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ArtistDrive-By Truckers
ShowMike Cooley 2012-12-06 Hole In The Wall, Austin TX 24bit/48kHz
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Downloads asMike Cooley 2012-12-06
Info hashd3b2a4345460975bbbb559073b655514a63d0496
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DescriptionMike Cooley
Hole in the Wall
Austin, TX

Source: CA-14 omni > CA-9100 preamp > Edirol R-09HR > USB > Audacity

1. 72 (This Highway's Mean)
2. Gravity's Gone
3. Where the Devil Don't Stay
4. A Ghost to Most
5. Sounds Better in the Song
6. Self Destructive Zones
7. 3 Dimes Down/One of these Days
8. Uncle Frank
9. Cartoon Gold
10. Guitar Man Upstairs
11. Space City
12. Get Downtown
13. Birthday Boy
14. Drinking Coke and Eating Ice
15. Pulaski
16. Cottonseed
17. Women without Whiskey
18. Zip City
19. Shut up and Get on the Plane
20. new song (Senseless Notions?)
21. Everybody Needs Love
22. Love Like This
23. Behind Closed Doors

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ChecksumsMD5 (01-72 (This Highway\'s Mean).flac) = ac5b1af8ad896526bb6f0373db9cf7cc<br />
MD5 (02-Gravity\'s Gone.flac) = 558858ccda22587b3f035c544e7b3257<br />
MD5 (03-Where the Devil Don\'t Stay.flac) = d0b2af533cc0cfbbe2480ff258bf4878<br />
MD5 (04-A Ghost to Most.flac) = 8a68437b899fbb2c94fe90dc4101d1af<br />
MD5 (05-Sounds Better in the Song.flac) = f705279cae17a31e03e8b150ee24d73f<br />
MD5 (06-Self Destructive Zones.flac) = 761154a6c5fce4c002f2184b1b585e36<br />
MD5 (07-3 Dimes Down-One of these Days.flac) = 65ea28a487be888152c48a007ece9fe2<br />
MD5 (08-Uncle Frank.flac) = d8280eaba909a3d10a059bc9ca87d9e3<br />
MD5 (09-Cartoon Gold.flac) = bd85ec5764dd5693915fb88964897b96<br />
MD5 (10-Guitar Man Upstairs.flac) = 5ee38b0ed2516e4929d085fd89925195<br />
MD5 (11-Space City.flac) = a53b9a6a758357b7f5ac19af957af069<br />
MD5 (12-Get Downtown.flac) = 5cb5f0a8c671ede7ba9bebabe520e2c8<br />
MD5 (13-Birthday Boy.flac) = 350084e624550c89cdf966a1d3c1316c<br />
MD5 (14-Drinking Coke and Eating Ice.flac) = 063efa79dfb202b1099e100f0ca89e53<br />
MD5 (15-Pulaski.flac) = 7d313a2085c113e0dc4bd813c552e8b5<br />
MD5 (16-Cottonseed.flac) = 553eef1510ab8e014fbf19c25bc15eb8<br />
MD5 (17-Women without Whiskey.flac) = 1de2055806b8f32a893262cc13d6cee2<br />
MD5 (18-Zip City.flac) = 78ecd817c725bf63ab7e5f79f191dbd8<br />
MD5 (19-Shut up and Get on the Plane.flac) = bafa467484d43b0c54602e8f73bf59b9<br />
MD5 (20-Senseless Notions.flac) = 580312051b299d25df4fb0f91f98865b<br />
MD5 (21-Everybody Needs Love.flac) = 10ca68bf9073d3e6828ab82bb0293652<br />
MD5 (22-Love Like This.flac) = 4349eea8065dfb11b943d812f33a05be<br />
MD5 (23-Behind Closed Doors.flac) = d51f95873175c947b5862a9a384a426a<br />
TypeDrive-By Truckers
Last seederLast activity 16:29:27 ago
Size970.28 MB (1017413598 Bytes)
Added2012-12-24 17:16:25
Snatched94 times
Upped bydave-tx
Num files25 files
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01-72 (This Highway's Mean).flac51.52 MBN/A
02-Gravity's Gone.flac34.36 MBN/A
03-Where the Devil Don't Stay.flac38.73 MBN/A
04-A Ghost to Most.flac35.68 MBN/A
05-Sounds Better in the Song.flac52.68 MBN/A
06-Self Destructive Zones.flac44.41 MBN/A
07-3 Dimes Down-One of these Days.flac70.08 MBN/A
08-Uncle Frank.flac57.80 MBN/A
09-Cartoon Gold.flac28.78 MBN/A
10-Guitar Man Upstairs.flac35.95 MBN/A
11-Space City.flac43.21 MBN/A
12-Get Downtown.flac32.66 MBN/A
13-Birthday Boy.flac34.26 MBN/A
14-Drinking Coke and Eating Ice.flac23.28 MBN/A
15-Pulaski.flac46.07 MBN/A
16-Cottonseed.flac54.31 MBN/A
17-Women without Whiskey.flac35.74 MBN/A
18-Zip City.flac54.26 MBN/A
19-Shut up and Get on the Plane.flac28.03 MBN/A
20-Senseless Notions.flac40.29 MBN/A
2012-12-21 mike cooley.md51.5 kBN/A
2012-12-21 mike cooley.txt762 BN/A
21-Everybody Needs Love.flac38.83 MBN/A
22-Love Like This.flac61.31 MBN/A
23-Behind Closed Doors.flac28.05 MBN/A
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