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ArtistMedeski, Martin & Wood
ShowMMW - Blue Note, Columbia, MO - 2002-05-16.ew-sr77.10052.t-flac16 [The Shack Project - TSP2002#20] **ID3 TAGGED FILESET**
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Torrentmmw2002-05-16.ew-sr77.10052.t-flac16.torrent (click to download)
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DescriptionMedeski Martin & Wood
Blue Note, Columbia, MO
May 16, 2002

[This fileset is a FLAC encoded and ID3 tagged version of]

Source: Earthworks SR77 > MP2 > ADC20 > M1 > M1

Set One / Disc One
01. [06:31] - Open Improv/Intro >
02. [06:37] - Ten Dollar High
03. [12:39] - Lifeblood >
04. [08:31] - Hey-Hee-Hi-Ho >
05. [13:25] - Think > Bass Solo [@10:16] >
06. [07:46] - The Dropper
07. [06:18] - Is There Anybody Here That Love My Jesus
FILL: Encore
08. [08:19] - I Wanna Ride You

Set Two / Disc Two
01. [11:01] - Pappy Check > Macha [@5:38]
02. [07:08] - Uninvisible
03. [06:54] - Felic > Fire [@6:00] >
04. [04:37] - Fire cont'd >
05. [05:15] - Smoke
06. [13:33] - Big Time > Drum Solo [@8:14] > Drums'n'Bass [@12:06] >
07. [09:57] - Drums'n'Bass cont'd/Bass Solo > Shacklyn Knights [@1:56] >
08. [14:32] - Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps) >
09. [07:06] - Blue Pepper

Traders Little Helper used for FLAC encoding & creating checksums:
- SHN ST5 generated
- SHN > FLAC Level 8
- FLAC ST5 generated and matched to SHN ST5

MP3Tag (current version) used for all ID3 tagging:
- The metadata ID3 tags can be read by any player that plays FLAC files.
- ID3 tags will be stripped if converted to WAV, however audio data will be unaffected

Use FLAC ST5 to validate audio integrity.
(Alternatively, the FLAC FFP shows the same checksum values.)
FLAC MD5 values will change if ID3 tags are altered.
SHN MD5 & ST5 included for reference
T-FLAC16TAG.HTML uses FOLDER.JPG to display album art
T-FLAC16TAG.TXT provides a track-by-track breakdown of the fileset's ID3 tags
- by dug [crookedbirds AT gmail DOT com] 2012-12-21

shn-st5 will verify pre-tagged files
shn-md5 will verify pre-tagged files
t-flac-md5 will verify post-tagged files
t-flac-st5 will verify post-tagged files
t-flac-ffp will verify post-tagged files

The st5s contain the same checksum values for both SHN & FLAC
(the only difference being the file extension of .shn or .flac)
c1be93ac0a07b15e0b826b4ccfc6ce68 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t01.shn
f06f407ece84ca81f5cf5693a192e911 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t02.shn
f620035637ee840b3cfde7f3e67bd9bc [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t03.shn
72424664e2ccc56cad1c3326f9b70471 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t04.shn
00cef72c492cc2531b8f4c6d18fe88bc [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t05.shn
c00b4845ba420a45ecdf6c6f040b6c96 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t06.shn
8481a33bbcce639040709797e369f953 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t07.shn
1aa3b2a9c78bf86403f9e38ef61c2785 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t08.shn
0b17941fb936a70cfc2de9afa642833c [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t01.shn
50f6bb678d10ff6ea687b5a385946326 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t02.shn
c874b92c473d7f5ad2f250aaff42d423 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t03.shn
843df91108b75efffc5caf67710200f3 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t04.shn
41aa161fe5ae6ac0706422baaeb2e7bc [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t05.shn
62abe9f656470ac458a11bf84a04aed6 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t06.shn
19d9c0bff6059edbbb13f7797a68b0da [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t07.shn
e010b80788fffcaa273c6be014bc1945 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t08.shn
30fa9ab31f442a7933ac3bac297b06c1 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t09.shn

