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DescriptionJerry Garcia Band
Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
March 17, 1978 Late Show

Source: mono SOUNDBOARD cassette (copied from linear VHS videotape on June 14, 1978)

Lineage: Closed Circuit In House Videotape-> linear (mono)VHS Tape ->
Alan Bershaw's Maxell UDXL2 cassette with Dolby B
(playback on Nakamichi Dragon with Dolby B in)-> Lexicon Lambda->
Logic (track indexing and amplifying levels only)->Wav 16/44.1-> FLAC

Transfer by Rob Nolan on September 7, 2012: AlanÕs CDR-> Wav 16/44.1-> FLAC

Jerry Garcia guitar, vocals
John Kahn bass
Keith Godchaux keyboards
Donna Jean Godchaux backing vocals
Maria Muldaur backing vocals
Buzz Buchanan drums

1 Mission In The Rain 11:00
2 Russian // Lullaby (glitch @ 8:32) 12:03
3 Tore Up Over You 11:37
4 Love In The Afternoon 12:03
5 I'll Be With Thee 05:03
6 Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 10:15
- encore -
7 Rhapsody In Red 07:21

This Jerry show has never circulated in any form - not even an audience recording.
According to the Jerrysite, they opened with Harder They Come. I cannot verify that
but it is not present on this recording. The only notable flaw on this recording
is a glitch at 8:32 into Russian Lullaby, during John KahnÕs bass solo with an
unknown amount missing. This is a mono soundboard recording that is very clean
considering the lineage.

After hearing this Rhapsody In Red over the Labor Day weekend, I had to have this.
It is truly off the hook with Jerry shredding up a storm! Check it out!
Thank you to Alan!

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SpiralLightofVenus 2012-12-23 17:39:08
This appeared very recently on Dime []. and with permission of the people involved in originating this source I am sharing it here.

It is the first time a source for the Late Show on this date has been available to circulate.

Many, many thanks to all involved in making, recording, preserving, preparing and sharing this wonderful music.

digitalman 2012-12-23 18:18:14
brewcrew87 2012-12-23 18:42:52
in the widely circulated early show jerrys voice is SHOT...about the worst it ever was
metawhy 2012-12-23 21:58:14
no worse than 1/6/78....

I really like Jerry's voice in this month of JGB, it has a soulful quality to it that got taken a little too far in summer GD shows.
deadtrail 2012-12-23 22:11:42
This is really excellent. Don't hesitate.
johnhell 2012-12-24 02:24:53
This is what I have of this show.

Jerry Garcia Band
03/18/78 (LATE SHOW)
Warner Music Theatre Hall Washington, DC

Lineage: SBD > PRE-FM RTR > CASS (Dolby B encoded) > SSSB (Dolby B decoded)

Disc 1
jgb78-03-18d1t01 13:07.316 The Harder They, The Harder They Fall
jgb78-03-18d1t02 09:16.712 Mission In The Rain ->
jgb78-03-18d1t03 09:42.057 -> Simple Twist Of Fate
jgb78-03-18d1t04 12:17.568 Midnight Moonlight
jgb78-03-18d1t05 06:18.654 Gomorrah
Total time: 0:50:42.307

Disc 2
jgb78-03-18d2t01 07:05.887 Cats Under The Stars
jgb78-03-18d2t02 06:20.103 I'll Be With Thee
jgb78-03-18d2t03 03:52.707 Lonesome And A Long Way From Home ->
jgb78-03-18d2t04 11:44.570 -> Space > Lonesome Jam ->
jgb78-03-18d2t05 03:18.730 -> Lonesome And A Long Way From Home
jgb78-03-18d2t06 02:50.864 ENCORE: Palm Sunday
Total time: 0:35:12.861
balto7 2012-12-24 04:07:40
Thanks a lot! This sounds great and totally jams.
rustystrings 2012-12-24 10:38:55
wrong show johnhell, this is a newly surfaced source of 3/SEVENTEEN late show.
wisewiz 2012-12-24 11:07:41
thanks for the x-mas present !
johnhell 2012-12-24 14:35:01
My bad, thanks.
rustystrings 2012-12-24 17:08:55
@johnhell, no worries just making sureyou or noone else skips it..i had to rub my eyes twice too, as the Early show has resurfaced recently too from this 3/17, and the three/18 being such an old classic from tape days
ferpetesak 2012-12-24 22:34:16
Nice! I was there and I remem
ber the Russian Lullaby as being spectacular
taperjoe 2012-12-25 03:16:07

I would be grateful if someone could reseed 3/18 (or point me in the right direction)...I have one of those old tapes that needs to be replaced! :)
SpiralLightofVenus 2012-12-25 17:43:40

Here is part of the 1978 Garcia project that includes 1978.03.18 (as well as several other shows):

If you don't want all of this you could search by shnid to pinpoint the exact source that you want.

Happy Hunting!!

lonestardeadradio 2013-02-03 23:36:17

holy friggin crap !!
arabia777 2013-12-19 20:58:13
NICE! thanks
NaknDead 2014-02-01 21:36:23
Excellent transfer of an expansive mix...and the show is uplifting. "Come again" indeed.

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