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ArtistDavid Nelson Band
ShowDavid Nelson Band 2010-09-26 Whippany, N.J. ~ 24 bit
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Torrentdnb2010-09-26.senn441.oneil.122450.flac2496.torrent (click to download)
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Info hash1a0c8fb8682c4675d7627e7717e0653ef4f641b7
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DescriptionDavid Nelson Band
Ukrainian American Cultural Center,
Whippany, N.J.
09-26-2010 (Sunday)

Source: Sennheiser-E835 > Sony PCM-M10 24/96 > Sound Forge 9 > TLH level 8 > Foobar (Tagging) > Flac24
Taper: Bruce O'Neil

Set 1:
1 Ripple
2 Any Naked Eye
3 Peggy-O
4 Big Six
5 Suite At The Mission
6 Rocky Road Blues

Set 2:
1 Wicked Messenger
2 Different World >
3 Cut & Run >
4 The Wheel >
5 Beat It On Down The Line
6 Kick In The Head
7 Box Of Rain

Handijam's 10th Year Anniversary Bash:
David Nelson Band
Big Brother & The Holding Company
Checksumsa4fe334ffe7811b7cb9388f68949b2cf *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s1t01.flac
32a7b54519719186a2c81f07e45d125a *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s1t02.flac
e0b92b6e7e037b69d059ccb31c071931 *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s1t03.flac
b14f3f55c903e1a0e41fd4f3722208ca *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s1t04.flac
6f40138a37a1b0a029d93e40aea61afa *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s1t05.flac
e9b805da0d732e75115c5855e6c7fc92 *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s1t06.flac
c64c8fc21508e6783e704f201f69e328 *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s2t01.flac
ced9fdde8a6d91aa8ba7443614bd9124 *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s2t02.flac
dcaa023eaa699cf9abe21930537e7b73 *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s2t03.flac
d48105aaf3f49d9338992f393da4f100 *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s2t04.flac
d483fab1095363ea66c3b32ae1909703 *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s2t05.flac
b06bee1d91cc1e5e75e47df92fc50646 *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s2t06.flac
3487bb61b51594598903e80a8541fe40 *dnb2010-09-26.senn441.s2t07.flac
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