c1be93ac0a07b15e0b826b4ccfc6ce68 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t01.flac
f06f407ece84ca81f5cf5693a192e911 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t02.flac
f620035637ee840b3cfde7f3e67bd9bc [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t03.flac
72424664e2ccc56cad1c3326f9b70471 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t04.flac
00cef72c492cc2531b8f4c6d18fe88bc [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t05.flac
c00b4845ba420a45ecdf6c6f040b6c96 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t06.flac
8481a33bbcce639040709797e369f953 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t07.flac
1aa3b2a9c78bf86403f9e38ef61c2785 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d1t08.flac
0b17941fb936a70cfc2de9afa642833c [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t01.flac
50f6bb678d10ff6ea687b5a385946326 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t02.flac
c874b92c473d7f5ad2f250aaff42d423 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t03.flac
843df91108b75efffc5caf67710200f3 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t04.flac
41aa161fe5ae6ac0706422baaeb2e7bc [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t05.flac
62abe9f656470ac458a11bf84a04aed6 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t06.flac
19d9c0bff6059edbbb13f7797a68b0da [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t07.flac
e010b80788fffcaa273c6be014bc1945 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t08.flac
30fa9ab31f442a7933ac3bac297b06c1 [shntool] mmw2002-05-16d2t09.flac
TypeMedeski, Martin & Wood
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duggy 2012-12-23 10:28:47
This is an effort to seed all existing MMW shows, and yes, preserving the audio of the original SHN/FLAC filesets -- but now with a twist. We are now seeding ID3 FLAC encoded filesets of db.etree sources which still maintains the audio integrity. The seeding will proceed chronologically for the most part, with exceptions as we feel the vibe to seed other gigs from other times.

Thanks to MMW for allowing their music to be recorded....really, thank you.

Huge thanks goes out to the TAPERS, without whom this wouldn't be possible...and those others who have helped get the tunes to our ears.

These shows are all being listened to, setlists updated, flaws noted and/or corrected, and hopefully we're circulating the best seeds we can.

All shows listed here in SHN/FLAC will be seeded:

These shows will be seeded as well, either by me or by one of a few other kind souls:

Shows listed here circulate in some manner. We are looking for as close to the original source as we can get so if you can help out with any of the following, we'd all appreciate it: (this list is in the process of being compiled and is grossly out of date ... maybe forever? Worth a look though!)

enjoy the grooves


MMW Performance History @ - this is a fantastic resource that allows you to look at info on gigs by MMW and related side projects and guest appearances; big thanks to Tom for creating this page.

We are actively updating all setlists as we seed, and also others outside the particular order of the project.

db.etree is also being updated in tandem with the updates to Tom's pages -- both the source and show pages.

- 2002 -
2002-02-20.oktava-mc012.9519.shnf [TSP2002#1] - [TSP2002#2] -
2002-04-09.mbho603.8839.shnf [TSP2002#3] -
2002-04-12.schoeps-cmc64.9023.shnf [TSP2002#4] - [TSP2002#5] -
2002-04-15.fob.dpa4022.9274.shnf [TSP2002#6] -
2002-04-17.cs-cardioids.11867.t-flac16 [TSP2002#7] [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-04-19.b+k4022.9256.t-flac16 [TSP2002#8] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET] [TSP2002#9] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-04-20.schoeps641.9521.t-flac16 [TSP2002#10] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-04-22.unknown.118935.t-flac16 [TSP2002#11] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-04-25.neumann-mk184.12038.t-flac16 [TSP2002#12] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-04-26.fob.dpa4023.10989.t-flac16 [TSP2002#13] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-03.dpa4022.10190.t-flac16 [TSP2002#14] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-09.fob.adx50.28935.t-flac16 [TSP2002#15] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-10.fob.at822.26840.t-flac16 [TSP2002#16] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-11.adx50.11689.t-flac16 [TSP2002#17] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-14.schoeps-mk4.mastered.26440.t-flac16 [TSP2002#18] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-15.akg483.mastered.28537.t-flac16 [TSP2002#19] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-16.ew-sr77.10052.t-flac16 [TSP2002#20] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-17.akg480.10007.t-flac16 [TSP2002#21] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-17.akg-c-414b-uls.98922.t-flac16 [TSP2002#22] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-18.akg480.86305.t-flac16 [TSP2002#23] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-18.akg-c-414b-uls.98923.t-flac16 [TSP2002#24] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-18.fob.schoeps-mk4.9620.t-flac16 [TSP2002#25] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-19.akg480.83682.t-flac16 [TSP2002#26] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-19.b+k4022.9621.t-flac16 [TSP2002#27] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET]
2002-05-25.unknown.122976.t-flac16 [TSP2002#28] - [ID3 TAGGED FILESET - NEW TO CIRCULATION]
duggy 2012-12-23 10:34:08
Cool loose start that leads into Ten Dollar High, culminating in the Big Time move into Shacklyn in Set II -- sounds good to me! Again, many of the same tunes the guys have been playing but no horns so the band is a little more playful ...
Halowdance 2012-12-24 04:02:47
Thank you Duggy!

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