012-12-21set2t14.flac:3896043cb77cccba6b114d582fbe476b<br />
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2groundhog2 2012-12-22 14:53:17
Thanks Karl!

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