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ArtistDavid Nelson Band
ShowDavid Nelson Band 2010-09-24 Asbury Park, N.J. ~ 16 bit
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Torrentdnb2010-09-24.senn-e835.oneil.122449.flac1644.torrent (click to download)
Downloads asdnb2010-09-24.senn-e835.oneil.122449.flac1644
Info hash5e5939f446fcf8298221d0d20c4cf270d691a793
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DescriptionDavid Nelson Band
The Wonder Bar
Asbury Park, N.J.
09-24-2010 (Friday)

Source: Sennheiser-E835 > Sony PCM-M10 24/96 > Sound Forge 9 16/44 > TLH level 8 > Foobar (Tagging) > flac16
Taper: Bruce O'Neil

1 Earl's Girls
2 Diamond Joe
3 Babe It Ain't No Lie
4 Ghost Train Blues >
5 Edge Of The Wire >
6 Snake Bit >
7 Rag Mama Rag
8 Every Grain Of Sand
9 Fable Of A Chosen One >
10 Into The Mystic >
11 Fable Of A Chosen One

Note: 3 sec drop-out during "Into The Mystic" due to tape flip of the D5 used as Mic Preamp.

Handijam's 10th Year Anniversary Bash:
David Nelson Band
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Checksumsfad6e44d4dc0f3fc36c16b805d87777c *dnb2010-09-24t01.flac
3f586357021eae4b22fc292c3f49c322 *dnb2010-09-24t02.flac
d2772a9d9c5c4dc5c0841da6c9347f10 *dnb2010-09-24t03.flac
656613ded3325b1825c0f5395dc7deac *dnb2010-09-24t04.flac
44fba5c384039817744f72d72fc37bea *dnb2010-09-24t05.flac
65a01513429e957de3fefb938999cba4 *dnb2010-09-24t06.flac
31b91d89042b1bf82fd7faa04a101962 *dnb2010-09-24t07.flac
3c7dca454cf63725ff1e14349a1aad22 *dnb2010-09-24t08.flac
2874820f2777c21b2cfcb31debd34ec3 *dnb2010-09-24t09.flac
49a02442fbef03958ccf6d2741f3f419 *dnb2010-09-24t10.flac
16b3bb81fe292a68c924ea8a8e4f5ef9 *dnb2010-09-24t11.flac
TypeDavid Nelson Band
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Reelboy 2013-02-05 02:02:38
Thanks again!

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